Monday, August 31, 2009

La Polar: Chilean Plus Size Fashion

I came across a new plus size fashion retailer in Chile.  I was very surprised at the quality and style of the clothing.  Being of Hispanic/Latin descent, I have never known Latin American countries to be very fashion forward or friendly to plus size women. Although many Latina women tend to be curvy ala Salema Hayek, there is a difference between curves and fat.  The store is called La Polar, it seems to be a department type store where you can buy many different items, from clothing to computer and appliances to beauty products. I would have to say its the equivalent to either a Target or Wal-mart. Check out the look book for La Polar plus size fashion called Extra Lindas (Extra Beautiful)  I liked most of the looks, I think they probably want to attract a bit older customer, maybe someone  like me in early 30's.  Maybe the younger plus size girls wont think the looks are funky or edgy enough. Currently I don't think you can purchase any of their clothing on line. So for now it just fun to see what other plus size women around world are wearing. Enjoy! Let me know what you think, your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and I look forward to reading.

Commercial for Extra Lindas from La Polar
Its cute and flirty check it out!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Plus Size Fix is one of the websites I have on my blog as a preferred retailer for fashionable plus size clothing.  I have not yet purchased anything from their site, but they do have some cute & affordable things I'm putting on my wish list for fall. This cute brown bomber jacket is my fave so far, I think it will be a great addition for my fall/winter wardrobe.  I recently received a tweet from @plussizefix on Twitter about their new commercial and asked to display on my blog.  Check out the commercial and website. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plus Size Universe

Leggings seem to be hotter than ever, and a perfect edition for your fall wardrobe. Today on the Rachel Zoe Report she shows a pair of sequin leggings a fall must have. According to Zoe "you get two trends with one stone. Sequins + Leggings = Magic!" The sequin legging gives an elegant edgy look, while still feeling comfy in your leggings.  I found a pair of sequin leggings at Dorothy Perkins, even the "big girls" want to look hot and sexy. Currently I was not able to find any US retailers with sequin leggings in plus sizes, but good news ladies Dorothy Perkins ships to USA!

 Plus Size Universe
Black sequin leggings 
Price: £40.00 ($65)
Color: Black

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fashion Reality

Last night I watched the season premier of the Rachel Zoe Project, which I was highly anticipating.  My fall fashion reality show line up is pretty much complete now. RZP on Monday, Project Runway on Thursdays & What Not To Wear on Friday nights.  A few other reality shows I add in between to make it interesting, but since this is a blog about fashion I will keep them out of it. Rachel Zoe Project is the new kid on the block when it comes reality shows, this being only season 2 of the show. Basically you get to see Rachel Zoe work her styling magic on her very high profile celebrity clients.  Like with any good reality show is there is plenty of drama to go around between Rachel, her husband and assistants. If you are into fashion and styling you should definitely watch Monday night on Bravo. I enjoy watching the process of how the clothes, jewelry and shoes are acquired by RZ & her team.  Its so comical to see the reactions over the haute couture fashions.  Every other word is "I Die", "Bananas", or "Love" all in reference to the wonderfully, beautiful clothing.  Since I will probably never either fit into such clothing or afford any of it, I just sit back and admire it all.  Recently Rachel Zoe launched her website The Zoe Report where she sends subscribers daily emails on her favorite fashion, beauty, accessories & lifestyle must haves. Rachel Zoe is obviously one of the more well known and respected fashion stylist, many people value her opinions and ideas.  I love the fact that in her daily post she shows her high priced item which truthfully not many of us can afford, but she also has a parallel universe item.  The parallel universe item is basically a similar piece she picks that is within reach and budget of the mass public.  Love the idea, it makes fashion more accessible and understandable to the public. Who can really fathom buying a t shirt for $298, not me. Especially being a plus size girl, no way am I going to find any thing to fit me!. Having said that I do value and admire RZ's fashion savvy, now I just have to find ways to translate it into the plus size fashion world.  So along with my fashion bargain finds, I will post my own "parallel universe" for the plus size girl, based on RZ's picks. I looked forward to sharing my ideas and thought with you.  
So please leave me your comments and let me know what you think, as always it helps me to learn and grow as a blogger.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Make Me Beautiful

