Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling Retro!

Lately I've been feeling the retro vibe. I'm the type of person who can't really say they have a signature style, I love so many different styles it hard to just chose one. I've always wore what I liked and made me feel good, regardless of the current fashion trends. I am all for being on trend and up to date with fashion. Some trends or fads I can do with out, Seriously! One fashion designer I have admired for many years since I was in high school is Betsey Johnson. Not only do I have a Betsey Johnson purse/bag obsession & collection, I recently came across her hair accessories. It was love at first sight when I saw the Betsey Johnson Hair Clip/Barrette. They are so cute and adorable and have a retro vibe. Betsey's website has recently launched her vintage collection, which is a bit more punk, but I think these hair clips can go with almost any style. I felt a bit too old wearing one this weekend, but got a lot of compliments so I'm sticking with it.

I think these cute enamel hair clips are prefect for spring/summer hair do. Add a little extra to your warm weather wardrobe. Go to the link to get your own Betsey Johnson Hair Clips

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stimulus Shopping Spree

Well we all know the our economy is in a recession and every one is hurting from the little guy to the big corporations. Every where you look some store is going out of business or having stimulus sales. We love shopping and what better time to take advantage, than a recession. Not only can you find some great & incredible deals, but helping the economy as well. This past month I have been fortunate to take some trips and do some shopping. I was truly amazed at some deals I was able to get. I love fashion, but hate paying those high retail prices. I often scope out the outlets and sometimes get lucky and score.

Here are some of my most recent incredible finds. I was in San Diego this past Easter weekend and couldn't help my self by stopping at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets. Checking out all my usual stores, Coach, Dooney & Burke, Kenneth Cole. I didn't find any great deals there, feeling a bit disappointed I stopped in at Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is not usually one of my stores, not that I don't like the styles, but they don't seem to be very chunky friendly. I was surprised to find out they were having a mega 70% off sale. I was able to get the above bag for less than $25.00, wow! I like the style and the material, which is classic and will go well with all my fall/winter outfits.
I have a weakness for all things Betsey Johnson, every since her new lower prices line Betseyville came out I have been obsessed. I have been a fan of Betsey Johnson ever since high school, which was a long time ago. Back then I couldn't afford any of her clothing or accessories, now I have a bit more money and am able to indulge a bit. I still don't want to pay retail, so when I find a Betseyville bag on sale I snatch it up and don't think twice. This cute little Betsey satchel, which retails for around $80, was a steal at the Nordstrom Rack. I love the Rack and when ever I am visiting a new city I look up to see if they have a Nordstrom Rack store. The Betseyville Satchel was on the clearance table with additional 35% off. Could not pass it up and leave it behind on the sad clearance table.
My last and probably greatest find, has to be the small Coach Signature Hobo. The Coach Signature bag is probably the most popular you will see every one carrying. Its so popular that even the knock off look so so real. Having said that I do not approve or condone of fakes. Hence why this is a real deal, while in Las Vegas last month I stopped off at every outlet from LA to LV. I was shocked to see the Coach Outlet was having an extra 50% sale. Usually your able to find a number of Coach bags at a discount from the retail stores, which is a good deal in it self. When I came across this little hobo bag I was not to excited about the style, until I saw the price. It was already reduced from the retail price for the outlet plus an extra 50% off. In the end I was able to snag this everyday basic for $50.....yes $50 for a Coach bag that retails for $198. As you can see I could not pass up this deal, if I decide not to keep it for my self a lucky girlfriend/sister will be getting a very nice, real Coach bag for Christmas. The lesson of the day is check out every store, look at every clearance rack or table and don't forget a stores loss is your gain. Every one can have wonderful designer handbags with out paying those ridiculous retail prices. We are in a recession after all!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

TV Plus!

Just read an article online that Fox is working on a reality dating type show for plus size women. The show will be called "More to Love" and the basis of the show is that "regular/normal women" will compete to find love. According to the THR interview with Mike Fleiss "Most of the country isn't a Size 2," Fleiss said. "It's the dating show for the rest of us." The show is suppose to show the world that even plus size women can be lovable and can find love. I'm all for every one needs love no matter what size you are or what you look like. I just hope Americans will accept it as a prime time show. I'm looking forward to the show, not sure when it will air. My hope is "More to Love" will show plus size women in a positive light, showing how we are all just normal women. Plus size women can be beautiful, smart and confident and worthy of being loved. Believe it or not there is many men out there who either admit to it or not, but they love women with some curves and some extra meat on them. I know, I found one who does! Maybe there is a change coming to TV, with shows like Biggest Loser being so popular, and the presence of plus size women on TV. Shows like No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO featuring a curvaceous, beautiful Jill Scott are giving plus size women more exposure and acceptance in the eyes of the media. Although we can count on our hands the number of plus size women on TV & Movies, I believe we are progressing in the right direction and can make a difference in what "we" the audience want to see. Popularity of actors like Queen Latifah in movies, is a reflection of the general population of women in the USA. We want to see us in movies and TV, most women I know are not size 2, 4, 6, 8, in fact most women I know are in the double digit sizes. So lets support our double digit sisters in movies and TV. Lets give our attention to all those plus size actresses and send a message to TV & Movie execs, we want to see more. More beautiful, smart confident and positive role models of women who represent us, the big, beautiful American women.
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