Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hide & Seek!

Where have I been you ask....well I wish I had a more fun, exciting and cool story to tell you all.  I have been just working, working and working some more.  I am very grateful to have a good job that I enjoy and pays me well.  What I don't enjoy is the super early wake ups and long drives all over Los Angeles County.  I have been so busy and tired I almost for got I had a blog....LOL
Seriously I feel like I have neglected my baby (blog), so this post is just to say hello to my readers and let you know I am still alive and do plan to continue to blog.  I will be going away on a much needed vacation for Thanksgiving, so I hope to come back with my batteries charged and lots of great shopping deals to report.
In the meantime leave me a comment to say hello, I love to read your comments and know how you are all doing.  I also plan to do a little experiment on my blog and have a shop to sell some clothing & shoes.  I normally sell on ebay, but have been very annoyed and disappointed with them and all the crazy things they do.  So be on the look out for some good deals. I will post more details about my shop soon, just in time for the holidays.
Well thank you all for reading my blog and your support, it really does mean a lot that you take time to read it.
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