Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Review: Torrid Outlet! Yes they have one

Hi remember me. I have this blog called Cid's Style File, and has been some what neglected. So sorry! I know it hasn't been that long since my last post, but sure feels like it.  Well since I had a nice long weekend, wanted to make sure I updated the blog. Hope all you lovelies had a great weekend.  My weekend was great, did my usual shopping, relaxing, watched movies & oh yeah did a little cleaning.  I had previously blogged about the Torrid Outlet store. Which I am surprised many people didn't know existed. Even many of my So Cal bloggers didn't know about it.  Well I am here to tell you ,Torrid does have one Outlet store. It's located at the Citadel Outlet Mall in Los Angeles. I have been wanting to go check out their sale racks for a while now. This weekend Torrid had their famous 50% off all clearance items. (best sale ever)  The Torrid Outlet has the best selection of clearance items of any store. I have even notice some Torrid locations don't even have clearance racks, not sure why.  Basically if you see it on the website clearance section the Torrid Outlet will most likely have it. They have racks & racks of clearance items of all the great clothes you see on line, in all sizes as well. They also have a good variety of shoes, accessories and undergarments.  The Torrid Outlet also has all the regular and new arrivals like the other stores.  If you live in the Southern California area or ever come to LA, you have to check out the Torrid Outlet. I scored a cute sateen black skirt, (not pictured) embellished black top and the cutest polka dot cardigan all for about $40. That was a bargain for Torrid, because you can spend $40 alone for a top there.  Below are the stock pics from the website of the items I picked up at the Torrid Outlet.
I have been wanting the polka dot cardi for a while now, so when I saw it on the clearance rack it had to be mine!  I also have a little video to show you of the Torrid Outlet store, get a load of all the racks of clearance in the back of the store. They have one whole wall for tops & another wall rack for dresses and many rounders for jeans, skirts and sweaters in between.  If you love Torrid and are a bargain loving fashionista like I am, you have to check out the Torrid Outlet!!


Thanks to for making the video.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Review: Ontario Mills Shopping Spree

This weekend the BF and I decided to take a trip to one of our beloved outlet shopping malls, Ontario Mills.  It had been over a year since I was last there, when I lived closer that was my go to spot.  I now live about 1hr drive away so I don’t get to visit as often.  Ontario Mills is your basic outlet mall with all the usual stores, and recently they have added a few news ones.  Like H&M, Coach, J Crew and my all time fave Betsey Johnson!!  If you live in Southern California, mainly Los Angeles County you must check out the mall at some point. It’s actually a good spot for all your shopping needs.  I hit all my usual stores (Torrid, Gap, Betsey Johnson, Marshalls,  H&M and Coach) and found some good sales and deals.  Sometimes I almost feel guilty at the bargains, but I get over it quickly!

Truth be told, my O Mills trip was mainly to go check out the new Betsey Johnson outlet store. In case you didn't know from my previous ramblings, Betsey Johnson is my FAVE designer.  Any time possible I make it a point to check out the Betsey Johnson store. Being an outlet store I was hoping to find a bargain. I sure did! Got a cute striped tote for $25!  Sadly Betsey Johnson has not yet catered to us curvier, fuller figured ladies with her clothing.  The day she does you know I am all over it! 

Way back when I first started blogging last year I wrote a post about rules of bargain shopping, if your interesting in finding out my methods and rules go take a look here! This weekend I found myself using all of those rules and scoring on some great bargain fashion finds! I use to do a post at least once a month on my fashion bargain finds to show you can get some great fashion items at bargain prices. I may have to start doing it again. Would you be interested in reading about my fashion bargain finds?

I don’t have pictures to share at this moment of my fashion bargain finds, but I do have a short video to share. Betsey and I, we go way back to my teens!  So hope you all had a great weekend.  Did anyone else go shopping and get some bargain deals this weekend! I love to know about it! 

