Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gift Guide: Betsey Johnson

Only about 2 weeks left before Christmas and you still haven't bought any gifts?  OK maybe its just me, but if your busy like me then here are more ideas to help you.  If you been a regular reader of the blog then you know my love of Betsey Johnson, with these gift ideas you are sure to "Get It Right."  Most fashionable chicks I know wouldn't mind a little Betsey underneath the tree.  Here are some of my picks, feel free to add me to your shopping list! ;-)

TooToo Holiday Fragrance Set 
The small spray in full costume decoration and a full size shimmering body lotion are tucked inside the signature train case that Betsey Johnson created using her bright pink and yellow palette and whimsical design, especially created for TooToo.

Tea Party Satchel

No matter where you go you will always be a lady with the adorable hangbag. Patent Leather Satchel Frame, Interior Zip and Pockets with Gold Bow Details Zipper closure.


Square polished gold finish stainless steel case set in crystal. White Mother of Pearl dial with quartz movement. Signature Betsey Johnson fuchsia second hand & Leopard genuine leather strap. Buckle closure





Betseyville Ipad Case

Must have for any techy stylish girl on your list. Even our ipad has to look stylish, don't you agree!








To keep you warm while your texting or working on that ipad.  The fingerless gloves work great for those touch screen gadgets.

Betsey Johnson 'Cuddly Back Satin' Pajama Set

Softly brushed interior offers cozy contrast to lustrous satin pajamas with a playful animal pattern.  Even in bed you can look fierce! LOL







Pave Diamond Signature Lighting Bolt

For the girl you think has it all, this is the perfect gift.  Trust me she doesn't have these earrings.  New fine jewelry collection from Betsey Johnson. Her signature lighting bolt s in silver and gold isn't even available yet, but will be before Christmas.




Good luck with you all your shopping.  Don't forget to add a little something for you on that list.  You can bet anything Betsey Johnson is on my list.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift Guide: Bobbi Brown Holiday

For the lovely & beautiful lady in your life, you can never go wrong with make-up.  Bobbi Brown has a fabulous new holiday collection 2011.  So many gift sets you are sure to find just the right one for your best girlfriend, sister, mother, or hey treat yourself.  You been a good girl all year, why not! ;)  Here are my favorites and recommendations.

The Ultimate Party Collection: This NEW double-decker compact features 8 sultry eye shadows and 4 flirty lip shades plus a mini lip and mini eye shadow brush. It’s the perfect palette for any makeup maven.

Cool Party Eye Palette: With this versatile palette, you can choose to keep it cool and icy or choose to go for a dramatic smoldering eye. These are the perfect shade options to go from day to night, with just the right amount of shimmer and sparkle. Includes a Mini Dual Ended Eye Shadow/Eyeliner Brush.
20th Anniversary Lip Palette: Tailor-made for the lipstick lover, this collector's-edition palette features the 10 original Lip Colors launched by Bobbi in 1991 plus 10 bright, ultra-modern options. Each shade comes in a .2 gram size -- just enough to try out each color or to mix and blend with others for a customized look. Includes a mini Lip Brush. 

You can find these  and more at or at your local department stores make-up counter. These are limited editions so don't wait too long.  You will definitely "Get It Right" with one of these fabulous palettes.  Happy Shopping!

*Sponsored post, was gifted a palette for review.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gift Guide: Enzo Mantovani

Let start with the first "Get It Right Gift Guide" idea:  Cashmere!  Who wouldn't love a warm cozy soft cashmere or merino wool sweater.  This gift is perfect for the woman or man in your life.  Think if it as a double duty gift, for the person receiving it and yourself.  Cozying up to your honey pie while they are wearing their sweater, will make you feel all fuzzy and warm.  Maybe its just me but I am cuddler! LOL 

Enzo Mantovani is a luxury Italian line of cashmere and wool goods.  You can now find them at your local Costco for a limited time for up to 75% off retail price.  To find the schedule of availability at your local Costco click here.  They have an assortment of sweaters for men and woman online and at selected stores,  for a limited time.  I also saw some nice scarfs this weekend.  They range in price from $29.99 - $199, if your a Costco member definitely recommend you check it out online or in store.  All styles come in variety of colors and range from sizes s-xxl.  I am sure your sweetie pie will love a Enzo Mantovani sweater.  You can view other styles here on the Costco website, and order online as well.

