Friday, September 18, 2009

Boho Prints for Fall

If you have been following my blog you know I am all about finding fashionable plus size clothes at bargain prices.  You also may have noticed by reading my blog I am a fan of Rachel Zoe.  I have been trying to combine both worlds (bargain fashionable clothing while channeling Rachel Zoe styling tips)  I hope you are all reading The Zoe Report, then coming over to Chunky Curlz to find my Plus Size Universe version of Rachel Zoe's picks. On Saturday September 17, went for my weekly Target trip, I go about once a week, Love me some Target! I quickly dash over to check out the Anna Sui Line for Target.  All I have to say is "I Die", ok I didn't really say that but RZ would have.  The Anna Sui line for Target is just so great, I loved the styles and quality.  What I didn't love is the sizing, some items do go up to XL, but they are still fairly small.  Definitely not plus size friendly.  I did try on 2 sweaters that actually fit me, but still wasn't convinced I should pay $49.99 for a sweater at Target.  I would have to say the Anna Sui for Target clothing line is definitely a boho chic look.  This week on The Zoe Report, Rachel features prints, and her favorite Anna Sui Dress from Fall 09 collection.  In the parallel universe she spotlight a Anna Sui dress from the Target collection.  Well being a plus size bargainista, I had to find my Plus Size Universe version that not only fits in size, but also fits the budget.

Target has been expanding their plus size women clothing selection, and in my opinion been doing a good job.  I don't think they are where they need to be yet in plus size fashion, but headed in the right direction.
I found 2 dresses at Target from Mossimo that channel that Anna Sui Bohemian style that Rachel Zoe does so well.  Add your own touches to personalize them.  I would wear them with tights or leggings and some boots and maybe a motorcycle jacket.  Hope you enjoy my Plus Size Universe picks.  I love to hear your comments and thoughts so don't be shy!

 Plus Size Universe

Mossimo® Black Plus Print Boho Dress - Brown

Target (in stores and online)


Mossimo® Black Plus Paisley Print Boho Dress - Blue

Target (in stores and online)



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