Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Girl in a Skinny World!

This week in the mail I got one of my many magazines I subscribe to, Marie Claire.  I usually give it a quick glance and then eventually sit down and read it cover to cover.  The front cover caugth my attention with the headline "The Curvy Girls Guide to Style", I quickly flipped the pages to see what this curvy business was all about.  Guess who I saw right smack in the middle of those glossy pages, Ashley Falcon, and she looked like me!! Well what I mean is she is a plus size Latina girl who loves fashion! Yay!  I love it, finally some one is getting it. Big girls love fashion, we like to shop and we want to see more girls like us in all magazines.  So if you don't read Maire Claire go read the November issue and find out all about Ashley Falcon.  Lets show Marie Claire and other mags that its OK to show bigger girls in their magazine, people will still buy their magazine, heck more people might read their magazines now!  We need to support girls like Ashley, by reading her articles, so she can pave the way for other big girls in main stream fashion.  Who knows you might see me in a fancy magazine one day.


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