Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CSF Daily Wish: Asos Curve Faux Fur

Asos Curve Faux Fur Coat $82.75
 I'm not a huge fan of fur or even faux fur as a matter of fact.  This coat though I can totally rock!  I love the color and the style. It doesn't seem too exaggerated and so cozy.  Although not sure how much use I would get out  of it here in LA.  Doesn't really get cold enough to wear, but I would make sure to work it into my outfits some how.  Oh yeah and its on sale at Asos with a 20% discount.  So tempting isn't it!!

So I'll be back to my regular post shortly, along with daily wish after a short break.  I'm off to Vegas for a few days to unwind and relax.  My job is officially over as of today, so I will definitely been blogging full time...possibly!  Have a great week everyone. 

**Shopbop $100 gift card giveaway still going on until 12/17/10, you can enter until Friday 11:59pm pacific standard time.  Click (HERE) to enter. Good Luck!


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