Friday, February 26, 2010

New Beginnings

Let's make a toast to new beginnings! 

I am finally ready to announce my new name for my blog.  If you recall a few weeks ago I blogged about changing the name of the blog.  I requested my followers comments, ideas and suggestions.  Thank  you to everyone who left comments and gave me some good advice.  I made a short video, hope you like it!

I also created a facebook fan page, you can also follow me via facebook.  I have some fun things coming up on my blog so I hope you continue to read my post. Thank you to all my followers, I love to read your comments and connect with you all. I have also added a link to my twitter account if you wish to follow me on twitter.  Let me know what you think of the new name, layout and video.

P.S. If you have me linked on your blog and on your blog roll, I would appreciate if you changed the link to reflect my new blog name. Thank you!!!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Review: Outfits & Clothing Swap

Just want to do a quick post since I just found out a few hours ago I am going to Palm Springs tomorrow morning.  Don't have to much time to pack and plan my outfits, but its only for 2 days and it's for my boyfriends business.  While he is doing his business stuff I guess I can stroll the shops and hang out at the outlets.  I'm always up for some good shopping! Any how back to the this post.  This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting some great ladies at the LA Clothing Swap hosted by Jennifer from Stay Classy LA.  This way my first time attending a clothing swap and it was so much fun.  Basically everyone brought their clothes and hung it on racks and tables.  Every person got to browse through racks and clothes and picked what they liked to try on. If you found something you liked and fit, its yours!  I was very excited to connect with other bloggers and people from Fatshionista community.  Overall I think it was a success and everyone was so nice and cool.  I was able to score some good stuff, some tops and jeans and a few accessories.  I believe there will another clothing swap planned for the fall.  If you are in the So Cal area and didn't make it to this one you should come join the fun.  I will difinately keep you updated.  If have the chance to attend a clothing swap in your area you should go! Better yet you can organize your own.  I also attended a local art exhibit this weekend and saw some good photography.  My BF and I decided we need to get out more and support local arts.  I didn't get any pics from the art show but I did manage to get a outfit pic and some from the clothing swap.  FYI the art exhibit was a airport hanger so it was tres casual.  The dummy forgot her camera for both events, so all pics were taken with my iphone so don't judge the quality.  :)
On to the photos! always love to read your comments and thoughts.

Outfit Stats:
Black Leggings from Macy's
Tie Dye Top INC Macy's
Denim Jacket Lane Bryant (many yrs ago)
Kady Gray Boots Target
White Scarf H& M

Group Picture, don't we look lovely!
Sadly I can't recall the names of all the awesome ladies. 
I did find out some have blogs and will link you to them.

Jennifer (hostess) Stay Classy LA 
Natalie lovenati 
Joy fat rant blog
Nikol (blonde at the end)
Holly & Ashley(Jen's sisters, in back behind me)

*(If any of the ladies who attended see this and you have a blog or want me to link to your site)*
*(please let me know and I will add you to this post)*

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The house the Richie built!

House of Harlow 1960 Nicole Richie's new line of shoes and jewelry.  So far I like what I see, shoes and jewelry are very nice and look well made.  Some items are very affordable and others not, but over all I like.  Check out some of my fave pieces, you can get House of Harlow at several websites right now.  Some items like shoes are on pre-order for spring, but most jewelry is currently available.  Nicole Richie also has a clothing line called Winter Kate, but of course she does not carry plus size so I didn't bother showing any of it since "we" can't wear it.  All I got to say, Nicole your friend Paris sucks and you have grown up to be a very stylish woman. Motherhood suits you!
So I got lazy and did not get the prices and location for each item.  Here are the websites where you can find all the shoes and jewelry. Go browse for yourself and check it out.

So what do you think of Nicole's debut into the fashion industry? Are her designs better or worse than Pairs? I say better, never liked Paris's style or look! Tacky!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Updates: Clothing Swap & Sales

Happy Friday to all! Hope every one is having a great Friday, looking forward to fabulous a weekend.  I wanted to do a few updates and share with everyone. I blogged and mentioned the clothing swap and donation drive earlier this month. Well the time has come, the clothing swap is going down tomorrow, 2/20/10 and I am really excited to attend. Hope other So Cal ladies will also attend and join in.  This will be my first time attending a clothing swap, so not sure what to expect. Honestly doing it to meet new people and experience something new.  Also I am going to the clothing swap to help out a good cause, there will also be a donation drive for Downtown People Reaching Out, an organization helping people who are homeless get clothing so they can return to work. I will take pictures and do a blog post to share with everyone, in the coming week.

