Thursday, September 30, 2010

Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ Updates

Wow can you believe Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ is just 4 weeks away!  I'm so excited and looking forward to all the great events planned out.  So who's going? I want to see all of the So Cal and LA area plus size fashionistas at FFF Week(end).

Hope to meet a lot of the other bloggers as well that are coming from out of the state and some from out of the country!

So here is a little run down of the events happening. For more details and buying your tickets go to

Day 1: Thursday, October 28, 2010 6:00 - 10:00pm

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ - Los Angeles will open its fashion celebration with a silent auction charity event, Curves for Cure: A Celebration of Pink.  Browse, bid and score on one-of-a kind fashion specifically fashioned for this event.  We invite you to attend, shop and raise money for the cancer research in style.  Proceeds from silent auction will be donated to the L.A. Komen for A Cure Foundation.

Cover: $25 in advance, $35 at door

Attire: LA Chic

Day 2: Friday, October 29, 2010 4:00 - 6:00pm

This year, in conjunction with the Inaugural Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ Los Angeles, The Curvy Collective hosts a panel discussion, “The State of the Curvy Community.” Perfectly timed, in the midst of current news in the media, this panel discussion addresses the current state of the plus-size community and the significance of Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™, through the eyes of the industry’s leaders, bringing different perspectives from various experiences and points of view.

Location: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza- Directors I and II Ballroom
Price: $12 in advance $20 at the door

Link to purchase tickets for all events:

Confirmed panelists:

Host: Chenese Lewis

Kelly Price- Singer
Sharon Quinn- The Original Runway Diva
Heinrich St. Germain- Judgment of Paris
Reah Norman- Fashion Director of PLUS Model Mag and plus size stylist
Marie Denee- The Curvy Fashionista

I am looking forward to these 2 great days and all the other fabulous things to come. Full Figured Fashion Week(end)™ is going to be the hottest fashion event of the year in LA you can't miss it! Let me if you going so I meet you!!  Hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Product Review: Pambras

This past weekend I was finally able to really dig into my swag bag from Viva Fat Vegas.  I took out all my goodies and really went through it all.  One of the unique items I received was the Pambra's The Original Bra Liner.  I will be honest, never had I heard about a bra liner and actually thought it was a weird thing.  I opened my package and read through the brochure it came with, and used it on Saturday.  It was a perfect day to us it as well, since the weather in So Cal has been unbearably hot for this time of year.  The Pambra's bra liner is a soft cotton liner you wear underneath your bra and goes around the band part.  I initially thought it would be unconformable. Once I figured out how to place it properly, actually forgot I had it on.  It was very comfortable, it kept me dry all day long. I normally don't have a issue with boob sweat, but on super hot days I think most woman do.  The one thing I did like was it made the band around my bra feel more comfortable.  I usually feel discomfort from the bra band around my chest, the bra liner help with any rubbing or irritation. The liner it self it very soft and almost has a soothing effect against your skin.  According to the website the Pambra's Original Bra Liner will:

  • Effectively absorbs perspiration under and between the breasts.

  • Extends the usage of your bras.

  • Keeps skin drier to prevent chaffing and irritation.

  • Prevents wetness from seeping onto brassiere and clothing.

  • I am all for extending the usage and wearability of bras. Being a bigger gal with larger boobs, I have long suffered not only discomfort in bras, but have to buy them often. If this product will help with the durability and make it more comfortable to wear my bras, I'm all for it. The bra liner comes in 3 colors, white, beige and black and is sold individually or packs of 3.  If you have any issues with sweat in the boob area, or suffer from rashes or discomfort due to your bra, I would highly recommend the Pambra's bra liner. I will definitely be getting more to wear on a regular basis.

