Friday, May 29, 2009

Rules to Fashion Bargain Finds

Lately I've been seeing many things people are doing to save money in this recession. Some people cut back on eating out, brown bagging lunch to work, no more Starbucks & no more shopping! Wait a minute your telling me some people are giving up shopping? Oh No! Sorry can't do that, I think right now is the best time for shopping. Every store is having sales, giving coupons and having mega deals, you can get the best bargains now! I've always loved fashion, but never really had all the money to spend on my favorite designers and labels. Luckily I have found many ways to get all those shoes,clothes and accessories I crave and want with out blowing my budget and maxing out my credit cards. If you know where to look you can find great deals on all your favorite brand names at very cheap, cheap prices. It takes a little practice and patience, but it can be done. I decided to do a weekly post of deals I find to show and prove you can get those great fashions at incredibly low prices.

Here are some rules to help you get started.
First rule is to go directly to the back of store and look at the clearance section. You will be surprised how often stores do mark downs to clear the stock to make room for new stock. Second rule you should sign up for all your favorite stores and designers mailing list. Many retailers have mailing and email list that will alert you to sales, as well as send you coupons. Third rule is to go to discount retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, Loehmann's Sak's 5th Off, Nordstroms Rack and Neiman Marcus Last Call. I know you probably saying you hate those stores because you gotta go through racks and racks of things to find that one great deal. Yup that is where your patience comes in, if you have the money and don't have the time, then go to your favorite department store or website and order your must have item at full price. Me, I don't have that money so I take the time to hunt for those great deals. Fourth rule is look often, go to stores as often as you can, everything eventually gets marked down and put on the clearance rack. Same with websites, sometimes you will find deals online that they might not have at the stores. Fifth rule is buy what you love and don't just purchase things because they are cheap. As tempting as it is to buy everything you see because its only $5, you will have buyers remorse when you get home. Bargain shopping to me is not just buying things cheaply, its buying good quality fashion that I love at the low prices I can afford. So go out and conquer, get those mega bargain deals and make me proud. If you find a great deal and want to share it, email me and I can post your fashion bargain find on my blog.

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