Another thing I wanted to do update everyone on is my boutique, I have been consistently add new items every week, hope you have all had a chance to see my items for sale.  I have been steadily selling each Friday on Fatshionista Live Journal, which is great! No sales via the blog, so don't be shy, please take a look and let me know if you want any item. All my items are new, most all have tags, some don't but everything is in great condition, from a smoke free & pet free home.  Shipping cost is included in price so you know what your paying, no adding extra, unless you are outside USA there will be added shipping cost. I just added some Not Your Daughters Jeans, Harem Pants and Jewelry this week. So please check it out and support my boutique, since I am currently no working, this is helping me support me and my blog! :)

Thank You to all my follower/readers I truly do appreciate everyone taking the time to read and comment on my blog.  I have some fun things coming up to share with everyone and show my thanks and gratitude, so please come back to find out more.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Summertime and the livin's easy!

Summer time will soon be here and I need a new swimsuit! Its only been about 5 years since I have been wearing a swimsuit. I use to be that one woman who never wore a swimsuit because I was embarrassed and ashamed I was overweight. My excuse was I don't know how to swim so why would I go into the pool or beach, no need to buy a swimsuit.  My brother bought a house with a pool, about 5 years ago and the first hot weekend all the kids were in there splashing.  I was just there sitting pool side looking at all my nieces and nephews having a blast, they all kept asking me to jump in.  One day I finally gave in, I was shopping and saw a cute swimsuit on sale and said to my self I need to try it on.  I tried it on it fit and I didn't look as awful as I   thought I would!  I told my self why am I hiding not enjoying my life, if I can't wear a swimsuit in front of my own family there is something seriously wrong.  I had spent too many summer days not enjoying  my self because of the shame I felt of wearing a swimsuit.  I bought that swimsuit and jumped right into the pool the next day. OK so that was like 5 years ago, and let me tell you I still have that same swimsuit. I have worn it at my brothers house, in Palm Springs, in Las Vegas and other places.  This summer I need a new one, that swimsuit became almost a safety blanket, time to move on.  So I have been cruising the internet and found a few I am considering.  Although I have over come wearing a swimsuit in public, I need to try them on of course.  I need one the will hold the girls and hide some rolls and bulges.  I'm not completely cured of my issues.



So ladies please share you stories, do you wear a swimsuit out in public? Where do you shop? Any tips to look your best and be confident in a swimsuit?  Always look forward to your comments and thoughts.

Monday, February 15, 2010

OOTD: Weekend Review

Hope everyone had a great weekend. If you celebrate Valentine's day I hope it was awesome filled with love and joy, if you don't I still hope it was a great weekend for all.  I was totally looking forward to Valentine's weekend with my man. I had my cute outfit all planned out and ready to go.  My Valentine's day did not go as planned. I woke up on Sunday morning feeling blah, moody, face full of zits and seeing red! I didn't want to go any where, and felt so gross. Although the day was not going the way I wanted, still wanted to have a lovely day with my man and not be a total bitch on Valentine's day.  So I managed to get dressed, not the awesome cute outfit planned, but something that at least I was comfy in.  I even attempted to do wear more make up and do something different than my usual to feel better. Sometimes no matter what you wear on your body or your face, as a woman you don't feel pretty or cute. This weekend was one of those times! Once I got out of the house and had dinner I was feeling better. The weather here in Long Beach also helped, we had gorgeous weather all weekend long. Despite my mood the weekend turned out to be good and we had a nice time!   I took a few pics of my outfits from Saturday and Sunday, they are nothing special and maybe a bit boring.  Just wanted to do a quick post and share with everyone.

