Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall Style Cravings

Summer isn't quite over, but fall fashions are already calling my name. I've been having some major style cravings again, I am sure so have you. Some I have been able to satisfy, like my LBD from a previous post here.  Some cravings are still making me drool, and need to be fulfill ASAP!! My must have craving for fall is a cross-body bag.  I love the look of the bag across your body and the functional aspect as well. It's a perfect bag for shopping and running around town, leaving your hands free.  Cross-body bags were my fave style back in high school, they had a touch of masculinity, yet seem very stylish. Gosh when I think about some of the awesome stuff I had back in high school, make me wish I kept it.  Oh well! Guess I will just have to buy a new cross-body bag and curb my style cravings once again. 

Here are some of my favorites, too bad I can't buy one of each. Believe me if my financial adviser approved, I totally would get 1 of each! 

  1.  Dylan, Pour La Victorie
  2. Perry Stud Messenger, Linea Pelle via ShopBop
  3.  Julian, Pour La Victorie
  4. Vintage Reissue, Fossil via Nordstroms
  5. Karla's Clutch, Coach 

What are you handbag style cravings?  I know you have your eye on some fab handbags for fall! Leave your comments, thoughts and feedback, love to read what you all have to say.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet 15!

Hope every one had a great weekend! Just want to do a quick post about my weekend.  On Saturday, my BFF  and I attended a Quinceañera (sweet 15) for friends daughter. It's basically a sweet 16 party, but Latinos celebrate a girl becoming a woman at age 15, no 16. I guess us Latinos are just a little advance (yes I am making a joke!) LOL  I had originally planned on wearing my new Asos Curve dress, I bought from the clearance sale. I was very excited when my package from Asos arrived last week. I didn't bother to try it on until Saturday as I was getting ready for the party. Sadly the dress fit too tight! I was able to put it on, but the fit was very snug and body con, which is not really my style.  I did not feel comfortable wearing the dress that tight, even with spanx! So I quickly went digging through my closet and found a back up dress. I had actually forgotten about this dress I got at dd's discount months ago. Thank goodness for back up dresses! I paired my lace black and teal dress with the Cynthia Vincent strappy heels from Target and I was ready to go. I took some cheesy pictures with my bestie.  I had not seen her in a while, so we were due for some camera time together!  The little fashionista in the picture is my BFF's daughter, we are training her young!

Big shout out to Chenese Lewis for having me and Monique on her plus model radio show today. Looking forward to having her join us on Saturday for the LA Fatshion Bloggers Shopping Day! If you missed the plus model radio you can listen to it here on my blog over on the side bar ------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>
You can also go to the website 

Don't forget to also check out LA Fatshion Bloggers Blog for all the details about our 1st shopping event and future events to come. Thank you everyone for your support!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Plus Model Radio

Just got some great news today. I was contacted by Chenese Lewis, she asked me and Monique from Curves & Chaos to be on her Plus Model Radio show tomorrow! I have been tweeting with Chenese for a while now & she has been very nice and sweet. I am really excited to talk to her on her blog radio show. Monique and I will be talking about our LA Fatshion Blogger Shopping Event. I hope you all listen in and show your support, Monday 7/26/10 at 6:00pm pacific standard time. Go to for all the details.  If your in the the LA area and want to know more about future Fatshion Blogger Events, go subscribe and follow the blog. We will be posting pictures and updates about our 1st event.  Also we will keep everyone updated on future events, we already have some fun ideas in the works! Thanks everyone for your continued support of the blog.  Keep your comments coming, I love to read your thoughts and feedback.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pardon Me!

Hi everyone!!

Pardon me while Cid's Style File goes through a little make over.  Time for a new face!  Things may look a little funny on the outside, but we are still the same on the inside.  Come back soon to see our new look complete. Look out lots of new fun post coming soon!  In the mean time browse around the blog and see what new goodies you find.  Catch up on old post you may have missed or just leave your comments you may have forgotten to write.  See you soon!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Too Hot To Handle!

Las Vegas was great! I was in Vegas since last Thursday and just got back Sunday afternoon. Vegas is always a fave get away for me. I had not been to Vegas in almost a year, that's way too long for me.  I usually go 2-3 times a year, so I was way over due for a trip. I had to many cool things planned to post on the blog, videos, outfits and some shopping reviews. Sadly none of that happen, why you ask?  The HEAT! It was so HOT, the day we got into Vegas my car said it was 118 outside! YIKES!!! I knew Vegas was going to be hot, but seriously this time around it was too hot to handle.  So no cool videos were shot or outfit post with awesome backgrounds.  I do have a few photos I managed to get, but not what I really wanted to do.  Most of my time in Vegas was spent by the pool, in the hotel room or in the casino. Any where it was cool and had A/C, I was there. I didn't venture off to the Strip, being prime Vegas season I could not bare the crowds & heat. Over all it was a good relaxing trip, had some good food, at the M Resort & may have had a celeb sighting. Visited a friend and met her adorable new baby and did do a little shopping, can't go to Vegas and not shop! Over all I got lots of rest and relaxation!

Here are a few outfits post, nothing new or exciting. It was so hot I had to take pics inside the hotel room before I went out. All I wore were either shorts, capri's, tees and thin tops. I didn't have any cute summer dresses or maxis to wear, they would have been perfect, oh well next time I'll be better prepared.  So what are your go to HOT Summer outfits?

By the way in case you haven't heard, The Curvy Revolution will take place in Las Vegas next year, February 2011. A few bloggers have been talking about going and some are even competing for the Miss Curve competition. I am planning on going and hope to meet up with some of the great bloggers attending. So any one making plans to be in Vegas for the Curvy Revolution? Let me know and we can plan a meet up!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's Ready to SHOP!!

Come join us for a day of shopping and fun in L.A.  I've joined forces with my buddy blogger Monique from Curves and Chaos to organize a shopping event.  What better way to spend a day with fellow Fatshion Bloggers than shopping! Please visit the website L.A. Fatshion Blogger Blog to keep up with all the info and news about this shopping day and more fun events to come. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a  blogger, just a lover of Fatshion!!

When: July 31, 2010

Time: 11:00 am -  until we drop!

So excited and looking forward to meet you L.A. bloggers, 
please visit the L.A. Fatshion Blogger Blog to RSVP!
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