Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beauty File: Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection

Playing with makeup can either make me feel excited or anxious...depending of the degree of difficulty.  I love makeup as much as any woman but do tend to sway toward the more natural looking makeup. When ever I am given the opportunity to preview and sample new makeup I'm like a kid in a candy store...I want to try it out right away and all at once.  So I was especially excited to sample the new Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection.  Pulp Fiction is a cult classic movie with so many great characters and lines we all probably know. One of the most memorable characters is Mrs. Mia Wallace played by Uma Thurman.

The Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collections is based on Mrs. Mia Wallace and her unique, yet classic look. The black bob hair style to the crisp white shirt and the iconic red lipstick is a signature look of Mia Wallace.   With the 20th year anniversary of the movie this year Urban Decay co-founder and Chief Creative Office Wende Zomnir wanted to commemorate this occasion the best she knows how...with makeup!  The collection started off with a simple lipstick and nail polish, quickly morphed into a full collection of makeup.

urban decay, pulp fiction, mrs mia wallace, uma thurman, make up, revolution lipstick
Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection - Reviewing the eye palette and lipstick

The PULP FICTION Collection includes

* Pulp Fiction Eye Palette - $34

* Revolution Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace - $22

* Nail Color in Mrs. Mia Wallace - $15

* 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Mrs. Mia Wallace - $20

* Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Gunmetal - $19

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Collection is only available for a limited time at select stores including Sephora, Macy's, Ulta and urbandecay.com.

urban decay, eye palette, revolution, lipstick, mia wallace, uma thurman, movie,
My attempt at following the directions on the "get the look" card from the eye palette
I only previewed the eye palette and lipstick from this collection, since those are the make up items I tend to use more frequently. Having used the Naked eye palette from Urban Decay almost on a daily basis, I really wanted to try out the Pulp Fiction Palette. The colors are classic shades that will compliment almost any one and comes with a easy to follow step by step card on how to recreate Mia Wallace's dark edgy look from the movie. I really enjoy the how-to step by step instructions as my makeup skills aren't as great I would like. My makeup skills are very basic so any help I can get is welcomed. The eye palette includes 5 different shades with names from frequently used words in the movie Pulp Fiction such as Righteous (light cream matte), Tyranny (warm brown matte), Vengeance (deep taupe-brown matte-satin), Furious (white satin) and Anger (black satin w/slight tonal sparkle). All comes in a cool compact with mirror and small double edged brush.

pulp fiction, make up, eye palette, red lips, mia wallace, revolution lipstick, urban decay,
Final outcome of eyes and lips using the Pulp Fiction Collection - I'm not the best at makeup application so don't judge! LOL 

The Revolution Lipstick is a blood red shade to give you that bad-ass pout just like Mia Wallace in the Pulp Fiction.  In fact the red shade its self is called Mrs. Mia Wallace and its a great classic red lipstick.  The lipstick is smooth and velvety and is long lasting, which doesn't dry out your lips.  I have recently discovered the Revolution lipstick by UD and love their formula, which makes your lips plump and leaves them looking cushiony soft while also moisturizing.

Overall I liked this collection, my favorite is the lipstick, which looks best when you line your lips with a lip pencil.  The eye palette is nice too but the colors a little too muted and powdery, the small brush is not the greatest for application due to its size.  If you are fan of the movie and Urban Decay then you should definitely go out and get the collection.  I checked the website today and the eye palette is now on sale for only $16!

*Disclaimer:  I was provided with preview samples from Urban Decay for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, for best results you should always try out products for yourself. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Purple Purse Campaign Raising Awareness for Domestic Violence

This post is a sponsored in collaboration with Allstate Foundation® and Latina Bloggers Connect

Today lets talk about something most women or people for that matter don't like to talk about...domestic violence and financial abuse.  Last year I was part of the Purple Purse campaign to raise awareness and help break the cycle of abuse.  This year I am proud to take part once again. Talking about domestic violence and abuse has become taboo and in many cultures its just swept under the rug.  The All State Foundation #PurplePurse campaign wants to make it fashionable and easier to talk about domestic violence and the financial abuse that traps women.  This program helps raise funds for more than 140 national, state and local domestic violence organizations.  