    Thank you Pambra's for providing me with this sample and making a great product.  For more details, and info on where to buy your own Pambra's bra liner please visit their website

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Celebrity Scents

    In the era of celebrity endorsements it's good to see a Latina make her mark. I have been a fan of Shakira ever since she was young unknown singer only singing in Spanish.  She has come a long away making a successful cross over into English language.  Shakira has become a world wide superstar singing the theme song of the world cup 2010. Now she has entered the world of beauty with her new perfume called S by Shakira.  I first discovered  her fragrance in my October issue of Allure magazine.  In a sea of ads and other celebrity lines of clothing, accessories and fragrances it was so refreshing to see a Latina beauty.  The sample in the magazine smelled good, but it's never true to the scent.  I want find it at my local retailer and test it out.  The ads describes it as 

    " A sheer  oriental fragrance that blends the elegance of bright jasmine, the sensuality of fresh sandalwood and hints of warm vanilla" 
    The unique bottle shape and beautiful Shakira behind this scent I think it's a definite winner. The price point is also very affordable with 0.5oz bottle retailing for $17 and 1.7 oz bottle retailing for $35 you can find at Target, Sears and Kohl's and other retailers.

    So what do you think of celebrity fragrances, are they good or bad?

    Does a celebrity beauty or fashion line make you want it more because of the celebrity or because of the style, marketing or scent?

    Torrid Swag Winners

    Today I am announcing the winners from my giveaway.

    There are 3 winners, one from the blog entries, one from the facebook entries and one from twitter entries.

    Than you to everyone who participated and entered.  Wish I could give everyone a prize for being such great blog followers and readers.  I will have more giveaways and contest soon, you gotta come back and read the blog to find out!

    The winners of the Torrid swag tote giveaway are:

    From the blog entries:

    From the Facebook entries:

    From the Twitter entries:
    Bella Fierce

    Congratulations to all the winners.
    I will be contacting you soon to get your mailing info.

    Sunday, September 26, 2010

    military not militant

    The new hot trend for fall is the military look.  I have always loved the look of military, but was not sure how to really make it work for me.  Not really into doing one trend head to toe.  When I saw these cargo skinny pants at Torrid I knew they belonged in my closet.  They have a military inspired look with the army green color but are not totally rough looking. This outfit didn't completely come out they way I planned, but it was OK.  I totally wanted to wear the cargo skinny pants this weekend so I took Tim Gunn's motto and made it work. 

    I really wanted to wear some boots with these pants, but because of my chubby foot (swollen sprained ankle) I couldn't.  So sandals it was and even those barely fit.  The top I really wanted to wear was not clean....oh well!  I really love these pants either way, lots of styling possibilities.  Only complaint I have is they are really long and have to fold them over a lot.  On the Torrid website they are shown folded over any ways so I guess that how they are suppose to be. The pants are also not as skinny at the ankles as I would like. But I they fit well on my bum and thighs.  If I really want to I may have them taken in.  So what do you think, do you like the cargo skinny jeans?  Are you going to try the military look this fall?  Thanks for reading and leave me your comments, I love reading what you all have to say. Enjoy!!

    black ruffle top: necessary objects via macy's
    gladiator sandals: sam edelman
    gold watch: timex gifted by bf
    black bracelet: voluptuous boutique las vegas

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    This is what happend in Vegas!

    Your probably tired of hearing me and all the other bloggers tweet & post about Viva Fat Vegas. So this will be my last post, here is a video with some of the highlights from the Viva Fat Vegas Bloggers Conference. Enjoy!

    Thank you to all the ladies who attended the conference for making such a fun weekend

    Allison of CurvyGirlChic
    Monique of CurvesandChaos
    Tina of Fully Chic
    Micaela, Dannika and Jasmine of Fashion Plus 3
    and of course Stiletto Siren!

    Also big thank you to all the sponsors and companies that supported this great event.

    *Special thanks to for making the great video.

    Thursday, September 23, 2010

    Clothes, Clothes & More Clothes!

    Day 2 was too fabulous for just one post. As you read in yesterdays post, the day time events were spent at Voluptuous Boutique.  After a little cat nap back at the hotel, we all gathered and headed over to Sarah Saparo's condo in Vegas.  Sarah is the Marketing Director for SWAK Designs.  She invited us Viva Fat Vegas Bloggers over to try on some of SWAK fall collection and a few sample pieces.  You know we were in heaven, each picking out our favorite pieces and then trying them on. We each took turns and showed everyone, getting opinions and suggestions from each other on what looked best and how to style it. 

