Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello is it me your looking for?

Just a quick hello to everyone and welcome to my new followers! Please don't be shy and leave me your comments.  I love reading your comments and your feedback about my blog. Its been a slow week here at Cid's Style File, but my girl Monique over at Curves and Chaos does this awesome blogger Q & A post. Guess who is featured this week! ME! Go check it out to find out more about moi at Curves & Chaos Blogger Q & A

Have a great weekend! I'll be back soon!


  1. Yeah, checked it out ;) great post! you're awesome girl! really cute photo of you too, she made it real cute with all the details too :D

    take care. <3

  2. Great feature! And I love that picture of you!

  3. Your blog is fab and that's a lovely pic of you. Had a look at the feature too, it's great.

    S x

  4. Great blog post, yeh Paris would be so cool

  5. The picture is really good. It looks lie a magazine cover.

  6. simple et decontractee j aime beaucoups,bonne soiree

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