Monday, September 21, 2009

New Toy!

Last week I got a new toy to play with, the iPod nano with video.  I bought the new iPod because of it video capabilities.  I plan to use the iPod nano to make video for my blog, and add some new features to share with my readers.  I have a sample video to share with you, its just little old me.  My boyfriend took the video using one of the different video modes on the iPod.  It has several modes like Thermal, Mirror, X Ray, Motion Blur, Sepia & Cyborg.  The ipod nano is like a fashion accessory so of course I had to get a cute color.  I decided on the purple iPod, jus thought it was the best color for my wardrobe. Well enjoy the sample video and look out for more to come. If you would like to see me blog or make a video about any one thing in particular please leave me a comment or email.  Enjoy!


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