Saturday, June 6, 2009

Making Over America

Today I was at a local mall South Coast Plaza in Orange County to see Clinton Kelley from the TLC show What Not to Wear. I love What Not to Wear, it is my favorite make over show. I get so many tips and ideas on how to dress for your age and body. I've always wanted to be a stylist, my friends always come to me for advice on how to dress and what looks best on them. So when I heard Clinton was going to be in the neighborhood I had to be there. Well I'm not a stylist or working in the fashion industry yet, but I am still trying! Lately I have changed my focus more towards photography. Hopefully one day I will be able to work as a fashion photographer, but never letting go of my dream of styling. When I got to Macy's who was sponsoring the make over, it was so crowded. I guess I didn't get the memo to RSVP, because I did not get a seat and had to stand on the second floor. I was able to get some decent pictures from where I was standing. I was happy to see that the women chosen for the make over were "normal" women. By normal I mean no one was a skinny, tall model looking woman. I was even more happy to see a few plus size gals getting make overs. It was fun to see how good and happy all the women looked. You could tell from the smiles and confident walks, they all loved their new look. Maybe I should do a few make over my self, so I can practice my stylist skills and do a photo shoot to practice my photography skills. Well a girl can dream can't she.
Enjoy the slide show below of Macy's Make Over America Show. Oh yes Clinton was also signing copies of his book at the end of show. I was not able to get a book, didn't get that memo either!


  1. Love your slide show. What great fashions. Sorry I missed Clinton. I like your blog. I've always struggled with my weight too. Am just happy to fit into size 16 jeans at his time. I follow you on twitter. My name is JudyJudyJudy007. Thanks for sharing ~ Judy

  2. The made-over gals all look fabulous!


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