Which one is your favorite?  Just in case your wondering I am loving the boyfriend cardi. :)

*Sponsored post, was gifted a sweater for review.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Get It Right for the Holidays

Well now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over, I am sure you have realized Christmas is just around the corner.  26 days to be exact and only 4 weekends!! Yikes, the holiday is going sneak up real quick.  Well have no fear my dear readers, I'm here to help.  When it comes to giving gifts I usually do a good job of finding good gifts at affordable prices.  This season I want to share with you and help ease the stress and pain of gift shopping.  Through out the month I will be posting ideas for gifts for both woman and men.  Just doing my best to help out and give a little back to you. If you have request and need help finding a special gift, please leave me a comment or contact me via email and I will respond with some ideas and suggestions!

I'm calling this my Get It Right Gift Guide, because we all have received those gifts that were so wrong and awful, ending up in a box locked up some where.  Who wants to give or get a gift that no one will enjoy, NO ONE!  So lets get it right this year and be the talk of the holidays for gifting the bestest gifts this season! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

If your American reading this, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy this holiday with family, friends and a feast of delicious food. To all my readers, my sincerest thanks for reading and supporting my blog. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people I have met via this blog and the opportunities it has brought me.

I'll make it short and sweet, so we can all go enjoy a delicious and joyous holiday.  Leaving you with this outfit, finally found a faux fur vest that fit and was not over the top furry.  I call this look my double dose of animal, with the leopard print top and faux fur vest.  It it too much? 

~ Lurex sheer leopard print top: c/o City Chic ~ 
~ Faux Fur Vest: Charter Club via Macy's ~ 
~ Skinny Jeans: Asos Curve ~ 
~ Boots: Michael Kors via Marshalls ~ 
~ Bag: Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls ~

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lash Card - Review/Giveaway

Mascara is one of those things that can totally transform your look.  Many woman swear they cannot leave home without at least mascara on.  Others only wear mascara and no other make-up.  Which ever category you fall under if your a woman that loves to wear make-up, I am sure mascara is a must for you.  When it comes to wearing make-up, I am not the full face or glam type of gal.  I have to admit when I am not wearing at least mascara, my face feels naked.  One thing I do hate about applying mascara, the mess.  Maybe its just me, but I end up with mascara on my fingers, face and smudges all over the place.  I'm not the most graceful person when applying make-up...LOL
I recently was introduced to a new product to help with the messy mascara application.  Lash Card is card you use when you apply your mascara helping you not only with application, but also preventing clumping, smudging and mishaps.  Lash Card also works for separating lashes, layering mascara, hard to reach lashes and reapplication. 

I have been using the Lash Card product for about one week.  It was useful in preventing smudges and not making a mess when applying mascara.  Having the dual curve on either end was good, which made it convenient for different shaped eyes as well as top and bottom lashes.  The Lash Card actually came about from make-up artist trick of using a business card to apply mascara.  Never heard of the business card trick before.  One thing I did find a bit odd was trying to hold the Lash Card and apply the mascara, can get a little tricky.  Took me a few tries to find the proper positioning of the Lash Card and apply mascara correctly.  Also helpful to not apply mascara, hold Lash Card and a mirror all at once...LOL Yes my first attempt using the Lash Card I was holding all 3 and was not successful.  With continued use of the Lash Card I was able to get better at the application of mascara.  Lash Card come individually wrapped in packs of 10 and are made of recycled paper.  If you are someone who wears lots mascara daily and has issues when applying it, you should give these a try.  I don't think they are super convenient for everyday use.  I can definitely see the benefit for those occasions when you want your make-up and mascara to be perfect.  Having them individually wrapped is good and makes them portable to carry in your make-up bag or when you travel. Lash Card are sold in packs of 10 and can be bought online at or select retailers. 

