Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting Techy!

Saturday was a happy day! I ventured early in the morning to the Apple store to get my iphone 4! I already had a iphone3, but it was starting to fail.  No blogger should be without a smart phone.  It's essential to have the right technology for blogging and keeping up with social media.  I plan to use the iphone4 for pictures and videos for the blog.  It's just part of how to live like glamorous blogger! LOL Now I am set with my laptop, dslr, point & shoot digital camera with hd video and the iphone 4!  Blog world here I come to take you over! ha ha ha  OK so maybe I am being a little dramatic. I'm just a nerdy girl who loves technology as much as fashion! So why not combine the both and be a fashionable, nerdy blogger!

P.S Did you know Cid Style File has a youtube channel. Come check us out!! Here

video & editing by rx2lab
music by kevin macleod

By the way last week I was happily surprised to discover I was featured on Lane Bryant's Inside Curve website.  If you have chance check it out and leave a comment.  Show some love for Cid Style File!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Review: 90's Party!

Last Saturday on 8/14/10 I went to a unofficial high school reunion party. I say unofficial because it was just something put together by a few classmates at someones house. Since I joined Facebook over a year ago, I have reconnected with many friends from high school. I had a close group of friends, about 6, who have been in my life ever since graduation day. Now with Facebook I have re-friended many more. It amazes me how we can all stay connected and keep in touch after all these years. Some friends it seems like no time has gone by and we are all still buddies like back in HS. So I know you are probably wondering how many years it has been since HS and what year I graduated. Well I have always said I am older than most of the Fatshion Bloggers. I am not afraid to say my age, I just hope it doesn't scare anyone either!  I was class of 1993 and we had a 17 yr reunion party! Yikes! 1993 seem like ages ago, but honestly I feel like it was just yesterday. After reconnecting and hanging out with my former high school friends, I am totally pysched for the 20 yr in just 3 yrs. It's so funny I still remember being part of the 10 yr reunion committee and thinking wow 10yrs have gone by so quickly! Now here I am talking about the 17 yr & soon to be 20 yr reunion. Times have sure changed since the 90's and so have I.  Still the same person basically, just a lot more confident, secure and embracing of my self & body.  If you would had told me back in 1993 I would one day be blogging on the internet about fashion, I would probably laugh & say you're crazy! I did dream of going to FIDM or some other fashion school after graduation, but it never happened. It never happened because I felt being a chubby girl I could never fit and be accepted in fashion. Even though looking back at HS pics I was about 50lbs lighter and could have rocked any fashion being only about a size 14 (I wish!) Although my fashion choices were way limited, not having many cute stylish and trendy places to shop. I wore lots of men's jeans and shirts. But it was the 90' and grunge look was in so it kinda worked out! Now I am sharing my fashion and style with the world! I've come along way baby!  I thought about sharing some now and then pics from HS, but still looking for some good ones.  All I found was my cap & gown portrait from the year book.  I pretty much look the same as high school, just a few extra pounds and a few little wrinkles. Also promised Nik from XOXONikStar I would do here High School Confession feature, so if you want to see my HS pics you have to wait. :)

Here are some pics of what I wore and with my buddies from HS. Enjoy!

Bought this strapless tube top maxi dress, loved the style, but not loving the strapless!

 My outfit for the reunion party, Maxi dress from Ross, shrug from Target & Sam Edleman sandals
I decided to give maxi dresses another chance this summer.

My other BFF, known her since 5th grade.
Catching up with the girls and enjoying wine from plastic cups, we are classy! LOL

Partial class of 1993, a few more people showed up after this photo. Everyone was so happy to see each other.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Spend a day with Cid!

Come spend a day with me, the wonderful and glamorous life of a blogger. Watch my little video where I share my day off, shopping at all my favorite shops. My favorite boutiques  Forever 21, Ross and even a secret little gem in Long Beach. Follow me as I shop and buy the latest in fashion must have to maintain a perfect looking wardrobe; a steamer.  I only shop at the best places, private members only shop called Costco. It's very exclusive and not just any one is allowed in! I know you wish you could live my life! But don't be jealous you too can have the glamorous live of a fatshion blogger! I'll let you in on my secrets in my next video! Ciao! 


Thanks to my private photographer/videographer rx2lab

*disclaimer, this is a funny post meant as a joke, if you didn't get it then you don't have a sense of humor.  Not haters please! :)  If you get my humor, great and I hope you enjoyed my video.  Life too short to be so serious, lets have fun and laugh a little! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Litte Bit of Country

Today I was off from work! Not really by choice, but either way I wanted to enjoy it with my boy friend.  I slept in of course, had to take advantage and get some extra zzzz's.  We decide to have a late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Lucille's BBQ.  It's a chain but they are only in California & Nevada I think.  They have some really yummy food, the biscuits with apple butter are the bomb. We each ordered a sandwich with our favorite sides and shared. I had the fried chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries, my boo had the tri tip sandwich with mac n cheese....nom nom! OK enough talk about food its making hungry again.  

