Friday, September 11, 2009

Faux Real!

Today I received a long awaited email from The Zoe Report about the release of Rachel Zoe fashion line which will be sold through QVC.  Rachel Zoe for QVC will debut October 10, 2009, but Rachel has a special surprise for all her subscribers to her website.  We all get a chance to buy some of her pieces before they debut at introductory prices.  I'm sure its just a publicity thing they do get some indication about sales and such.  You may be saying to your self "ok and what does that mean to me"  Well the reason I am excited about Rachel Zoe for QVC is 1) I am a fan of Rachel Zoe & 2) she is made stuff that fits ME!  Yup you heard it here first, Rachel Zoe is hooking up the big girls! I was actually shocked when I clicked over to QVC to see the pieces currently available.  There are only a few currently you can view and purchase, but so far I like what I see.  I think my fall must have will be a faux fur vest, which comes in size 1X-3X.  I am happy to see she was not only conscious of using faux fur (I would never wear a real fur!), but she knows there a plenty of plus size women who love fashion.  Especially for someone like Zoe who is consistently being criticized for her weight (too thin).  I really admire she has included larger sizes and has not excluded the plus size market.  Most of her pieces I have seen so far are also reasonably prices all about $150 or less.  She could have made all or most of her items a lot more expensive, but she has been quoted to say she wants to make her fashions accessible to all.

Take a look for your self and see what you like about Rachel Zoe for QVC.  I just hope it will get cold enough here in Long Beach to rock my faux fur vest this fall/winter. 

Plus Size Universe

Introductory Price $79.80
Introductory Price $116.60


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