Monday, December 14, 2009

New Favortie Jeans

This week I braved the weather here in Los Angeles, it rained almost all weekend to go check the Not Your Daughters Jeans warehouse sale.  I almost didn't make it because of the rain, if you know LA & its people, we don't do well in the rain.  So when it rains 2 or more days in a row we go nuts.  Well like I said I went out in the rain and so glad I did.  I had heard about Not Your Daughters Jeans (NYDJ) how they are great jeans that help your tummy and other body flaws. I had never bought a pair mainly because of the price.  I had seen the jeans at Nordstrom for any where from $89-$130, which is way over my budget for jeans.  Jeans for $100 is not a bargain, I only shop for bargain fashion!  Well when I heard about the warehouse sale from Bargains LA, I had to check it out.  The sale was at the company's LA warehouse, all items were priced at $15 -$25, now that's a bargain.  NYDJ had tents set up in the parking lot, with huge boxes of jeans in every size from 0-24.  It was actually overwhelming the amount of jeans they had in all styles, colors and washes. I eventually chose a pair of black jeans with yellow stitching. I was told by the employees they recommend you purchase a size smaller than your normal jean size.  The reason you purchase a size down was due to the stretch in the material, it really is stretchy and hugs your curves so the fit should be snug, but not tight.  Well being the skeptic that I am, I didn't listen and bought my regular size. Got home and tried the jeans on right away, and the jeans fit loose.  Not super loose & baggy, but I could feel how a size down would fit better, maybe even 2 sizes down if you want a tighter & snugger fit.  The jeans were super soft and comfortable, which for plus size is not always easy to find.  So the next morning I went right back to the warehouse sale and bought the same pair in size down from my regular size.  I also picked up another pair of gray jeans that almost look like corduroy or velour. The jeans are long but that can easily be fixed by a tailor. So I think I found my new favorite brand of jeans, I use to be a seven7 fan, until I tried NYDJ. If you have not tried NYDJ you need to go try on a pair and see for yourself. I am totally convinced they are great, can't wait for the next warehouse sale so I can go buy a pair in every color and wash and get rid of all my other jeans! (OK maybe I am exaggerating) The company claims to have a "Exclusive crisscross fabric panels flatten the tummy and lift the rear". So who doesn't want to flatten & lift, with out pushing your fat up or down and giving you ugly bulges.  Hope you enjoy my post on NYDJ, check them out and tell what you think.


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