(click on picture for larger view)

Dress: Mossimo for Target
Jacket: Lane Bryant
Tights: unknown
Boots: Vigotti lace up boots via
Shades: Avenue

Top: JMS from Wal-mart
Blazer: Old Navy
Jeans: Seven7 via Marshall's
Shoes: Vaneli Leopard Flats via Nordstrom Rack
Scarf: Forever21
Bag: L.A.M.B via Nordstrom Rack

Although I was feeling crappy, I tried to pretend to feel great in the pictures. Best of all I love the picture of me and my man, and the beautiful background of the sunset!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Best Blog Award! For Me!

Thank You! I am so honored, my buddy from the blog XOXO NikStar has given me this best blog award.  She is way cool and very sweet and genuine. You need to check out her blog, she is the real deal!

I am glad she enjoys my blog enough to bestow this awesome recognition upon me.  I do truly work hard trying  to post fun, interesting and read worthy post for my followers. Thank you to all who follow and post comments.  I love to read your comments and look forward reading your blogs as well.  So as this award was given to me I am to award 6 of my fave blogs.  I have so many awesome blogs I follow and read, it truly is hard to come up with just 6.  All these blogs are created by people I have had the pleasure of interacting with on either facebook, Fatshionistas on live journal or twitter, and have gotten to know them a bit more. These ladies are so awesome, creative and sweet hearts check out their blogs!

My Best Blog Awards go to:

Congratulations to all the ladies who have been awarded! Pay it forward and give this award to 6 of  your favorite blogs!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Beauty is here!

Just in case you haven't already heard! I wanted to share this with everyone.  Stephanie from the French blog Big Beauty is doing a clothing line for spring 2010! YAY!  If you go her blog you can read and see all the details, she is so fab!  I have been a fan of her blog for a while now and love her style and confidence. Now if we can only get a hold of her clothes here in the US!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Make-Up Haul!

A few days ago I made a trip to Sephora to buy some make up.  I ran out of my trustee bareMinerals foundation,  I have been using it for about 2 yrs now and love it.  I was going into Sephora to just pick up what I needed then be on my way. HA! Who was I kidding, that never happens.  I never leave that store quickly, well this time something caught my eye.  I saw a sign that said 50% off, I don't know about you, but I never see stuff on sale at Sephora.  I had to check out and see what it was all about.  ALL CARGO WAS 50% OFF! Yup you read it right, everything in the store from Cargo Cosmetics was 50% off and had to go. I was shocked and asked what the heck was going on. Apparently for some unknown reason Sephora will no longer sell and carry Cargo, they need to liquidate all the stock.  I had never used or tried Cargo make up, but heard good things about it. SO you know I took advantage of the deal!  The Sephora I was at didn't have much left, but I managed to score some good things.  This is what I got!  One Base concealer and foundation in one with applicator tip retails $26, got it for $13.  I've used it a few times now and really like it. It works well to cover up my redness on my cheeks and dark circles under my eyes. It's a winner!

The second item I got was a kit, Blu Ray High Definition  Essentials Kit.  I had been hearing about hi def make up for a while, but didn't want to spend a lot to try it.  This kit comes with a Lip Gloss, Blush/Highlighter, Bronzer and Mascara. retail price was $49 & I got it for $24.50 Woo Hoo!  I have not yet tried it out, but the claims are it will make you look flawless in any lighting.  Hi Def make up was created for film and TV, to make actors and celebrities look their best when being filmed in high definition.  I will take some shots of my self when I try it out and do my face. I'll be ready for my close up!  So in the mean time if you ever wanted to try Cargo make-up go to your nearest Sephora or check it out online, they have some good things left on the the website.

If you have used Cargo before leave me a comment and let me know what you like or don't like about it.  I want to order some other things I saw online, so I can take advantage of the 50% off discount. Hope you take advantage of this great deal, I love to share all the deals and steals I find with my followers!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Get your Sexy On Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day is soon approaching so come get your sexy lingerie for that special night.  I want to feature some new items I added to my boutique. I have some very cute and sexy negligee's and cami's from Cacique which is sold at Lane Bryant. 


