Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrity Scents

In the era of celebrity endorsements it's good to see a Latina make her mark. I have been a fan of Shakira ever since she was young unknown singer only singing in Spanish.  She has come a long away making a successful cross over into English language.  Shakira has become a world wide superstar singing the theme song of the world cup 2010. Now she has entered the world of beauty with her new perfume called S by Shakira.  I first discovered  her fragrance in my October issue of Allure magazine.  In a sea of ads and other celebrity lines of clothing, accessories and fragrances it was so refreshing to see a Latina beauty.  The sample in the magazine smelled good, but it's never true to the scent.  I want find it at my local retailer and test it out.  The ads describes it as 

" A sheer  oriental fragrance that blends the elegance of bright jasmine, the sensuality of fresh sandalwood and hints of warm vanilla" 
The unique bottle shape and beautiful Shakira behind this scent I think it's a definite winner. The price point is also very affordable with 0.5oz bottle retailing for $17 and 1.7 oz bottle retailing for $35 you can find at Target, Sears and Kohl's and other retailers.

So what do you think of celebrity fragrances, are they good or bad?

Does a celebrity beauty or fashion line make you want it more because of the celebrity or because of the style, marketing or scent?


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