    It was truly a treat, getting to know Sarah and SWAK designs.  I know for my self it's always good to get a close up look and feel of the clothing from a online retailer.  I am now more confident in their sizing and quality.  I have my wish list ready for next pay check!  I told Sarah I should just give her my whole check since I wanted almost everything I tried on!  Good thing they are very affordable with most things under $50-60 range and nothing over $100.  Highlight of the night was Sarah announcing we could take our favorite item home for review.  That made it even harder to choose for me! Well I didn't take a piece home because some things she didn't have in all sizes, but Sarah said she would send it out to us.  Which reminds me I have to email her my choice of dress and size....I'm on it! Overall we ended the night on a high note with a fun filled day of fashion, trying clothing on and getting to know new retailers and designers.  Can't wait show you all the great swag and do all my reviews. I think it will take me about 2 weeks to post it all. Hope you all come back and read about it.  Enough jabbering on to the pictures.  Enjoy!!

    Sarah & Allison were the 1st to try clothes on

    Sarah S. from SWAK showing us how to wear the Anastasia dress

    All the girls tweeting, never miss a moment to share with our followers!

    My turn to try clothes on...YAY!!

    Wrap cardigan, you can wear it so many ways.

    Jasmine and I showing off our looks

    Veronica dress looked so fab on all of us!

    Jasmine, Monique & Dannika showing off the Victoria dress

    Beth blew us all away in the Anastasia dress it was perfect on her.

    Monique got this Giselle dress in red! hot mama

    Instead of dragging it on any further I'll do add day 3 here as well.  Day 3 was short, for me any how.  It was Sunday and I had to head back home to be at work in the morning.  I was a bit bummed out and sad, since most of the other girls were staying in Vegas until Monday evening. :(

    Late Sunday morning we got to have lunch with Rosie Mercado at Firefly Tapas & Bar hosted by City Chic and Pambras.  It was a very cozy and intimate setting, which was perfect for getting to know each other.  We enjoyed some very yummy tapas (Spanish finger foods) and chatted about everything from fashion, make up and all things related to the plus size community.  Rosie also had questions for us blogger and wanted our opinion on some issues.  She even gave us some good make up tips, which was great because her face always looks flawless.  Rosie was also very generous and gave a gift of her own make up line.  I knew she was a awesome make up artist but had no idea she had her own line called Bellisima. YAY! You will also definitely going to see a review on Rosie's make up line. I received a very nice eyeshadow palette and lip gloss. Now if I could only learn to apply it to look like Rosie! :)  I really enjoyed the lunch not only because of the food, but also the conversation. Many of us blogger have known each other for many months and communicate online via twitter, facebook and our blogs.  It was so great to actually chat face to face.  After the awesome lunch we headed to the local mall for a shopping session at Torrid.  We arrived and were greeting very enthusiastically by the all the staff.  We did some damaged at Torrid, trying on all the new arrivals and the new boots for fall were a bit hit with all the girls. I sad was not able to then on, my ankle was swollen from all the walking, but that didn't stop me from trying on the clothes. I got a few pieces you will be seeing in the coming weeks.  All the staff at the Torrid Boulevard mall in Las Vegas were awesome. We got treated to a great shopping experience, a discount and a cute Z. Cavaricci tote bag. THANK YOU LADIES! 

    Rosie arriving at Firefly
    Tina and Monique chatting
    All the ladies enjoying Rosie's company
    Monique, Gabby and I (all the LA girls!)

    Posing with the pros, Rosie & Tina

    Lunch is over, time to shop

    After our shopping spree it was time for me and Monique to drive back home.  I was truly sad I had to leave a bit early, but very happy to experience this awesome blogger conference.  All the bloggers were so cool, genuine and down to earth. So happy we all got along so well, it made Viva Fat Vegas a success! Thanks to Stiletto Sire & Sarah who worked so hard in planning and making it all possible.  Stay tuned tomorrow I have a little video to share with you of the conference.  It's almost done and I think you all will love it!!  

    These boots were popular

    Monique looked hot in these boots
    Micaela loved this top

    This denim dress looked great on Sarah

    Beth always looks so cute! <3 her

    Dannika & Jasmine had to rest their feet!