Like what you see, go to my boutique for all the details. All my items are new with tags, and come from a smoke free, pet free home. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You asked so you shall receive...OOTD

Here you go, I am doing a 2 in 1 OOTD.  I recently was interviewed by Tiffany from the blog Fat Shopaholic, check it out!  One of her questions was, why the lack of OOTD's on my blog which focuses on plus size fashion. I have done a OOTD post before, but didn't really get any comments or responses so I didn't think my readers were interested in seeing my outfits.  Take two, I'll try again. Let me know what you think and hope to get some good feedback from you my awesome readers.

Saturday Night Special
Wore this outfit to go eat a scrumptious sushi dinner with my sister and mom on Saturday night.
  • Blazer: Old Navy  XXL
  • Graphic Tee: Faith21 3X
  • Jeans: Seven7 20 Thalia via Marshall's
  • Boots: Mia Rascal 8.5 via Nordstroms Rack
It's Hump Day!
We all know Wednesday as hump day, that blah day in the middle of the week.
I wore this outfit to go have lunch and do a little shopping with my Friend.
Last week I did post about my haul from Faith 21, I finally wore some of the items.

  • Blouse: Avenue 2X
  • Pants: Seven7 Slim Knit Jeans 22 via Lane Bryant
  • Vest: Faith 21 2x
  • Stud Belt: Faith 21 1x
  • Boots: Mia Rascal 8.5 via Nordstrom Rack 
 Let me know if you enjoy seeing OOTD's, so I can decide to continue doing them or just stick to other fashion related post. I tried to spice up the picture layout as well not to bore you all with just plain ole pics of moi!  As always I want to hear your comments, thoughts and feedback.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Raining Clothes: Swap & Donation Drive

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post about my blogs name and possible change.  I have not yet made a final decision but I am a lot closer to deciding.  So be on the look out for some new and exciting things to come from my blog!  

So in the meantime I want to share some info with you.  Mainly for any one in the Southern California area, Jennifer from the blog Stay Classy LA is organizing a plus size and inbetweenies clothing swap and donation drive.  I have never attended an event like this, but have read many post on other blogs and livejournal Fatshionista community about it.   I'll be there, so you should come and check it out. It should be a fun event, also you'll be doing a good thing and donating to a good charity. If you plan on attending, let me know I love to meet up you and meet new people.  I will keep you all posted and report back with pictures!

Monday, February 1, 2010

What's in a name!

That is the question I have for you, my wonderful followers and readers, I am seeking your advice, expertise and opinions.  So recently I have been contemplating changing the name of my blog, I even have started a new one which is still under construction.  I am not sure what to do here, should I change the name of this blog "Chunky Curlz" or just start up a new blog with the new name?  I am not sure what the rules, regulations or blog "etiquette" is.  I was recently asked why I named my blog "Chunky Curlz", well I didn't really have a great answer.  Honestly when I first started blogging I was not sure what I was doing.  I had seen many blog with the words "Curves", "Fat" or "Big" in the name. I didn't want to use any of those words or variation of them, I did want my blog name to identify it as a plus size, blog.  Chunky Curlz name refers to me! I am chunky, and I have curly hair,  I know your thinking how does that name refer to your blog being about plus size or fashion. Well that is my point it does not.  The name is not relevant nor does it portray the vision I have for my blog.  I truly enjoy blogging and when I first started almost a year ago it was more for fun as a hobby to pass the time. Now, I want to really focus on blogging and build my blog as true source of inspiration, knowledge and information for plus size fashion.
Well all this brings me to these question I have for you!
  1. Is it ok for me to randomly change the name of this blog "Chunky Curlz" and keep the same url (}?  I am not sure if it is possible to also change the url through blogger and not affect any aspect of my blog.
  2. If I do decide start a new blog, will you my current followers and reader, also follow and read the new blog? I  don't want to give up all my work and momentum I have gained with this blog. I have a lot time and energy invested in Chunky Curlz.
  3. I have many new names for the blog, but can't decide. Can you please vote and help me come up with a new name.
  • Cid's Style File (Cid is me and this blog is my style file)
  • iStylePlus (as in internet, a play on words from apple i products)
  • Style is a Plus! (plus referring to plus size)
  • Fashion Army Plus (plus size fashion revolution being created)
  • Plus Style Mode (I just like the way the word Mode sounds!)
So please help me decide what to do, I value your opinions and advice. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and please leave me your comments.
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