Saturday, October 10, 2009

Style Inspirations

Today I wanted to do a post about a style inspiration I had. I normally don't like to post pictures of what I am wearing, just because this blog is not a "what am I wearing" kinda blog. Although I do like to see what other people are wearing, I like to get ideas & inspirations from other bloggers as well as designers. Last month I had a blog post about BoHo prints a la Anna Sui. I featured some dresses from Target, which today I bought during a mini shopping spree. I was planning on buying the BoHo print dress from Target Mossimo plus size line, and to my surprise they were now in the clearance rack (50% off). So you know I just had to get 2 dresses since I couldn't make up my mine what print I liked best. Take a look at my slide show of pictures on how I styled these 2 dresses. It's my BoHo Chic look inspired by Anna Sui and Rachel Zoe. I love to hear what you think, what would you add or change?  What accessories should I add?  I know you have some good ideas, I read your blogs too you know!

Dresses: Mossimo - Target $14.98 
Boots: Vigotti - $71.00
Shoes: Faryl Robin - Loehmann's $10.00
Tights: Textured Tights Black - Target $7.00
Jacket: Big Chill Vintage - Nordstrom Rack $39.99

Photo Credit: Ray of rx2medialab

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