Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Taste of Mexico Event

On Saturday December 4, 2010 I was lucky to attend an awesome event in LA.  I won a pair of tickets to Taste of Mexico on Facebook from Avocados from Mexico (who was a sponsor).  The Taste of Mexico event was a celebration for the Bicentennial of Mexico and its cuisine.  The event was held in LA at Cathedral of St. Vibiana, which is now used for events.  The event is a collaboration with some of the best and top Mexican restaurants and bakery in LA.  There was food, tequila and traditional Mexican music and dancers, all under one roof!  First of all let me tell you the food was AWESOME!  You may be thinking, don't I eat Mexican food all time, anyways! Umm yeah I do but some of the food there was very regional to certain states in Mexico, like Oxcaca.  Which I had never had before, my family is from another state in Mexico and have very different cuisine.  Along with the great food from 3 different restaurants they also had sweets from The Monarca Bakery, which had a variety of pan dulce (sweet bread), flan and other goodies for everyone to enjoy.  You can't have a Taste of Mexico with out some good tequila.  There were about 5 different types and brands of tequila on hand to try. Each giving you unlimited shots to enjoy.  I only tried about 3 of them, but sister took advantage of all them! LOL  The entire night was great and I enjoy it all, I definitely recommend you try any of the restaurants and bakery if you are in LA or plan on visiting. 

Pictures from event, Monique from Curves & Chaos and Liz from Mommy for Two also attended. 

What I Wore

Skinny Jeans from Asos Curve
Button Down Oversized Top from Avenue
Sweater Vest from Lane Bryant
Boots from Target online


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