To get a better idea of how to use Lash Card watch the video below.

Want to try Lash Card for yourself? Lash Card has partnered with Cid Style File to offer 4 people the chance to win a set of Lash Card mascara shields to try for your self. Please enter below using Rafflecopter widget and read directions for up to 6 entries. 4 winners will be chosen and announced at end of giveaway. Good Luck!

*This post is my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was given product samples to review.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AdoraOm for your Curves

Exercising and working out, let’s be honest is not many peoples favorite activity. As a plus size woman its difficult enough finding regular clothes, can you imagine trying to find workout wear. It’s not a fun or easy task. Not many, if any retailers or designers make good workout/active wear for plus sizes. Wearing the right clothes can make a difference in your attitude, so why not make that difference in active wear as well. I know many women who are plus size and are very active. Surprisingly the market for plus size active wear is very small and very few choices are available. Having the right clothes when you’re being active is important. Lucky for us there is a new brand AdoraOm answering those needs. 

AdoraOm VIP Luncheon in Los Angeles
I was invited a couple weekends ago to a luncheon and introduced to AdoraOm, a new active wear line for woman size 14-24. I was given a preview of the line before it launched and was impressed with the quality and style. We got to see and try on the clothes, which consist of pants, several types of tops and jackets. All items are made of quality fabric that helps smooth and flatter a woman’s curves. I tried on some items and was instantly impressed with the quality,  and the fabric is great as well. It has lots of stretch, very soft and makes you feel comfortable, but also holds you in very well. Nobody wants their wobbly bits, jiggling around when you’re working out. The AdoraOm fabric does a great job of holding it all in, giving you smooth lines and making your butt look fab! As soon as I put on my active wear, I was ready for a Zumba lesson (my work out of choice). The other ladies who also attended the luncheon were  also amped and ready to kick butt in their workouts. I was happy to speak one to one with the creators and founders of AdoraOm, giving them feedback and opinions about their products. The AdoraOm team consists of 3 ladies who were not only very nice, but seemed to be dedicated and caring about the issues plus size woman have when trying to find good quality plus size active wear. 
Sneak peek of AdoraOm active wear before it launched

The AdoraOm line is now available online and price ranges from $12-$119. Some of you may be thinking the prices are too high. They are a bit higher than some other plus size active wear you can find in stores, but the quality is worth price. The AdoraOm collection is proudly made in America and I believe you will be very satisfied and happy with this line. If you’re interested in AdoraOm active wear they have a free shipping promo with purchase of $99 or more. Please take a look at the website for more info and details.

Loved the style and fit, I'm ready to get my fitness on
The AdoraOm collection comes in a variety of fashionable colors and styles.  The pants come in varied lengths for the short and tall woman.  Workout pants are also reversible, giving you double the wear.  The above picture shows me wearing the "make my day" tee and the "all about me" pants.  If your looking for quality, comfortable and fashionable workout wear take a look at AdoraOm, you are gonna love what you see.

P.S. AdoraOm is also working on a sports bra, but don't tell any one I told you! ;)

*This post is my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was given clothing samples to review, and invited to a VIP luncheon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Very Excited!

I don’t often enter blogger competitions and ask my readers to vote for me. But this time I said why not! a UK retailer is holding a blogger competition, and would love and appreciate your support by voting for my picture on facebook page (click here)  Winners gets $1000 worth of clothes for 20 years! 

Go to facebook page, like the page then vote for my picture. It's easy only takes a few seconds. 

If you vote you'll also get rewarded with a 20% off code to shop on the website. is launching a US site. One thing I love about shopping online from UK retailers is you won’t see many people around town wearing the same thing. When you’re trying to be fashionable and unique, it’s difficult shopping when everyone shops at the same stores. Shopping overseas gives you the advantage to be unique and add different pieces to your wardrobe. offers clothing for women, men and shoes.  Best part of all they also have a plus size section (16+) which is great when a shop offers clothing in all sizes.

