Monday, September 6, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Janet Jackson, had one, so did Britney and Lindsay.  Many other celebrities also have them, wardrobe malfunctions.  You see it on the red carpet and fashion runways all the time.  Sometimes the fabulous clothing and shoes we love to wear just don't work out right.  Most of the time those wardrobe malfunctions show the world more than we want and cause some embarrassment.  Sometimes they cause an accident and injuries.  It happened to me, 10 days ago I had a bad wardrobe malfunction at work and fell wearing some wedge sandals.  I'm still not really sure how exactly it happened!  I was in the copy room making some copies, I either stepped wrong and lost my balance.  Before I knew it my ankle completed folded over my foot and down I went like a big log!  It was not a pretty sight, I was quite embarrassed at work.  All day long thinking I was cute in my wedges and jeans for casual Friday.  Well cute got me injured and I sprained my ankle.  I was out of work for about 2 days and have been limping around ever since.  These types of injuries can be very painful and dangerous! Luckily nothing broke or came out of place.  All I have is a bruised up ankle and a little pain.  Sometimes it makes me wonder why we woman put our selves through torture for fashion. I'm not the only one who has had a wardrobe malfunction or accident and it may not be the last time!  So how many of you lovely readers have suffered wardrobe malfunctions or accidents, whether it was falling or exposing some parts you didn't want shown.  Please share with me, I know I'm not alone!  

Below I found some runway accidents to share with you.  Even models sometime have trouble walking in their shoes.  No one is immune from fashion mishaps! 

this is exactly what happened to my foot except outwards...ouch!!

image from fashionist

 images from Shine

image from Shine

image from Tongue in Chic

image from Daily Mail UK


  1. aww, I hope your leg heals up soon. You shouldn't be embarrassed though, so you tripped and fell- it happens to everyone! I'm practically an expert at falling.
    I once flew over 5 steps on to the ground at a mall entrance once, I stuck to my 'if I don't see them, they can't see me' theory and ran for my life (and my ass HURT like hell). All this happened because of stupid heels!
    But I think the most annoying malfunction is when you leave the house and realise what you're wearing is transparent. That is the most mortifying.

  2. Something similar happened to me on my birthday this year. I was doing fine, going to get my eyebrows waxed and getting "evil skinny stares" for being so plus sized, fashionable and hot. Then on my way home, I was walking in my sky high red pump torrid heels and one got stuck in the side walk, and suddenly I smacked down hard on the concrete. Luckily, no one saw, but honestly, it made that birthday one I will never forget!

    Great post, your right, this happens to everyone!

  3. i fell down my steps last summer wearing a pair of heels. the ankle was swollen and black and blue for quite a while. i didn't break anything, but i still have some weird harden bruised/blood clot on the ankle. a doctor said it was fine and he had a term for it, i don't remember it... but now i'm always extra careful when walking in high heels!

  4. I hope your ankle feels better soon! So I once worked with a girl who had something similar happen - but much MUCH worse! She was walking downstairs in wedges, tripped or something, and broke BOTH her ankles! True story! Can you imagine how awful that would be? :)

  5. Ah little models, I love how some keep the high speed wobbles up for a bit, and then try to get up, then fall back down...I'm so mean. I have never had a heel malfunction, but I've had flip flop or sandal blow outs. D:

  6. Oh no, I hope your ankle heals soon!

    I remember I was in a club in London once, acting all cool in a pair of patent high heeled ankle boots (They were AMAZING!) and the heels totally snapped on one of them.. Luckily, I didn't fall over, but I did have to spend the rest of the evening trying to dance in just my socks! Not a cool look!

  7. ca doit etre horrible,deja pour les chevilles et en plus devant tout le monde !

    mais bon faut avouee,c est rigolo a voir ;O)

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  10. this is very good for you, ybg :)

  11. I hope your ankle feels better soon! So I once worked with a girl who had something similar happen - but much MUCH worse! She was walking downstairs in wedges, tripped or something, and broke BOTH her ankles! True story! Can you imagine how awful that would be? :)

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