Thank you to for the video

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trends & Friends: Animal Prints

The Trend
Animal Print Mac
Evans 28.00 gbp

Another print this week, are you noticing a "trend" in trends and friends. So many prints so little time!  Animal prints are nothing new, you can go way back into fashion history and see them through out the decades. In my opinion animal prints are classic, when done right.  It can be as subtle from wearing animal print shoes or accessories, to a dress, skirt, top or coat.  Just make sure you don't become a fashion faux pas by wearing animal prints head to toe.  Take a look at my friends in there fun, sassy, sexy and chic animal print looks. Don't they make you want to ROAR!  GRRRR!!!

The Friends

Michelle Wood co-founder of La Grande Dame is wearing Melissa Masse animal print dress.  She was preparing for a night out with her husband and decided to do a little DIY self tanner, for a glowing look. The next day she awoke to glowing orange & stripey skin. Luckily she got a picture before the tanner set it.  She looks radiant in her animal print dress!

Chastity from The Curvy Girls Guide to Style is wearing animal print skirt from Jibri. Even on cold and unpredictable spring days Chastity finds a way to look oh so chic. She paired her favorites, Asos trench coat, leopard pencil skirt and Louis Vuitton scarf.  Adding her fave sunnies & red lippy, she's ready to concur the world with her new book! Go check out her blog for all the details. Congrats Chastity!

Sarah from The Pale and Pallor Princess is wearing animal print cardigan from Forever 21.  She is never one to shy away from color or prints.  The dress she is wearing was a bit to dressy for work, who else would "tone" it down with a pink leopard cardi and hot pink fishnet. Love her daring style choices.  Especially envious of her awesome extensive collection of tights!

Gabi from Hungry for Fashion is wearing animal print skirt from Forever 21.  She rocked her leopard print skirt for a night out in Sin City, with that skirt and those shoes, she definitely looks sinful!  Gabi always pulls off the latest trends in my opinion. 

Thanks ladies, your fabulous animal print looks are making want to upgrade from just leopard print flats.  I need to catch up on this trend and rock it, just like my friends did!  Go check out all their great blogs for more great looks!

I know some of you have great outfits pictures with the latest trends.  I love to feature new people each week, so don't be shy and send me your pics!  Future trends I am looking for are ruffles, tie dye and polka dots! Email your pictures with your name, blog or website and outfit stats.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Review: Partying in Lace Leggings

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was good! It was a busy weekend filled with family parties.  Saturday I went to a family party for my cousins daughter.  The usual dilemma came to mind...what am I going to wear.  I had a few outfits in mind, one of them involved wearing a pair of lace leggings I got courtesy of Jens Fashion Plus. I had been contemplating how am I going to wear the lace leggings.  A few other bloggers have done outfit post wearing lace leggings so I had a few ideas in mine.  Often I struggle with the question of dressing appropriately for my age and/or situation. Not sure why, but sometimes its a issue I worry about. Will I be dressed appropriate for the event, fearing of  looking out of place and being judged. Not sure what it is, maybe it was the way I was raised, or a cultural thing. Questioning my self if this outfit was appropriate.  When I first received the lace leggings from Jen, my mental outfit involved a tulle skirt with a bustier and the lace leggings. How Madonna of me! LOL Well that would have been great back in the 80's or in my teens, now not so much. After a couple of hours I finally came up with a good mix of appropriate, stylish and comfortable party outfit.  I loved the added touch the lace leggings added to my dress.  I could have worn regular leggings or tights, but the lace gave it a more interesting and feminine touch. If you have been wanting to try out the lace legging trend, totally recommend it. The lace leggings from Jen Fashion Plus are very comfy with a wide elastic waist band. The sizing was good, the leggings have a good stretch, enough to fit just right with out sagging at the knees, yet not too tight. So go check out Jens Fashion Plus to get your own pair of lace leggings.  I think I'll be wearing the lace leggings with many more outfits, love them!

So do you ever wonder or struggle with the idea of dressing appropriately for your age or place?  I hope I am not alone in this dilemma!

Dress: Simply Vera by Vera Wang from Kohls (made it work!)
Leggings: Lace Leggings from Jens Fashion Plus
Shoes: Farylrobin peep toe patent leather
Scooter: my neighbors!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Connect the Dots!

