Monday, November 29, 2010

InStyle Inspiration: Turkey Trot

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day and long weekend.  Most of us were probably off from work and school for a few days, so I hope you had a restful weekend.  I was out of town for the holiday and spent Thanksgiving night in San Diego.  I wanted to wear look 3 of the In Style Inspiration and post it earlier, but stuff happens, you know!  So I had another outfit in mind for the last look, but couldn't find the mini dress similar to the one in the magazine. So being the fashionista that I am (self proclaimed...LOL) improvised and made it work.   I wanted to be comfortable and have room for all the turkey and sides I was gonna eat. Also wanted to be comfortable for the drive to San Diego. Overall I was happy with the look, although not with the pictures captured.  Didn't get the best shots, but still wanted to share with you the final look. Oh well you will get the idea of the outfit. Hope you enjoyed my 3 looks and ways to wear a cargo vest.  I enjoyed this challenge and truly have learned to be more creative with my looks.  Below is look 3 of the InStyle Inspiration.

Look 3: Toss the vest over a mini dress or tunic for a night out. A metallic bag and edgy extras play off the dark boots.

 Top: Striped Tunic from Evans (gifted from secret santa)
Leggings: Black from Pure Energy via Target
Bag: Mulberry for Target patent cross-body
Boots: Studded scrunch boots from Volatile 

P.S. I realized this weekend that I make that dorky face every time I take self pictures...why? who knows...but its kinda funny! LOL  Oh by the way I also started a Tumblr blog if your interested, please check it out ---> Photo Bytes


  1. I like look great. so now that you've done all 3 looks... which is your favorite?

  2. Hi Yolanda! Thanks for your comments! My fave look was the 3rd was the most comfy too!

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