    Torrid had some outfits ready for us

    Bye Bye Torrid, we <3 you
    The weekend was so awesome and a great experience.  So happy most of these girls will be coming to LA for Full Figure Fashion week!  Enjoy!

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    Voluptuous Queens

    After a fun filled 1st night at the Viva Fat Vegas Blogger Conference, I was ready for day 2.  It was a bit hard to get up early Saturday morning and be ready for our trip to Voluptuous Boutique.  I think bed time was about 4am, which is way past my bed time. But I'm not one to spoil the party and had to keep up with all the other girls who are way younger, refused to be the party pooper grandma blogger of the bunch! ha ha ha

    OK so as promised I am gonna make it short and sweet with lots of pictures. Hope that's cool with you all!

    Day 2 of Viva Fat Vegas: Visit to Voluptuous Boutique in Henderson, Las Vegas.  We were greeted by the owners Juan & Patty, super nice, friendly and great people.  Browsed the store and tried some really cute clothes. They have a great selection of accessories as well.  They have a cool set up with an 80's theme decor and all clothes arranged by color.  All pieces are unique as they only carry 6 of each style. So when its gone, its gone which ensures you will not have something every other fatshionista in town will have. Price point is super affordable, which can be dangerous, because you will want to buy it all!  So after trying on lots of cute things, Patty & Juan surprised us and said we could pick out an item from the store to take home as their gift.  So many choices it was hard to choose but I was happy with my dress I selected.  I got a few other items as well, just couldn't resist!  OK so now on to the pictures from the boutique!

    Boutique sign, fashion plus words I love to see!
    The BFD 3 roomies, they were inseparable...LOL
    Color coordinated sections makes it easier to shop.
    Beth getting the scope from Patty the owner.
    Loved the accessories wall, I want my room to have a wall like that.
    Stiletto Siren takes a break, shopping wares you out.
    You will be in jewelry heaven at Voluptuous.
    Sarah found this dress and knew it was meant for her.
    Beth, Jazmin and Dannika
    Jeweled neck dress, this one went home with me courtesy of Voluptuous.
    Shirt dress, loved the print, but not the fit on me
    Stripey vest with belt, this one also came home. what do you think?
    Soon after getting to know the owners and browsing around the store, Rosie Mercado and Tina Sanchez arrived for the Queens of the Desert Plus Model Search.  This day was jam packed, we got to meet so many great people, which included the beautiful Rosie Mercado & Tina Sanchez from Fully Chic/Moxie Management who were there to judge the model search.  I heard about 18 girls showed up for the model search, I didn't get to see them all but did chat with one of them.  Also got to chat a bit with Rosie and Tina and talked shop, fashion and all things beauty.  Over all the day was a great experience and definitely recommend visiting Voluptuous Boutique if your ever in the Vegas area.  Oh and just in case you are wondering the winner of the Queens of the Desert Plus Model search is Shayleen Hillary. Congratulations to her and looking forward to see her photo shoot.

    Beth and Stiletto chatting with Rosie
    Patty and Monique
    Posing with Catherine, she works at Voluptuous
    My turn with Rosie, her face was flawless
    Monique and Rosie, some said they looked like sister, do they?
    Tina and I, we finally got to meet.

    One of the girls who entered model search, sorry I forget her name :(
    Voluptous Boutique wall of fame
    Look who made it on to the wall, its official I'm famous! HA HA 

    Whoa, just realized that was just part of day 2, I'll share the evening part tomorrow. I told you it was a jammed packed weekend, can't believe we did all this in just 3 days.  Hope you enjoy all the pictures and post of Viva Fat Vegas.  There was lots of talk about 2nd Annual Viva Fat Vegas Conference, I am sure Stiletto Siren and Sarah are already in the works planning it out.  You can bet I will be there, will you?

    Thank you to Patty and Juan of Voluptuous Boutique for the gift and hosting us in their boutique.  Also want to thank Rosie Mercado and Tina Sanchez for including us in the Queens of the Desert Plus Model Search.

    P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway, I added a $20 Lane Bryant gift card to 2 of the totes.  
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