Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekend Review Part 2

This outfit was from this past weekend, but didn't make it into my weekend review from Monday.  I wanted to show off my cute stripy nautical inspired shirt. I love it! Not only does it have stripes but also has a rope, heart, flower and sparrow graphics on it with a touch of sequin. This was my running around town doing errands on a Sunday afternoon outfit.  Even if I am just doing errands, I always want to be comfy and look cute! I think this outfit accomplished both.  Also wanted to share that I have finally, became a Snuggie nerd! LOL I have been wanting one for months and hinted for Christmas.  Sadly none of my family, friends or boy friend want me to have a Snuggie.  After some pouting the boo gave in and bought me one! (it helped they were on sale for $12 at Target...YAY)   I came home with my leopard print Snuggie, and love it. It helps on those cold nights when I am up late working on my blog. Yes it does get cold in Southern California, OK NikStar! (inside joke)

(click picture for larger image & detailed view)

Shirt: Striped Tee H&M (click here for detailed view)
 Jacket: Denim Lane Bryant (old from yrs ago, but still works!)
Pants: Black Torrid Crops (via LA clothing swap)
Shoes: Black & White Patent Oxfords Steve Madden 
(clearance from Ross)
Scarf Madras Plaid print from H&M
Purse my trusty LAMB bag, I carry everything in there


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  2. I love your shoes and the t shirt!!! oh and snuggies rule the world but, I refuse to believe it gets cold in

  3. A leopard print snuggie? I want! I love the tee too, there's so many things I need to look for in H&M.


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