Friday, April 16, 2010

TGIF! Lots of pictures ahead!

Happy Friday! Hoping everyone had a great week, looking forward to an even better weekend! I'm back home now from my mini vacay/road trip to San Diego.  Spent a few days with in SD for the BF's birthday, we didn't do much sightseeing, but we did shop and eat!  I love SD, its an awesome city, so glad its a short drive away.  I was a lame-o and forgot that one of my fave bloggers Big Beautyful Mess lives in SD.  I didn't have a chance to meet up with her since I forgot to let her know I was gonna be in town. She was a sweetie and gave  me good tips on where to eat and shop. We took some of her tips and had a some yummy food.  Also checked out all the local malls and outlets.  Some times it amazes me at some deals I find and can't believe it! Seriously if you shop around and look you can score some great stuff.  The weather was perfect too, it was a beautiful sunny & breezy all week!  Over all it was a great trip! I tried to take pics of all my outfits to share with you. When I travel I try to wear comfy clothes and shoes.  I love to explore new cities so that means lots of walking, so comfy shoes and clothes are a must. Also traveling light is good for me since I will be doing some shopping, so gotta leave some room in my luggage.

Now for the shopping! I always say I am going to share my bargain finds & don't! :(  boo bad blogger.  So finally here you go, my bargain finds from San Diego.  I have been wanting some top siders (boat shoes) for awhile now. When I saw them at the Nordstrom Rack I had to have them! Aren't they cute! Well I think so, they are denim and oh so comfy! The price was right so they came home with me.  The flats from Old Navy are not my typical buy, but at that price ($3.50), who could say no.  Also scored a lip gloss from Rock & Republic at The Rack, who knew they made awesome makeup as well! It's a really nice reddish color, I have been searching for a red gloss.
I also got some clothes from Old Navy, they were having their irresistible 50% off clearance sale! Who can resist, I know I cant! 2 dress and 1 top & the flats (above) all for $25. Come on, who can say no to that deal! Also got a cute stripey top at Lane Bryant and Paper, Denim & Cloth jeans. Didn't even know they made plus size jeans. I am all for premium jeans, just don't want to pay those premium prices. These jeans were prefect , premium brand for $20, Score! There you have it, that was my shopping haul from San Diego. I think the grand total was like $80 for all the things above.  Must say, damn I am good at bargain shopping! LOL 

Now to the outfit pictures! We were only in San Diego for 2 days so I just made little colleges to share with you. Added some pictures of my man as well since he looked so cute in all his bday outfits!
My man in his birthday outfits! He was trying to pose like me in the pictures....LOL

San Diego Day 1: We shopped and had dinner at Fashion Valley Mall, they have all the best stores there high end and the usual mall stores.  It's a beautiful out door mall, the weather was nice sunny with a breezy, it got a bit chilly so I had to wear my scarf.  My fave picture is the one in front of  the LV store, can you see me pinning over the LV handbags! LOL

Outfit Stats: Tunic Dress from Lane Bryant, Leggings Pure Energy from Target, Scarf from H&M & Flats Wanted from Marshalls.

San Diego Day 2: This day we headed to downtown gas lamp quarter. Again more shopping and sightseeing. It's was another gorgeous day, SD has great weather, love it! It was our last day so we tried to take advantage as much as possible. I was so tired by the end of the day! It was a great trip, I highly recommend a visit to San Diego if you ever have the chance! 

Outfit Stats: Pure Energy Top from Target, Boy Friend Jeans from Lane Bryant, Sandals from H&M

Sorry for the long post, I hope you enjoyed it. As I mentioned on my last post I am aiming at reaching 100 follower by May 1st. I'm so close only need 8 more! I have a great giveaway to go along with reaching my 100th follower.  The sooner I get there the sooner I will reveal it! I give a hint, its prize that will fit everyone! 

In the mean time head over to Curvy Girl Chic to enter her giveaway. She has a fabulous prize, I am hoping to win! LOL



  1. Love the pink Old Navy shoes, so cute!

  2. I loved this post!! I can't wait to see all your awesome bargain finds in ootd's! :D

    Thanks for the giveaway shoutout! :D

  3. Great post sweetie! I can't wait to see your future ootd's! :)

  4. Looks like you had a blast, Im happy :D
    Nice buys! esp. those cute pink shoes, CUTE!!! :D

  5. glad u had such a prosperous time in SD :) can't wait to see you in the new pieces!


  6. I love San Diego! I visited it a few years ago when my friend lived in Carlsbad.

  7. and i love your attitude in these pictures! :D you rock! haha made me smileeee!

  8. looks like you had a blast!

    i have never been to san diego but it is definitely on the list..

    and i am so all about the bargains..i don't buy anything...from groceries on unless i can get a deal.

  9. LOL I love the imitation poses. I'm glad you had a good time, I'm jealous of your bargains and I want those LV balloons!

  10. Great pics and great shopping!!! We are bargainistas! Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I <3 Old Navy!

  11. so good to see some familiar places... im glad u had fun love! thanks for the shout out and i love ure new things!

    and dont forget -- i live in daygo. so next time u come around, we go shopping together yes? ;-)

  12. I love the rack! I try to go at least 2-4X a month. I had never seen RR products so as soon as I saw this post I headed over there! All the glosses were gone :( except for 1 that was all tested out! But I did find some shadows and face powders! Yippie!

  13. Great post sweetie! I can't wait to see your future ootd's! :)

  14. Love the pink Old Navy shoes, so cute!


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