Monday, September 20, 2010

What happens in Vegas!

Everyone has heard the saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"  That usually does apply, but I will make an exception and share with you all about Viva Fat Vegas Blogger Conference!  When I first heard Stiletto Siren and Return To Sender were planning a blogger conference in Vegas, I knew I had to be there.  Being only a short drive away in Long Beach, made it even more tempting.  I convinced my blog buddy Curves and Chaos to go with me.  So we hit the road to Vegas, 3 days full of fashion, bloggers, shopping, food and fun. We did so much and have lots of info and pictures to share.  I decided to dedicate a full week to Viva Fat Vegas post!  I'll make them short and sweet so you won't get bored....LOL

First night of Viva Fat Vegas was the meet and greet.  All the bloggers (find out who they are here) met up in the hotel room for introductions.  I have to admit I was a little nervous and anxious to meet every one in person.  We all knew each other through our blogs, twitter and facebook pages.  Quickly after saying hellos & hugs all around we fell into a comfort zone of giggly girls.  By the end of the night it felt as if we were all old friends.

The girls, we chatted, we checked out the swag and played with our goodies.

After receiving our swag bags full of all the goodies from all the awesome sponsors.  We all were so excited to dig in to our bags and check out the fabulous stuff, from sunglasses, make up and dresses, we were all in fatshion heaven.  Wasting no time we put away our swag bags and headed out for some cocktails at the Peppermill Fireside Lounge.  We were all ready for drinks and some food!!   The Peppermill is a old Vegas all the way, we grabbed our corner and started the party!

We laughed, we drank, and we tweeted.  It was a perfect night!

The night ended with a little gambling in the casino at our hotel The Riviera.  One night down and 2 more to go.  It only gets better, you have to come back and see day two post.  It was so great to finally meet all the bloggers I have been following and reading for months.  I felt the momma of the group, wait lets say more like the older, cool, fun and stylish sister....yeah that's better. LOL

Thanks to Figuresque for sponsoring our 1st night out at Viva Fat Vegas!


  1. Okay... seriously... my favorite pic is of you in the shades... you're so bad ass!!!

  2. Cid, I can see all the sexiness you are exuding in that teeny tiny pic! That pic needs to be a profile pic! It's hot!!

    You ladies all look greaaaat! OMGosh! So much fun!!

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