Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fashion Bargain Find

Travel in style with DVF

I'm back!  Well I never really went away, just been busy with work which is wearing me out.  All those 5:00am wake ups and driving in traffic all over Los Angeles, I need a break!  Well thank goodness I am taking a well deserved trip to San Francisco next month.  I can't wait for all the sight seeing, great eateries and of course Shopping!!  My San Francisco trip will be the perfect time to use my new Diane Von Furstenberg boarding bag.  Yup DVF luggage is the way to go, a girls got to look stylish even when she travels.   My boyfriend actually found this great deal at Ross. Its a DVF boarding bag from her Hearts Luggage Collection which retails for $200, but of course being the bargain fashionista I never pay full price.  Check out my video of the DVF boarding bag to find out what I really paid for it.  I used my Ipod nano 5g to record the video.  Tell me what you think!  Thanks for your comments, I love reading what you have to say, so keep it coming.  Be on the look out for more videos of great bargains.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Style Inspirations

Today I wanted to do a post about a style inspiration I had. I normally don't like to post pictures of what I am wearing, just because this blog is not a "what am I wearing" kinda blog. Although I do like to see what other people are wearing, I like to get ideas & inspirations from other bloggers as well as designers. Last month I had a blog post about BoHo prints a la Anna Sui. I featured some dresses from Target, which today I bought during a mini shopping spree. I was planning on buying the BoHo print dress from Target Mossimo plus size line, and to my surprise they were now in the clearance rack (50% off). So you know I just had to get 2 dresses since I couldn't make up my mine what print I liked best. Take a look at my slide show of pictures on how I styled these 2 dresses. It's my BoHo Chic look inspired by Anna Sui and Rachel Zoe. I love to hear what you think, what would you add or change?  What accessories should I add?  I know you have some good ideas, I read your blogs too you know!

Dresses: Mossimo - Target $14.98 
Boots: Vigotti - $71.00
Shoes: Faryl Robin - Loehmann's $10.00
Tights: Textured Tights Black - Target $7.00
Jacket: Big Chill Vintage - Nordstrom Rack $39.99

Photo Credit: Ray of rx2medialab

Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Girl in a Skinny World!

This week in the mail I got one of my many magazines I subscribe to, Marie Claire.  I usually give it a quick glance and then eventually sit down and read it cover to cover.  The front cover caugth my attention with the headline "The Curvy Girls Guide to Style", I quickly flipped the pages to see what this curvy business was all about.  Guess who I saw right smack in the middle of those glossy pages, Ashley Falcon, and she looked like me!! Well what I mean is she is a plus size Latina girl who loves fashion! Yay!  I love it, finally some one is getting it. Big girls love fashion, we like to shop and we want to see more girls like us in all magazines.  So if you don't read Maire Claire go read the November issue and find out all about Ashley Falcon.  Lets show Marie Claire and other mags that its OK to show bigger girls in their magazine, people will still buy their magazine, heck more people might read their magazines now!  We need to support girls like Ashley, by reading her articles, so she can pave the way for other big girls in main stream fashion.  Who knows you might see me in a fancy magazine one day.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

That's Tight!

Fall is finally here, its my favorite season for fashion. It's time for sweaters, boots and tights. My perfect fall outfit includes a knit dress or long sweater, tights and boots, with a scarf and a great large hand bag. Tights are the best way to not only keep you warn during the chilly fall days, but also the easiest way to make any dress or long tunic stylish. Lately seen lots of texture & patterned tights in the magazines and in stores. If you read my blog regularly you know I always try to adapt any fashion for the plus size woman. I was very happy to see many plus size retailers are carrying a good variety or textured/patterned tights. There were actually so many to choose from I think I went a little crazy and couldn't choose which ones were my favorite. I loved them all, so take a look at the sample of tights I think would be great to add to your fall wardrobe.  I think I want a pair of each, hope I can pull it off this fall.  Tell me what you think?

(various colors)
Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant 

2 for $20.00

6.00 GBP



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big & Chunky

 I recently saw the Movie Madagascar 2 and loved it!  I wanted to share this video from the movie...thought it was oh so appropriate for my blog.  Just a little fun for a Sunday afternoon.  Enjoy!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Should I Splurge?

Fall is here and the weather is getting cooler, a bit.  Living in Long Beach, CA it does not get as cold as I would like sometimes. Not freezing cold, but cold enough that I need to wear my boots, sweaters and coats everyday all day.  During my weekly window shopping trips (gotta check out the deals) I came across some boots I fell in love with.  Marshall's shoe mega shop always has great deals, I found a pair of Michael Kors boots that I I was immediately in love with.  The boots are a soft supple leather in a caramel brown color with a bikerish rugged look.  I so totally want them, but being the bargainista that I am, I hesitated once I saw the price...$99.99!

Yikes! that is way more than I would normally pay for anything.  I quickly walked away before I gave in....I been thinking about those boots everyday since.  I know you have to pay for quality and these boots retail for over $200, but when your on a budget $99 is whole lot of money.  Well payday is next Friday so I think I may just treat my self.  What do you think worth it or not?  I said if those boots are still at Marshall's next Friday I will buy them, if not them it was not ment to be.  Please be there on Friday! 
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