We decided to walk off our lunch and headed to Target, Costco and the mall.  I picked up a few goodies at Forever 21 at the mall, found some shoes I really liked.  It's my first pair of shoes from F21 so I hope they work out, and not kill my feet!  I am totally excited about an awesome Rowenta steamer from Costco, (I'm a nerd about stuff like that!...LOL) Going to try it out tonight, it so much easier to steam clothes than iron it.  Could have used the steamer today, totally didn't iron my shirt.  According to my BF the wrinkled look is it really?  I think he just wanted to make me feel good since I was a total bum.  

Wore my new Lane Bryant jeggings, which are very comfy and looked good. My only complaint is the bottom at the ankles were a bit too loose.   I would have liked the jeggings to be a bit tighter at the ankles.  Only wore them for a few hours  and  was very disappointed when I got home realized the jeggings were falling apart!  The seams inside my thighs were coming apart and you could see through the fabric. The jeggings cost $59.00, so not worth the price, even with a coupon I used still paid like $45.   I had my little vent session on twitter about the jeggings.  I am not really the type of person to really complain and go on the internet rage and complain about a retailer.  I was very disappointed at the quality, but Lane Bryant heard my complaint and offered me a full refund and apologized for the inconvenience.  That's what I call customer service, fortunately I've had good luck with LB service.  I know recently LB has been critized but honestly other than my jeggings incident, I can't complain.  So I am on the hunt for another pair of jeggings, saw some at F21 for only $17.  I was too lazy to try them on today, will have to go back and get them.  I want the jeggings from Asos Curve, but last I checked my size was sold out. So frustrating when you can't find what you want in your size!! Well enough complaing, check out my outfit and yummy food pics below! Enjoy!!

Plaid Shirt: Mossimo,Target, Jeggings: Lane Bryant (going back) Sandals: Harajuku Lovers, Denim Bag: The Gap

Lucille's BBQ, fave restaurant with yummy food!   

Comments, thoughts and feedback is loved and appreciate, lets me know who's reading! 
Thanks to everyone for reading my blog.  I have a giveaway coming soon so be on the look out!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blooming Again

Thought I would do a outfit post today, it's been awhile so here you go.  Wore these 2 outfits this past week and noticed I have been wearing more floral prints lately.  It took me a while to really get into the floral trend, but realized I just had to find the right prints for me.  Both outfits include pieces from Pure Energy which has become one of my favorites brands.  Pure Energy has cute, trendy styles, fits well and very affordable.  The floral dress and leggings are both from Pure Energy and scored them from the clearance section at Target.  I always look in the clearance section first, you never know what gems you may find!  I love a good bargain. Just because you are a bargain shopper doesn't mean you can't look stylish and fabulous!

Old Navy Shirt Dress
Pure Energy Floral Leggings
H&M Wedge Sandals
Sun Glasses from Avenue
Jewelry from H&M and Lane Bryant
Coach Wristlet Poppy Collection
 Pure Energy Floral Dress
Lane Bryant Denim Jacket (my new fave!)
Mossimo Woven Sandals from Target
Lane Bryant Earrings 
Sun Glasses Prescription for driving 
Are you still wearing floral prints?  What do you think are they still in or not? Regardless of the trend, I think you should wear what you love and makes you feel fabulous! Don't forget to leave me your comments, I truly enjoy reading what you have to say.  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Evans Collections

I have been trying to stay away from certain website lately, in my effort not to shop online. It hasn't worked! A few people on twitter have been buzzing about the new Evans collections.  I had to check it out and see what all the buzz was about. Evans currently has 4 new collections each with its own name, color combination and style aesthetic.  The collections are called Eden, Revolution, Spanish Rose and Twilight.

Eden is earth tones, animal prints and military influences.  The collections is full of pants, with tunics and some jackets, very few dresses.  Eden is for the girl who wants to look fashionable and stylish but doesn't want to fuss with her clothing.  The Eden  girl is very natural, loves the outdoors, a bit rugged with touches of femininity. She doesn't have time to plan her outfits, she is a natural beauty who wants to get dress and go in minutes.  Here are some of my favorites pieces from the Evans Eden collection.

The Revolution collection is soft muted and feminine tones with floral and paisley prints.  This collections screams boho chic, very girly and soft.  Long flowy tops, with delicate details of lace and a touch of sequin and studs.  Revolution collections screams hippy, free love.  Its not my favorite over all but there are a few pieces I would mix in with the other collections. Here are my faves from the Revolution collection.

The Spanish Rose collections is large scale florals mixed with satin, lace and spots. This is probably my favorite.  It has a lot of dark colors with floral prints, lace and polka dots.  To me it has a very pin-up and flamenco dancer feel. I love the silhouettes and colors of the collection. Here are my favorite picks from the Spanish Rose collection.

