Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fashion 101

When I started this blog I intended it to be mainly about issues and concerns regarding the plus size woman.  It evolved into a blog about fashion for the plus size woman.  Like many other fashion blogger, my dream job would be working in the fashion industry in some capacity, mainly as a stylist.  Although I currently don't work in a fashion related job. I still hope one day to have my own business either as a stylist/personal shopper or a fashion photographer (my hobby at this time is photography.)  Well like any other career you must learn the tricks of the trade.  I have in the past couple years been reading and watching many fashion related books and movies/shows.  Today the documentary Valentino The Last Emperor was released.  I was not able to watch it at the theater since it was not showing any where close to my home.  I am really looking forward to watching at home and seeing all the behind scenes from Valentino.  The behind the scenes with all the craziness and drama is where the magic of fashion happens.  Along with Valentino, I am also looking forward to watching The September Issue with Anna Wintour, which is said to be the "real" Devil Wears Prada, which I also loved. Watching fashion movies & documentaries helps me get a better sense of what it takes and what you need to really work in the fashion industry.  Along with the documentaries, I also have read several fashion books, mainly about styling.  The two most recent books I have read are Tim Gunn's A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style as well as The Look: A Guide to Dressing Inside Out  by Randolph Duke.  I like to read different perspectives of fashion, from the designer to the stylist to the fashion editors.  Each one has a take on fashion and knows how to apply it to various types of people and body shapes.  My goal is to keep learning about fashion, so I can one day have it pay the bills.  I don't think anyone person in the fashion industry can say they know all about fashion.  The fashion industry evolves and changes so much that you can never stop learning and improving on your craft. So to all you fashionistas & stylish woman, don't stop learning and growing towards being fashionable and fabulous no matter what your size or style is.  I not only read books about fashion, but also love reading other plus size fashion blogs.  I honestly think reading other blogs has taught me more than any book.  I have gotten so much inspiration and confidence from other plus size bloggers.  I hope my blog does the same for you, so don't hesitate to leave me your comments and suggestions so we can all learn to be more fabulous stylish beautiful plus size women!


  1. Hey girl, I just found your journal and find it really helpful. I always have a hard time finding stitchings that can fit my size and still make me look like a queen, LOL! My journal is a fellow diary of a plus-sized beauty however it's not so much about fashion as it is all the triflin things that Rondell needs to get off her chest! Hope you can stop by

  2. Thanks Rondell, I will definitely read your blog. Keep reading mine as I have many great things to come!


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