Connect the dots, if you follow/read some of the same blogs as I do you will be seeing lots of polka dots this week.  Curves and Chaos did a post about polka dots this week, and  featured the Lane Bryant Dress I am wearing.  Curvy Girl Chic also did a post about her polka dot dress and I know Diva in Deep Thought is working on a post as well. So what does this all mean? Well it means great fashionista minds think alike, in my opinion!  Polka dots is another one of those prints that "fashion experts" would say is a fashion don't for fuller curvy woman.  I say who asked for their opinion!  I love polka dots, so I wore them! This week I had the pleasure of interviewing people to basically fill my old position at work.  It was my first time being the interviewer and not the interviewee.  I decided to wear something that looked professional, yet fashionable and not intimidating to the interviewee.  Having been in their shoes I knew the feeling, so I thought polka dots might be a good options to say "Hi welcome to the interview! " When I see polka dots I smile and make me happy! Maybe its from my childhood images of going to Disneyland and seeing Minnie Mouse in her awesome red & while polka dot dress.  They don't call Disneyland the happiest place on earth for nothing, must be the polka dots!  So what do you think when you see polka dots?

I actually wore different shoes to work, but they were new so as soon as I got home they flew off. Took pictures on the way to dinner, so flats it was.  I usually like to take pics when I an freshly dressed, but this day it didn't happen so hence the wrinkles from sitting all day at work.  Also tried a new thing of wearing a bow in my hair, not sure it worked or not, but it looked cute and I liked it!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trends & Friends: Mad about Plaid

The Trend
Cielo Basic Plaid Top

Brown & Pink Plaid Shorts

Smocked Gauze Top

Plaid Belted Puff Sleeve Dress

Crochet Trim Plaid Top

Textured Plaid Boyfriend Tunic

Delaney Plaid Skirt 

Are you mad for plaid? I am! Plaid has always been one of my favorite prints.  There's  just something about it that draws me in. Not sure if it's the color combination or the fact that is just looks cool!  I know many would say big girls should not wear plaid, I say if you love it wear it.  Gone are the days where plaid was reserved for school uniforms, kilts and the grunge look!  I think today's plaid patterns are very modern and can look stylish and chic.  Plaid is just a fun print, and I think we will be seeing it for many years to come.  I got some lovely models to show just how fun, cute and stylish plaid prints can be.  Take a look at some adorable outfits by my friends.

The Friends 

Sonia from Anomalous Allure a wearing plaid dress from Jean Queen.  She accidentally walked into a store, and was pleasantly surprised to find cute plus size clothes and great service.  Now that's my kind of shopping! Love great customer service.

Kathryn from Fat-tastic Fashion is wearing a plaid skirt from dd's discount. She calls it her rock n roll plaid look, with the studded belt and chucks she's ready to rock out. Still keeping  it girly with the pink plaid and lace bike shorts. Even when she's tough she still likes to be feminine. 

BBM from Big Beautyful Mess is wearing gingham plaid tunic from B&Lu. Feeling discouraged  not finding perfect plaid top.  She cleverly email her favorite online retailer (B&Lu).  A few months later her email wish was answered, B&Lu had the perfect plaid tunic.  I think secretly B&Lu made it especially for BBM, she looks fabulous in her plaid!

Nik from xoxoNikStar wearing plaid dress from fellow bloggers shop.  She wore the plaid dress to spend the day with her mom.  Mother & daughter time is always special, so Nik wanted to look the part.  Like mother like daughter they both looked beautiful, go check out her pics with her momma!
Thanks ladies for all the great plaid outfits. Each week I get to share all these fabulous bloggers wearing the latest and best trends.  Who ever said big girls aren't fashionable obviously doesn't have a clue.  Go check out all my friends blogs to see even more stylish outfits.  If you love this feature and want to share your trends, send me your pics. Helps me out when you volunteer! Future trends: animal prints, send me your pics to


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dooney & Bourke Giveaway Winner!

Finally have a winner to announce for the Dooney & Bourke giveaway. Watch the video and find out who the winner is! 