Like most women I love beauty products, but haven't blog much about it. So this will be my post on beauty products I recently tried out and will give you a short review. I had previous blogged about my love for Sephora. I bought a new lip stick called Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick by Bare Escentuals, is an all in one lip liner, lip stick and plumper. The product claims are you don't have to use multiple lip products to get that perfect pout, it is currently exclusively available at Sephora, "it defines the shape of lips like a liner, fills them in with creamy velvet color, and then plumps them to their full buxom potential. It's a three-in-one lipstick that's quick and convenient for defined, colorful, buxom lips anytime, anywhere." I was excited to try this new product as I always have issues finding the right lipstick that works for me and last through out the day. I bought the color Brooklyn, which is fig, pinkish brown color. My verdict is I liked the fact that I didn't need to use a lip liner and lip stick separately, it come in a nice slick tube that self sharpens. The price is $18, which I think is reasonable since you are getting like 3 products in 1. The plumping part of this lip stick is not as noticeable except for the tingling feeling you get when you apply it. Overall I liked this lipstick as it is easy to apply and does last for a long time. My only dislike is that it does feel a bit dry after awhile, but I solved that problem by adding a bit of gloss to accentuate the color and consistency. So in my opinion try it, go sample it at Sephora, if you buy it and really hate it they will take it back no questions asked.

My second beauty product is nail polish. I usually buy and use O.P.I because in my opinion and experience they last the longest and have great colors every season. Recently I was at Rite Aid and noticed a special promotion on Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, buy 1 get 1 free. I couldn't pass that deal up, and got two color from the new fall collection. I bought 2 dark colors that I think will work great for fall, Purple Potion and Gunmetal. I tend to use dark colors year round and lately have been wanting to try dark purples and grays. My verdict is they work great!. I went to the nail salon about 7 days ago and took my 2 new polishes with me. I used the purple on my toes and the gray on my hands. The polish has lasted all week long with no chips or cracks. It looks good after several days of washing dishes and cleaning. I think for the money ($2.99 a bottle) they do a great job. You can try several colors at that price point with out spending a fortune and not feel guilty. Try it and see for your self, but I am convinced and think I found a new favorite.

My third and last product is perfume, because we all love to smell pretty! I received Vera Wang's Princess for Christmas from my best friend 2 years ago and loved it. When I saw Vera had a new Princess fragrance released April 2009,I had to try it. I first tried Rock Princess at Macy's and liked the scent, but didn't like the $70 price. Sadly I had to pass on the new scent and cool bottle. On one of my many shopping excursion to Marshall's I hit the jack pot! I could not believe they had the beautiful Vera Wang Rock Princess for only $39.99. I couldn't resist and bought it. Only after a few months of being released it was available at the discount retailers, which goes to show you that you can always find it cheaper some where. I love the subtle scent, which is not over powering and lingers all day. My verdict is I love the scent and love the bottle. Go test it out at a department store and Sephora,then go buy it at Marshall's.

Hope you enjoyed my review of these new beauty products, go out and try them for your self and let me what you think. Please leave me comments,I love to read what you have to say. Your comments help me learn and improve my blog.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fashion Bargain Find

Cute Shoes for Cute Girls!

I've been away from my blog for a while, but I'm back with some great bargain finds. Shoes, Shoes and more shoes! Most women loves shoes and I am no exception. The only difference is I mainly love flats, never really been good at wearing high heel shoes. I love the way heels look, but hate the way the feel. Since I am a plus size gal, its not always very comfortable to wear those mile high shoes. I know most women say they will endure pain for fashion, well I love fashion, but I won't endure pain. You can still look cute and fashionable with out enduring any pain. Well a little pain is OK, but my tolerance is very low. I mainly stick to flats and boots, with the occasional high heel shoes no bigger than 2-2.5 inches. My recent find is a pair of peep toe sling back flats from Harajuku Lovers from Gwen Stefani, new shoe line. I acquired these shoes at one of my favorite fashion bargain spots Loehmann's in Long Beach, CA. Loehmann's has a great selection of name brand designers at great prices. Best of all is when they have their clearance sales with up to 60% off already reduced prices. My second shoe find was a pair of Report gray flats with ankle straps. I have always been partial to shoes with straps and buckles. Each pair of shoes retail for over $50, but with my amazing bargain shopping skills I bought these shoes for $35 for both. I added a little slide show of picture to share with you. Enjoy! As always, please leave me your comments and share with me any great fashion bargain finds you encounter.

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