Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clothes, Clothes & More Clothes!

Day 2 was too fabulous for just one post. As you read in yesterdays post, the day time events were spent at Voluptuous Boutique.  After a little cat nap back at the hotel, we all gathered and headed over to Sarah Saparo's condo in Vegas.  Sarah is the Marketing Director for SWAK Designs.  She invited us Viva Fat Vegas Bloggers over to try on some of SWAK fall collection and a few sample pieces.  You know we were in heaven, each picking out our favorite pieces and then trying them on. We each took turns and showed everyone, getting opinions and suggestions from each other on what looked best and how to style it. 

It was truly a treat, getting to know Sarah and SWAK designs.  I know for my self it's always good to get a close up look and feel of the clothing from a online retailer.  I am now more confident in their sizing and quality.  I have my wish list ready for next pay check!  I told Sarah I should just give her my whole check since I wanted almost everything I tried on!  Good thing they are very affordable with most things under $50-60 range and nothing over $100.  Highlight of the night was Sarah announcing we could take our favorite item home for review.  That made it even harder to choose for me! Well I didn't take a piece home because some things she didn't have in all sizes, but Sarah said she would send it out to us.  Which reminds me I have to email her my choice of dress and size....I'm on it! Overall we ended the night on a high note with a fun filled day of fashion, trying clothing on and getting to know new retailers and designers.  Can't wait show you all the great swag and do all my reviews. I think it will take me about 2 weeks to post it all. Hope you all come back and read about it.  Enough jabbering on to the pictures.  Enjoy!!

Sarah & Allison were the 1st to try clothes on

Sarah S. from SWAK showing us how to wear the Anastasia dress

All the girls tweeting, never miss a moment to share with our followers!

My turn to try clothes on...YAY!!

Wrap cardigan, you can wear it so many ways.

Jasmine and I showing off our looks

Veronica dress looked so fab on all of us!

Jasmine, Monique & Dannika showing off the Victoria dress

Beth blew us all away in the Anastasia dress it was perfect on her.

Monique got this Giselle dress in red! hot mama

Instead of dragging it on any further I'll do add day 3 here as well.  Day 3 was short, for me any how.  It was Sunday and I had to head back home to be at work in the morning.  I was a bit bummed out and sad, since most of the other girls were staying in Vegas until Monday evening. :(

Late Sunday morning we got to have lunch with Rosie Mercado at Firefly Tapas & Bar hosted by City Chic and Pambras.  It was a very cozy and intimate setting, which was perfect for getting to know each other.  We enjoyed some very yummy tapas (Spanish finger foods) and chatted about everything from fashion, make up and all things related to the plus size community.  Rosie also had questions for us blogger and wanted our opinion on some issues.  She even gave us some good make up tips, which was great because her face always looks flawless.  Rosie was also very generous and gave a gift of her own make up line.  I knew she was a awesome make up artist but had no idea she had her own line called Bellisima. YAY! You will also definitely going to see a review on Rosie's make up line. I received a very nice eyeshadow palette and lip gloss. Now if I could only learn to apply it to look like Rosie! :)  I really enjoyed the lunch not only because of the food, but also the conversation. Many of us blogger have known each other for many months and communicate online via twitter, facebook and our blogs.  It was so great to actually chat face to face.  After the awesome lunch we headed to the local mall for a shopping session at Torrid.  We arrived and were greeting very enthusiastically by the all the staff.  We did some damaged at Torrid, trying on all the new arrivals and the new boots for fall were a bit hit with all the girls. I sad was not able to then on, my ankle was swollen from all the walking, but that didn't stop me from trying on the clothes. I got a few pieces you will be seeing in the coming weeks.  All the staff at the Torrid Boulevard mall in Las Vegas were awesome. We got treated to a great shopping experience, a discount and a cute Z. Cavaricci tote bag. THANK YOU LADIES! 

Rosie arriving at Firefly
Tina and Monique chatting
All the ladies enjoying Rosie's company
Monique, Gabby and I (all the LA girls!)

Posing with the pros, Rosie & Tina

Lunch is over, time to shop

After our shopping spree it was time for me and Monique to drive back home.  I was truly sad I had to leave a bit early, but very happy to experience this awesome blogger conference.  All the bloggers were so cool, genuine and down to earth. So happy we all got along so well, it made Viva Fat Vegas a success! Thanks to Stiletto Sire & Sarah who worked so hard in planning and making it all possible.  Stay tuned tomorrow I have a little video to share with you of the conference.  It's almost done and I think you all will love it!!  

These boots were popular

Monique looked hot in these boots
Micaela loved this top

This denim dress looked great on Sarah

Beth always looks so cute! <3 her

Dannika & Jasmine had to rest their feet!

Torrid had some outfits ready for us

Bye Bye Torrid, we <3 you
The weekend was so awesome and a great experience.  So happy most of these girls will be coming to LA for Full Figure Fashion week!  Enjoy!


  1. OMG You ladies look like you has sooo mcuh fun!!! Everytime read your blog I wanna go shopping! :)

  2. Great post Cid, I didn't get enough pictures on the last day so it was great to see all of yours!

  3. omg, looks like so much fun! Im so jealous! :D so nice to see you all together, thanks so much for sharing! :D love

  4. CID!!!!!!!! It was great meeting you and the rest of the girls! I wish I would of had more time to spend with you all! Thank you for the pics!


  5. OMG You ladies look like you has sooo mcuh fun!!! Everytime read your blog I wanna go shopping! :)

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