Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yes we are a Big Fat Deal!

This was BFD week here in So Cal...oh yeah! Sarah from Return to Sender was visiting from the east coast. Since she is the original BFD from Viva Fat Vegas (inside joke-you had to be there!) we had to make her visit a special one.  Sarah, Nik and I decide to have a little photo shoot by the ocean in Balboa Island over in the OC (yes like the show...LOL)

Balboa Island is a beautiful beach community, but we obviously stood out. Between all the retired old folks and the OC housewives in their yoga pants and flip flops, our outfits were eye catching. Although we wore all black we still turned a few heads. Nik was blinding drivers with her sequin top, she was like a pretty disco ball! Sarah was definitely bringing out  her inner goth with the faux leather trim on her dress.  Me with my 80ish zipper dress was having a Madonna moment.  All we were missing was Curvy Girl Chic who couldn't join us, she has a real job! LOL 

Zipper Dress: Lane Bryant ~ Gray Tights: Avenue ~ Boots: Volatile via Marshalls ~ Sunnies: Burberry

We have a lovely day strolling down the little charming main street and window shopping. Ate some ice cream and enjoyed the gorgeous So Cal weather.  Sarah was bummed it was her last day and she was headed back east to the snow...BOO!  Over all I think we had a successful BFD week and so glad I have made such awesome blogger friends form all over the country.

*BFD is in reference to a inside joke we have with Sarah back when we first met back in Vegas...just in case you were wondering! LOL


  1. 3 awesome bloggers in one place? oh my goodness! u girls looked so fab!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time


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