Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Product Review: Pambras

This past weekend I was finally able to really dig into my swag bag from Viva Fat Vegas.  I took out all my goodies and really went through it all.  One of the unique items I received was the Pambra's The Original Bra Liner.  I will be honest, never had I heard about a bra liner and actually thought it was a weird thing.  I opened my package and read through the brochure it came with, and used it on Saturday.  It was a perfect day to us it as well, since the weather in So Cal has been unbearably hot for this time of year.  The Pambra's bra liner is a soft cotton liner you wear underneath your bra and goes around the band part.  I initially thought it would be unconformable. Once I figured out how to place it properly, actually forgot I had it on.  It was very comfortable, it kept me dry all day long. I normally don't have a issue with boob sweat, but on super hot days I think most woman do.  The one thing I did like was it made the band around my bra feel more comfortable.  I usually feel discomfort from the bra band around my chest, the bra liner help with any rubbing or irritation. The liner it self it very soft and almost has a soothing effect against your skin.  According to the website the Pambra's Original Bra Liner will:

  • Effectively absorbs perspiration under and between the breasts.

  • Extends the usage of your bras.

  • Keeps skin drier to prevent chaffing and irritation.

  • Prevents wetness from seeping onto brassiere and clothing.

  • I am all for extending the usage and wearability of bras. Being a bigger gal with larger boobs, I have long suffered not only discomfort in bras, but have to buy them often. If this product will help with the durability and make it more comfortable to wear my bras, I'm all for it. The bra liner comes in 3 colors, white, beige and black and is sold individually or packs of 3.  If you have any issues with sweat in the boob area, or suffer from rashes or discomfort due to your bra, I would highly recommend the Pambra's bra liner. I will definitely be getting more to wear on a regular basis.

    Thank you Pambra's for providing me with this sample and making a great product.  For more details, and info on where to buy your own Pambra's bra liner please visit their website


    1. I haven't used mine yet, but I will soon!

    2. Good review. I have never heard of a product like this before. It is something for sure my readers will be interested in. Thanks for sharing.

    3. Good review. I have never heard of a product like this before. It is something for sure my readers will be interested in. Thanks for sharing.

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