Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hi Honey, Your Beautiful!

Would you use honey on your face and skin?  Well when I normally think of using honey, its not for beauty treatments.  I love honey, in my hot tea, peanut butter sandwiches, with my yogurt parfait...but rarely do I use it for my face. A couple weeks ago while attending Lucky FABB conference, I was invited to a spa day at Ciel Spa in the SLS Hotel by the National Honey Board.  During my visit at the Ciel Spa, which is very swanky by the way, we learned all about the different uses for honey other than just eating it. 

I have heard of people using honey for beauty treatments before, but never tried it until the day at the spa. Honey has been used as a beauty ingredient for centuries. It's not a new concept or idea, but just something I never tried. One thing I learned as well is honey is antimicrobial and antibacterial, also excellent at retaining moisture in your skin.  Honeys sweetness and stickiness makes great for facials and mask, which we experienced during our visit at the spa.

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Photo Source Ciel Spa Facebook Page

During our visit at the Ciel Spa we were given a little lesson on honey's properties and uses as beauty treatments.  The better known uses are obliviously for the skin and mainly facials.  We were also told about and treated to scrubs using honey for our feet. Honey scrubs are excellent to exfoliate dead skin and help keep your feet moisturized, this is especially important now that its sandals season!  We were also given a recipe for a hair treatment using honey and coconut oil/milk.  Using honey will make your hair smooth and shiny, while the coconut oil promotes hair growth and can prevent hair loss.  I really need to try this ASAP, such an easy and natural way to care for your hair. Oh did I mention how yummy the honey smells too!! 

Below are two of the recipes we tried at the spa, using honey. A mask and a scrub, both of which can be used all over your body, not just the face. 

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Would you ever use honey as a beauty treatment? 
 Do you have any recipes using honey for beauty treatments?
 Please share ask I want to try them all!

*I was invited to attend the Le Ciel Spa and received spa treatments courtesy of National Honey Board. This post is not compensated, just sharing all the goodness I learned about honey! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Time at Knotts Berry Bloom

Spring is one of my favorites seasons, not only because of the beautiful weather we have in Southern California, but also because of all the fun activities available. Last weekend I was invited to attend Knotts Berry Bloom, a spring time festival to celebrate all the wonderfulness of the season. We ate lots of special boysenberry treats.  I even ate fried alligator and it was good!  Sampled wine and beer at the Wilderness Dance Hall. Enjoyed the rides and special treat of meeting Snoopy! Dance the night away at Bloomination and had a blast! 

Here is what you can look forward during Knotts Berry Bloom:

  • Boysenberry Food Festival In Ghost Town
  • Live Entertainment
  • Peanuts Party in the Park
  • Bloomination Dance Park 
  • Easter Beagle's Enormous Egg Hunt for the little ones (3-11)
You can enjoy all this fun and more until April 27, 2014...still plenty of time.   You can get more details and special priced tickets on the Knotts Website

Here's a little video of my day at Knotts Berry Bloom.  Hope you like it and subscribe here to my YouTube channel for more videos

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Lucky FABB 2014 Day 2 - Networking Brunch

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Doing what fashion bloggers do best, taking selfies of our outfit! 

Lucky FABB day two, was the time we got to really hang out and chat with other bloggers.  Basically day 2 was a networking brunch held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills hosted by Miss Me Jeans. All the bloggers got to meet and chat over some yummy food.  It's usually difficult during a conference to really chat with other bloggers and get to know people.  You normally say hi, introduce your self and swap biz cards...that's the extent of meeting some bloggers during busy conferences. So I must say the networking brunch was a nice change for Lucky FABB. I did enjoy being able to talk to new bloggers I just met and also with my long time bloggers buddies.  Lucky FABB has become a reunion for some of us, we get to meet up every year and have a blast! 

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My Blogger Buddies (L-R) Starrie-Modern Chic Magazine, Ana-Scorhing Style, Andriana-LaModa By Andriana - Me

Networking is an important part of attending bloggers conferences, especially among other bloggers. That's who you want to met and connect with.  Some great friendships have been built with bloggers, who other wise I would have never met if it weren't for my blog.  It does amaze me at times how we all come together over our love of fashion, and sharing our outfits on social media.  Who would have ever thought anyone else but me would be interested in what I am wearing! Don't you just love blogging!!! 

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Getting photo bombed while taking a selfie with newbie blogger Christina  

We ate, talked blog shop and got a sweet gift bag at the end of the brunch. This was the extent of day two of Lucky FABB, which was  short and sweet.  After brunch a few select bloggers got invited to a spa treatment at the Ciel Spa in the SLS Hotel hosted by the National Honey Board.  I was one of those bloggers who enjoyed some mini spa treatments using honey. Did you know you can use honey for all kinds of beauty treatments....we got scrubs and mask done on our face, hands and feet, all using honey!  I will share some recipes on another post, it was fabulous!

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With fellow Latina and Plus Size Fashion Blogger Alessandra (we met last year at Lucky FABB) 

So there you have it Lucky FABB West 2014 is over and done. I look forward to reuniting with friends and meeting new blogger buddies next year.  If you plan to attend, let me know and I'll see you there!

Here is what I wore for the last day of conference. After listening to the previous days speakers talking about "being genuine" and expressing your individual style, I decided to go with a more casual outfit.  This outfit is totally me and something I wear regularly. I love denim/chambray shirts and a good pair of skinny jeans.  I felt comfortable and good with this outfit, and it totally expressed my style. 

ootd, outfit of the day, what I wore, #luckyfabb, latina blogger, plus size fashion, ross, just fab, nine west, espedrilles
Outfit Details
Chambray Shirt: Mel & Mo via Ross
Skinny Jeans: Levi's via Ross
Espadrilles: Nine West via Ross
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Bag: c/o JustFab Paulina  Rubio Collection
#ootd, #luckyfabb, got it at ross, paulina rubio collection, just fab, nine west, levis jeggings, latina blogger, plus size fashion
Just realized most of my outfit is from Ross, Whoop I got it at Ross! 

Hope you liked my recap of Lucky FABB this year. If you like my outfit, pictures or what you read, share it! Remember what you learned in school...sharing is caring!