Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trends & Friends: Stripes

The Trend

The Friends

Who said big girls shouldn't wear stripes! 
Spring is just around the corner.  I can tell because of all the colors and prints I see at stores and online. Stripes are hot this season, especially with the nautical theme being so popular. If you listen to the old rules of fashion plus size woman should NOT wear stripes.  Luckily we don't care or listen to these out dated rules. Check out my friends this week totally killing it with the stripes. They all look so great, happy and confident with their stripes.  It's all about feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear. So if you love stripes, wear them!  I  do, check out my stripes from last week, in case you missed it. Thanks to all the lovely ladies for allowing me to use their pictures for this weeks trends & friends.

Go visit their blogs and find out more about my friends!

Week 3 Blog Anniversary Giveaway ends on Friday, you can still enter and win a Faith 21 top.


  1. Yayyyy! Go stripey plus girls, go!

  2. Nice! :D you girls look great in stripes. I love the trend, stripes and flower patterns me fav. :D hehe

  3. Lovely! Thanks for featuring me:)

  4. Yay! Thanks for featuring me! :) Love these Trends and Friends posts :)

  5. look at all these cute girls! i love that ure doing this Cid! And yes! Who sais we curvy girls cant wear stripes huh? ;-P

  6. I think all of your friends look fabulous in stripes! I adore this trend :)

  7. Thanks so much for the inclusion and this is the best darn idea... I wanted to post to this last night but was unable (computer issues). can't wait to see the next trend.

  8. This is great! I just posted a pic of myself wearing stripes too. Love them!

  9. Love them all specially No.05
    think its would be lovely on me :D


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