Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chambray, what is it?

I missed the weekend review on Monday, mainly because of the weekly giveaway, but still wanted to share some outfit with you all.  I have two outfits to share and in both I am wearing chambray.  Always loved the look of chambray, but wasn't quite sure what it meant. Is chambray a color or a fabric?  It almost looks like a light version of denim, but its not.  So I went to my trusty fashion dictionary to find what the heck chambray really is. "Chambray a lightweight fabric woven with white threads across a colored warp." So there you go chambray is a type of fabric, being that it is so light weight its perfect for spring/summer season.

Sushi Sunday
On Sunday I went to dinner with my man and his family for his sisters birthday.  It was a casual dinner at a local Japanese/Sushi Buffet.  Being an all you can eat restaurant made sure I wore my stretchy pants (leggings) so I can be comfortable.  I found this cute chambray tunic at Marshalls and had to have it, paired with some black leggings and metallic flats I also found at Marshalls for $5! 

Fun & Sun
Another chambray outfit, in the same week! Not sure if that is a fashion faux, but I did it any way!  Wednesday was such a beautiful warm day, my man and I decided to go hang out in San Pedro, CA.  San Pedro is a harbor town in Southern California where all the cruise ships and all the freight ships docks to unload.  We found a good Italian place for lunch and walked down 6th St where there are lots of eateries and shops in downtown San Pedro.  I found a small cute boutique, that had a sign in the window "We Carry Plus Size".  I normally would have not gone into that boutique but that sign was screaming for me to come in and look!  The Boutique is called Soluna, and carries a small plus size selection but that was enough to get me in the door.  In the picture above you can see me standing if front of the entire plus size rack.  That's all it was one whole rack, they did have some cute pieces I want to go back and try on. The cool thing about Soluna is they also have art displayed by local artist.  I did buy a pair of earrings that I liked, will show on another ootd.  The chambray shirt dress is from Target I got like 2 months ago but never wore it till now.  I totally wanted to wear sandals because the weather was awesome in the 80's, but my toes are a mess.  I am in bad need of pedicure! Wore my Michael Kors boots instead which I think worked well with the dress.  

Thank you for all your comments, I love to read what you all have to say.  Don't forget you can still enter the week 3 giveaway until 3/19 and will close at midnight pacific standard time.  Enter Here!


  1. Love these two!! :) chambray looks great on you!

  2. never heard of chambray ... such a fancy word, i love it, and love it on you! cute store, and shut it down with those kors boot girl! love it! ;-)

  3. tenue tres sympa !

    bonne journee ;O)

  4. Thanks for explaining what Chambray is, when i clicked to view your blog i was like WTH is chambray. hehe It looks great on you! Oh San Pedro, it's so pretty there, im suppose to go on Sunday, i might have to go on a search for that store and check it out! :)

  5. I especially like the second outfit with the boots! I hear you about needing a pedicure, winter feet are the worst!

  6. When I first read the title...I thought you were talking about an alcoholic drink!! LOL

  7. I love chic and casual looks, I think they are always the best and the most versatile. I love the tunic so cute :)

    Much love,
    Glendy <3

  8. I love both looks but especially that dress!!! You look fantastic! :)

  9. love chambray..i was looking at some tops just this wkend.

    i especially love pairing it with white for a crisp look that you can dress up or down

  10. I like both looks. I just saw a dress at Torrid...but u know it was like 50 bucks. U got a good deal. Also, at Lane Bryant they have a Chambray Blazer....

  11. I like both looks. I just saw a dress at Torrid...but u know it was like 50 bucks. U got a good deal. Also, at Lane Bryant they have a Chambray Blazer....


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