Thanks to all the ladies who entered and left such lovely comments. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Review: LBC Bike Fest

Today I wanted to a weekend review of what I did more so than what I wore. Don't worry its still fashion related. This weekend there was a bike fest in Long Beach, CA.  Long Beach is a very bike friendly city. All over town you see people riding their bikes. Not sure if is because we are a beach city, or people just really like to ride bikes. This was the 1st annual bike fest and there were several events all weekend long. Sunday I attended a street fair on 4th street retro row. The retro row is a few blocks of thrift/vintage shops, coffee shops, restaurants, movie theater and bike shop.  It's a very cool little neighborhood with a great mix of people. The street fair was celebration of all things in motion and alternatives to driving your car. The street fair  included a bike-themed film festival at The Art, music, food & retail merchants, wine & beer gardens, safe cycling workshops, do-it-yourself bike repair, and more!  Their were people of all ages, sizes and styles. I saw many curvy gals with great style, and snapped some shots of them.  There were other people with interesting style that stood out and caught my eye. I took advantage of the event to break out my DSLR, which I haven't used in a while.  I don't claim to be a photographer but I do enjoy the art of photography so I put together a little slide show of some of my favorite pictures from the bike fest.


As you can see in the photos people in Long Beach are very casual and relaxed, but still have a lot of character and style. My outfit was nothing special there for no full outfit shots, but I did get to wear my Asos Paris you & me tee. Also the girl in the picture with me is a friend of Jen Fashion Plus, who I have been tweeting with for a while now.  Small world how we all knew  each other in some way on the from the web.  Her name is Julie, she & her husband run the website 562citylife. Check them out on twitter and the website for all the info around the LBC.  Love meeting new people in my town, Julie, Jen & I plan to hang out and have a girls night. You know there will a post about that as well.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle.

Merona Shirt Dress from Target / Utility Jacket from The Gap / T-Strap Wedges Apostrophe from Sears

I survived my first week back at work! If you have been reading my blog for a while and/or following me on twitter, you know that last week I return to work.  Its not a new job, same employer just a different position. My previous position had me out in the field doing visits to schools. My wardrobe was a bit more casual and comfortable since I was doing lots of walking. This new position has me in a office and I am now a cube jockey! (LOL read that in a magazine) I am happy about my new position, but now I have to reassess my work wardrobe.  My office is not super strict about dress code, apparent by what some people wear...LOL  I do want to look more professional and look like I give a hoot. My new position does consist of more responsibility and in essence I am a supervisor. I am firm believer that you should dress the part.  The past week I struggled a bit to figure out what to wear for work. If  it were up to me, I would be happy to wear my jeans & a blazer with some cute shoes.  That won't fly so I came up with a few looks that I thought were appropriate for the office, still with in my style and looked cute of course. 

The outfit above was one I had in my head for a while, so glad it came together. So many times the outfit in my head does not seem to work out when I put it on my body. Does that happen to any one else? I haven't really posted many of my work outfit because some worked out and some were kinda boring. I did post them on my flickr page if you want to take a look here!  This morning I was reading Hungry for Fashion, Gabi did a post of her outfit and she wrote about how she wears a lot of her work clothes for her casual non-work outfits as well. I thought that was a great idea!  I don't know why I thought I was going to need a separate work and play wardrobe.  So for those of you who work in a office do you mix up your work & casual clothes together? Do you have separate outfits for work and play? I don't think I can afford to have completely separate wardrobes so I will take Gabi's advice and mix it up.

Happy Mothers day as well to all the beautiful & stylish mommas that read my blog. I know its hard to be a mom and still try to be stylish. Some of you ladies amaze me how you can be great moms, have full time jobs and still find time to be stylish.  You ladies inspire me and hope to be as great as you when I become a momma!  Have a great day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trends & Friends: Army/Utility Jackets

The Trend

Knit Military Jacket
The Gap $49.50
(Gap online has xxl which is about a sz 20/22)

Hooded Parka
Asos Curve $93.00

Khaki Zip Jacket
Evans 45 GBP

Metallic Hooded Parka
New Look Inspire 35 GBP
Long Snap Jacket
Alloy $64.90

The army/utility jacket trend isn't a new one. I remember back in the 90's when I was in high school, lots of people wore actual army jackets. You remember the 90's grunge look, flannels, doc martens & army jackets were the staples of this fashion trend. I never had an army jacket, the only place to get them back then was either an army surplus store, or if you got lucky finding one at a thrift store. Today the army style jacket has made a come back.  The runways were very military inspired with these types of jackets. Today's modern twist is wearing your jacket with dresses, skirts and more feminine looks. You can also rock it out with your jeans/skinnies or shorts and look great.  A few of my blog friends have totally made this trend work. After seeing these curvy cuties in their army/utility style jackets I just had to have my own. Check out my look here.  