The Twilight collection is dark floral and skull prints mixed with lace to create a feminine edge. This collection is very goth, and vampire inspired (hence the name).  It's very dark and edgy to give any goth or rocker girl the edge they want but still feminine and stylish.  I like a lot of the pieces, you just have to be careful not to look too vampire-ish when wearing it.  Here are my favorites pieces from the Twilight collection.

Have you gotten your hands on any pieces from the Evans collections?  Which one is your favorite?  I think my wardrobe needs one piece from each collection to be complete.  Now the hard part is choosing!

Monday, August 2, 2010

LA Fatshion Bloggers Shopping Day

It's a long post today, but I was very excited to share with everyone, so I hope you enjoy reading!  :)

On Saturday July 31, 2010 the LA Fatshion Bloggers had their first shopping day  in Log Angeles.  It all started when Monique from Curves and Chaos & I were talking about having all the local LA Fatshion Bloggers gather to meet and shop.  After a few months of planning, we made it come true. We hosted the first of many to come events in Southern California for Fatshion Bloggers. We had a great turn out 12 fabulously curvy ladies attended.  We all met up at the Westfield Culver City Mall, which has recently been renovated.  Most of the ladies including my self had never been to the Culver City mall, we were all impressed!  The mall was not only new, nice, clean and modern, but it also had a great variety of plus size stores. 

We started out the day with a meet and greet, since most of us only knew each other via our blogs.  It was the first time we all met in person and we were all very excited.  I had already met Monique, but was so happy to meet Gabi from Hungry for Fashion and Laura from Creative Xicana. My BFF Yamie, Jennifer from Sketching Jenn and her 2 friends also attended.  I was excited that a friend from high school, who I had not seen since graduation night also came to our event.  Not all the ladies attending are bloggers, but all were readers from the blogs and fatshionistas for sure! 

We all received some great swag from the mall retailers. Lane Bryant gave us $20 gift cards to help us shop. Torrid gave us really cute tote bags and added some fun make up in the bags as well. We all got $50 gift cards from Romano's Jewelry and the mall management offered us complimentary valet parking to all the guest. We also got treated to the best sushi lunch ever from Yen Sushi & Karaoke, which just opened at the Culver City mall.  Every one from the mall management to the store associates and restaurant staff were all so nice, friendly and helpful.  I think because all of them we had such a great shopping day and we all felt like VIP guest.

When we arrived at Lane Bryant, which was our first stop, we were greeted by the district sales leader Julie. The store looked great, it was all well stocked and organized, with all the new merchandise ready for us! We were all impressed with Lane Bryant new items, immediately all the ladies grab their favorite pieces to try on.  We had a blast trying clothes on and helping each other choose what looked best on everyone. I found the perfect denim jacket, it's a denim moto style jacket that I fell in love with. You will be seeing this jacket in many ootd post soon to come! After about 1 and half hrs in Lane Bryant we all made our final choices and headed to the register to pay. That was one of the best Lane Bryant shopping trips I ever had. Thank you to all the staff at the Culver City mall Lane Bryant for being so awesome and generous with their time. We even got an extra goodie bag as we left the store.

By the time we were done shopping at Lane Bryant it was time for lunch, we all took a quick peek at Torrid.  When we arrived at Torrid, the store manager Imelda and assistant manager Angel were excited to see us all with our Torrid tote bags. I explained to them about our blogs and how we all love plus size fashion, they were curious to see our blogs. I gave them mine and Monique blog url's, and both said they wanted to check our blog and look out for this post. "Hi Imelda and Angel if you are reading this!"

Finally it was time for lunch at the new Yen Sushi and Karaoke restaurant. We were greeted by the staff and were treated to an awesome selection of different appetizers, sushi and dessert. It was all so delicious, even some who didn't like sushi tried it and like it! The restaurant was very nice and had a great atmosphere. We were given a tour of the karaoke rooms and the lounge/bar area.  We are definitely going back to Yen Sushi for a karaoke session, that place is awesome.

We ended our shopping by visiting Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy & Mode Plus after lunch.  We all got separated after a few stores but had a great time shopping together and enjoying a fabulous lunch. I was very happy with the outcome of our shopping event.  Monique and I worked hard to make it successful and enjoyable for everyone.  We are already planning future shopping days in various locations, as well as a clothing & accessories swap for the LA Fatshion Bloggers.  I hope more LA Fatshion Bloggers can join and participate next time.  Please go subscribe/follow the LA Fatshion Bloggers Blog for all the details on future events.  You can also "like" us on Facebook now and stay connected that way was well.  

I put all the pictures from our shopping day in a slide show, to share with everyone. Enjoy! 

Thank you to Westfield Culver City mall, Lane Bryant, Torrid, Romano's Jewelry and Yen Sushi for their donations and contributions.

**I was not paid for any advertisement or endorsements in this post. Anything received during this event were gifts/donation and did not influence this content in any way. All comments above are honest, true, and strictly my opinion.
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