Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Product Review: Whooga Boots

Love them or hate them "Ugg" type boots are here to stay.  I recently received a pair of Whooga ugg boots for review.  I know what your thinking "Why". Well many years ago when I first spotted the celebs wearing these type of boots I did think they were ugly and silly looking.  Then I started seeing everyone around town wearing them, even my BFF jumped on this band wagon. She would gush over how warm, cozy and comfy her ugg boots were.  I finally gave in and bought my own pair.  I didn't get Ugg brand but a lesser priced brand. Yes they were comfy, cozy and warm.  But something was off about this pair, for example I didn't know they would stretch. I got a size up since they felt snug when I first got them (I wore socks).  So now they are stretched out.  I also didn't realized you shouldn't wear socks with them, they would get too warm and made my feet sweat. Gross.

Well when Whooga asked me if I wanted to try a pair of their ugg boots, I said yes.  After reading through their website I was able to find answers to all my questions.  Fit was my main concern, Whooga has a guide on how your boots should fit and how to measure your foot to get the proper fit. They also go into detail about measuring your calves to help you decide the length of your boots.  They range from mini, short and tall and also in a variety of colors.  The Whooga website also gives you good tips on how to care for and clean your boots as well as how and what to wear them with. It's kinda cool!  The section I found most interesting was Improved Warmth, explaining the technology how the boots keep you warm and at the right temp during any season.  I did find these Whooga boots kept my feet warm and comfortable at all times with out over heating.  I loved that I could wear them with out getting sweating feet. Whooga ugg boots also claim to be Eco-friendly biodegradable and recyclable which is friendlier for the environment, by not using Chrome Tanning agents.  Who doesn't love products being green and  earth friendly.  Whooga boots come in a variety of sizes for kids, woman and men. Which is great for those of you who have larger feet and can't find your size, they go up to a size US 14 men. They ship out with in 12-48 hrs of ordering,  you will get a tracking and confirmation and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or receive a full refund.

My boots came quickly and nicely packaged in a cute box with a satin bow.   I wore them all weekend long and love them.  They look and feel good. The stitching and construction with thick soles is really good. I chose the metallic pewter short boots and the color is great, because its not too shiny but has enough of the metallic look to it. I wore them with leggings and skinny jeans and plan to wear them all fall and winter long on the weekends. They kept me warm and cozy, with out making my feet sweaty.  The boots were easy to slip into with no problem. I also liked the fact you can fold them over at the top to give them a different look. The only thing I found was these boots are probably not the best to walk all over town all day long. After hours of shopping and errands I found my feet hurting a bit, but other than that I really love these boots. I also didn't really care for the large tag on the heel of shoe, but other wise they are fine. If your in the market for some ugg type boots, take a look at Whooga. Like I said love them or hate them they are here to stay, so might as well get a good pair you love! I just love the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I wear the Whooga boots.  My feet are always cold so these babies do the trick and keep me warm.  Some people may think they are unfashionable and ugly. I like to I wear them either way, regardless what the fashion police may say! LOL

I wore Whooga boots with leggings and a tunic to do some returns at the mall. Folded them over to give the "fur trim" effect that's on trend right now. What do you think of this look?

You can enter to win your own pair of Whooga ugg boots by signing up to their newsletter. Winner will be drawn every month from all email subscribers. Click (HERE) to sign up! 

 **I was not paid for this post, but was gifted a pair of boots for review purpose. Review and comments are my own personal opinions of product.


  1. W.O.W. those boots look awesome, so cozy and warm, you're lucky, you got a pair of warm quality boots for the winter :D

  2. Good article. Thank you.

  3. Good article. Thank you.

  4. Great website, looks very clean and organized. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great website, looks very clean and organized. Keep up the good work!

  6. I've never owned bean boots but they look really cute on you. I think the 6'' ones are my favorite. I love that they're offered in navy! Perfect for those wet fall days.

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