Here are some of my favorite items, and if I win (with your help) will have lots of fun shopping! Contest ends tomorrow 11/8/11…so please go vote now! :)

*This is a sponsored post by

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Get Cozy

OK this weekend it officially feels like fall in California. Rain, clouds, wind and low temps (50's) means its time to get warm and cozy. Chunky sweaters, boots, and scarfs is the wardrobe of choice for this fall weather. One trend I am loving currently for fall is the Fair Isle knits.  The prints are unique and have character, which makes them charming in my opinion.  You can find the Fair Isle knits in about everything now from sweaters, to vest to bags and even shoes.

Here a few samples and some of my favorite Fair Isle items. They can be found in most retailers from Old Navy, Macy's, Nordstroms to even Forever 21.

I am currently obsessing over capes and ponchos. Definitely would love to get one in a Fair Isle knit. What do you think of this print? Love it, Hate it or Can go either way. Love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Time to Get Sassy!

Its that time of year again for Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash - Los Angeles

WHO: Sassy City Chicks
WHAT: Los Angeles Fall Fashion Bash
WHERE: 6060 Wilshire Blvd. (@ Fairfax)
WHEN: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 from 5 – 10PM

Major discounts on Fall apparel & accessories- just in time for the holidays! Featuring deep discounts on major labels like Free People, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Elie Tahari, Denimocracy, Members Only, and LNA. Complimentary cocktails will be served, courtesy of Pinnacle Vodka and Qream Liqueur. Guests can also enjoy FREE mini spa services from a selection of LA’s hottest salons.

Click Link ---> WIN TICKETS: first 25 people to enter code CID at checkout will receive a FREE VIP Ticket!

*Includes: admission; swag bag; unlimited cocktails; free spa services.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shore Drive

Its been a while hasn't it! Sometimes work and life just gets in the way of blogging, whats a girl to do...LOL  Last weekend we had gorgeous weather and I enjoyed a test drive along the shore.  Nissan Leaf the all electric vehicle was in town (Long Beach) and invited me to take a test drive.  I won't go into details about the car and bore you, but will tell you its a cute car.  You literally plug it in and charge it up.  I have a video that will be posted on shortly so if your interested in more details about the Nissan Leaf, keep an eye out for it. 

For now I leave you with my outfit, it wasn't quite cool enough for fall or warm enough for summer.  This is my in-between weather outfit I came up to compromise with the season.

~ Tunic: UK Style French Connection for Sears ~ 
~ Vest: DKNY for Lane Bryant ~ 
~ Boots: Molly c/o Sole Society ~ 
~ Black Tights: Bali Invisible Smoothing ~
~ Bag: Steven Madden messenger ~
~ Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson via Marshalls ~

Friday, October 14, 2011

Celebrating with Latina Magazine & Covergirl

I have always been proud of being a Latina, and this event made me feel even prouder.  I was invited to the Latina Magazine's 15th Anniversary party by sponsor Covergirl.  It was not only a celebration of the magazine, but of the success of Latinas.   If you haven't seen the cover of the Latina magazine anniversary issue, you will amazed at the 15 top Latinas in Hollywood.  So many familiar faces that are talented, beautiful and all Latinas.  As Latinas we have come a long way and this night was a celebrations of all the accomplishments.  My self along with several other Latina Bloggers were invited to enjoy the celebration.  We were treated to a make-up session from Covergirl, a photo shoot on the red carpet and shared the dance floor with a couple celebs. 

I invited my niece and new blogger to the party. We both got the Covergirl treatment from MUA Artemis

We were also treated to a mini concert by singer Kat Deluna who had the crowd on their feet and dancing the night away.  The room was filled with so many inspiring and successful Latinas, I felt honored to be among them all.  

Singer Kat Deluna was great on stage and my niece was excited to take a pic with her.

For more pictures from the red carpet and party you can go to and Covergirl Facebook page. 

*All photos take by Cid Style File

**No compensation was received for attending this event.  I was invited by Covergirl and received a gift bag.
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