Friday, December 10, 2010

CSF Daily Wish: O.P.I Mini Nail Color Set

Sephora by O.P.I mini collection $22

I am in serious need of a good manicure, my nails are a mess! I've been so busy working and doing things every weekend. No time for a little me time at the nail salon. This weekend I am definitely going to make some time for a manicure.  I have been a fan of O.P.I nail polish for years. I love the colors and it last for a long time on my nails.  I usually take my own nail polish to the nail salon when I get manicures.  I never do my own nails at home, because they will look so awful. Like a 5 yr old painted my   I usually buy the full size O.P.I polish but since I don't paint my nails that often or go to the salon they stay in my bath cabinet forever.  How long does nail polish last? Does it have a expiration date? No clue!  These little mini polishes would be perfect for me and the variety of colors is gorgeous. Maybe if I am a good girl I may find these in my stocking Christmas morning!  :)


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