Monday, December 6, 2010

CSF Daily Wish: Betsey Johnson Broach

Starting today Monday December 6, 2010 I'm starting a new feature on the blog called CSF Daily Wish.  I have seen lots of post about wish list and what everyone wants for the holidays.  I think those list are great, but sometimes I think my list would be to long.  Instead of doing a list I plan on doing daily wish items.  Being an avid shopper online and in stores (sometimes just browsing more than buying) I see so many thing I love and want.  Most are fantasy items I can't afford, but a girl can dream right!  So here ya go, my 1st CSF Daily Wish item. I will try and do a daily wish every day (hence the name) but don't hold to me to it if I miss a day or two...Oh by the way not all the items may be fashion related. OK Thanks! :)

Betsey Johnson Large Owl Broach $50.00 

If you haven't noticed by now reading my blog, I LOVE BETSEY JOHNSON!  She is one of my all time fave designers.  When I saw this owl broach, it was love at first sight.  So cute with an edge with the black & green enamel. I have been wanting a brooch to add to my collection.  Its actually quite affordable, but debating if I will really wear it since I am not a big broach wearer. So what do you think, to broach or not to broach?


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