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Being a victim of domestic violence is NOT something to be ashamed of, no one deserves to be abused physically, emotionally or mentally.  Domestic violence can take shape in more ways than just physical abuse.  Financial abuse happens in 98% of all cases of domestic violence and is one of the most powerful ways to keep a victim trapped.  Can you imagine some one with holding money or not allowing you to work and make your own money.  WOW!  Being able to make your own money and support your self is more powerful than we think. Thankfully I have never been a victim of any type of domestic abuse, but I am sure we all know someone who has.  Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women in her lifetime; that’s more than ovarian, breast and lung cancer combined.  With those staggering numbers we should all talking about and doing our part to help those in need.  Actress Kerri Washington is lending her voice as an ambassador to raise awareness. She has designed a limited-edition purple purse, which will be distributed to select Allstate employees, select Agency owners and each of the Purple Purse Challenge participants, as well as media, opinion leaders and influencers to help raise awareness.

purple purse, purple tassel, allstate foundation, domestic violence, financial abuse, survivor stories, bolso morado

In addition, The Allstate Foundation is producing 80,000 purple purse tassels to attach to your favorite purse as a continual sign of support. Each tassel is attached to a removable card featuring one of five inspiring survivor stories, being sent to Purple Purse challenge participants and agents. I received one of those tassels with a story from a survivor of domestic violence.
Pilar, immigrant and mother, suffered for years in abusive marriage. Her husband restricted her access to money and kept her completely isolated. She was trained as a nurse in Mexico, but her husband did not allow her to get licensed in the U.S., so she could not work. 
When she broke free and enrolled in a financial literacy course, Pilar learned how to recover from financial abuse. She used that knowledge and new found confidence to file for divorce and pursue a nursing degree in the U.S.

These stories are all too familiar, and we all probably know someone going through this type of situation and may not even be aware of it.  Don't stand by and do nothing, we can all help and make a difference in some small way.  

If you or someone you know needs immediate help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY 1-800-787-3224.  

Para información en Español visita bolsomorado.com

Sunday, August 31, 2014

#UntamedStyle Challenge: Fall Trends

Time for another #UntamedStyle Challenge, this time around its Fall trends. Yup, summer is practically over and time to get into Fall state of mind. 

Well this outfit challenge was a bit challenging for me, since in California we really don't get Fall weather till about October. Its still 90 degrees and I am not even thinking about Fall!! Our Fall's are mild and not as cool as other parts of the country so my fall look is probably not what most would expect.  Fall to me also means going back to school, although its been many years since I was in school.  I loved doing back to school shopping when I was younger, even in college.  Some thing about starting a new school year with new clothes and often times a new style was so exciting to me.  Even now, working in education I still do my back to school shopping and get a couple new outfits.  Fall fashion seems more exciting to me, you can wear boots, coats, sweaters and accessorize with hats, scarves and gloves.  Layering your clothes and adding more elements than you would in spring and summer.  I also feel Fall fashion looks more chic than in any other season.  So what are the trends for Fall 2014; on the runway we saw lots of chunky knits, sixties mod, plaid, velvet, fur and tailoring.  All these trends are not necessary new to fashion, but each year designers find new and creative ways to interpret these styles. That is what #UntamedStyle challenge is all about, taking these trends and making then our own and interpreting them with our own style. My Fall Trend choice is actually a combination of trends, plaid and bit of sixties mod influence and some 90's grunge thrown in for fun.  Well I am not one to jump on the band wagon of any trend.  If I like a trend I'll wear it, and incorporate it into my wardrobe some how.  I am not about wearing anything just because its all the rage in fashion, hello did you see me wear a crop top ever!  Nope and you never will! 

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So here is my Fall Trend look, its nothing too exciting and probably something you have seen before.  I have always loved plaid and am totally embracing all the plaid styles currently available.  Plaid is such a classic print and will be around forever, I am sure one day my kids will be wearing it too.  A plaid shirt is very versatile, every one should have a good plaid shirt in their closet.  I currently have 2 plaid shirts and probably adding more. OK maybe just one more, promise not to go over board with this trend. 

Added an A-Line dress, which has a 60's silhouette and my black mod inspired boots.  Actually now that I look a this outfit, feels like a school girl outfit.  Which I love this look as well, guess my style is young at heart! Some black tights and few fun accessories finish off my outfit.  Maybe this look isn't exactly what is on trend for Fall, but its definitely what I will be wearing this fall.  I especially love my fancy silver sheer socks.  So this fall find a trend that you like and make it work for you and your style.  If not, just keep rocking your own style and say F-U to the trends!  After all "Our hearts will not be tamed and our style shall not be shamed" is the motto the ladies of #untamedstyle live by.  We are making our own fashion rules, and not apologizing for it!  

plus size, fashion, plaid shirt, black dress, mod boots, #untamedstyle, bloggers over 35,
Outfit Details
Roll Cuff Plaid Shirt: WetSeal+ 
Black A-line Dress: Rachel Pally (old)
Black Tights: Unknown
Fancy Silver Socks: Kate Spade
Mod Boots: H &M
Belt: Lacoste (old)
Star Necklace: c/o Capwell
New Fave Lipstick: c/o Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick (shade 69)

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Hope you are enjoying these #UntamedStyle challenge post. Go read all the other blogs and show them some love too!  Are you a fashion blogger who is 35+ and want to join the #untamedstyle monthly challenge? Email me or tweet me for details!