So how do you feel about this army jacket trend.  Is it stylish with dresses & skirts? Better with jeans or more casual looks? Take a look at the outfits below, maybe my friends will help you decide.

The Friends 

BBM from Big Beautyful Mess is wearing a Old Navy jacket.  She totally made it work for Lucky magazine challenge. She was my style inspiration!

Amelia from Sound Bites is wearing a Gap jacket. Paired with skinny jeans and combat boots made the perfect mix for day walking around the city.

Allison from Curvy Girl Chic is wear a Gap Jacket. She is remix queen, she makes all the trends work. Check how she rock her army jacket for a casual look & a more feminie look with a cute dress.

Thanks to the ladies for allowing me to feature them in my Trends & Friends post. Sorry it was a bit late this week.  I am still adjusting to my work hours, and making time for my passion; My Blog!  If you enjoy my weekly post and want to be a part of it, don't be shy. Email me your pictures so I can feature you wearing the trends. It will be easier to continue this feature with your help! 

Don't forget you still have time to enter my giveaway, until Friday at midnight.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Review: Another Year of Style!

This weekend was my bee-day! Thank you to all of you who wished me happy birthday via twitter & facebook.  I had a quiet birthday celebration on Saturday with my man, just us two, some dinner & some quality shopping time. I've never really been one to have big crazy birthday parties or celebrations, so this year was no different. The one year I planned and threw a party for my bday I got sick! Although I had fun, I didn't enjoy it as I should have.  Sometimes less is more, I try to keep that mentality in my style as well. I don't always like to really get dressed up, unless I have to. Being it was my birthday I did want to look cute, but be comfy and not wear my usual jeans or other causal attire.  I wore one of my Evans dresses I had recently bought, and thought it would be perfect for my bday.  Here I go with another floral print, it's still a subtle floral, but floral none the less. I also wore my new favorite "army" style jacket.  I saw this style jacket on a few other bloggers as well.  I loved  how Big Beautyful Mess mixed it up with dresses & skirts. I created my own version, although I must admit the inspiration came from BBM's Lucky Challenge. So go check her out to see what I am talking about.

 If you haven't already entered my Dooney & Bourke Giveaway go enter it now!

Jacket: Army Utility Jacket from The Gap
Tights: Footless tights from Avenue
Sandals: Mossimo wedge woven sandals from Target
Purse: Signature Optic from Coach
Earrings & Necklace: Cookie Lee (I ditched the pearls didn't like them after all)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The New LA Prep

Last Sunday while I was reading the Image section of the LA Times an article caught my attention.  The LA Times had a article about the resurgence of the preppy look.  LA being a laid back more casual city, we add our own twist to the preppy look. Read the article A Field Guide To The LA Preps  full details.

I did a blog post about my shopping finds from my San Diego trip awhile back and showed you pics of my top sider/boat shoes. I finally wore them & felt so preppy.  I never been a true preppy, but do like some elements of the preppy style. I love boat shoes and cardigans, just like to wear them in a more casual laid back manner. Also living in a beach town, everyone wear flip flops, shorts & tees. So can you imagine me walking around town in a preppy gossip girl outfit!  I would totally stand out like a sore thumb....LOL
Never really been one to enjoy being the center of attention so I tone it down and did my own version of LA Preppy. Let me know what you think of my "preppyish" look. How do you feel about the preppy look and have you seen people with that look in your city/town?

 Tank: H&M
Striped Cardigan: Derek Heart Plus
Boyfriend Jeans: Lane Bryant
(i know you seen these jeans alot, but I <3 them)
Shoes: Sperry Top Siders/boat shoes (denim)
Earrings & Necklace: Cookie Lee (old, never wore till now)
Watch: Baby G gifted by BF
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