Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do You Love Your Style

If you haven't already heard the buzz over the new Love Your Style, Love Your Size from Kmart, I am here to let you know.  The new line LYS from Kmart was announced a few months ago, about a week ago it showed up in stores.  I honestly have never been much of a Kmart shopper.  Last time I remember shopping at Kmart was when I was a kid and my mom would make run over to see what the "blue light" special was.  WOW who remembers that, feeling kinda old now...LOL  

Last week while doing my daily blog reads, Plus Model Mag had a feature about the new Kmart line LYS.  Maddy from PMM and plus model Fluvia Lacerda went to the Kmart HQ to get a first hand look at the new LYS collection.  You can watch the video here. Fluvia and Maddy were very honest with Kmart designers about what they thought about Kmart fashions.  After hearing Maddy & Fluvia say they actually liked the new LYS line and Fluvia wanted to take it all home, I had to see it to believe it.   I recruited my local blogger buddies to go see for our selves what the new Kmart LYS line was about.
Nik, Iza & I headed over to our local Kmart to check out the new LYS line.  Three different plus size bloggers, with three different plus size body shapes, what a better way than to see what this line is about.  Take a look at our video and see what the LYS line looks like.  You may be pleasantly surprised like we were!

Thank you to Nik & Iza for helping with this video.  To see the full LYS lookbook you can go here.  We also visited Sears to check out the Beverly Drive line, which we came to find out is basically the same as the LYS line. Sears is a parent company of Kmart and the two collection had many similar pieces with the except of a few things.  

**This video was made by and does not have any affiliation with Kmart.  I was not paid by Kmart to make this video, nor was I given any clothes. If Kmart wants to send me some LYS outfits, I am open to reviewing them! LOL

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Trends: Floral Shoes

Once again its raining her in Southern California and I am not happy. I know many people enjoy the rain, but I am so ready for spring!  So many cute trends have been popping up on websites, magazine and all over the malls.  Last year spring was all about floral prints, this year is no different.  The floral prints are now showing up on shoes! This new trend is kinda cute in my opinion, but not  sure everyone will embrace it.  I can totally see my self wearing some of these shoes for spring and summer time.  I am especially loving the Jeffery Campbell shoes.  Not sure if I will splurge and buy them. As much as I love the floral print shoes trend, not sure how much wear I will really get out of them.  Well you know I am bargain shopper, so the hunt begins to find my floral print shoes.

Is this trend a yay or nay? Will you be buying floral print shoes for spring? I have a feeling will see a few outfit post with this trend on many blogs. Now if only spring would come quick! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Color Me Bad

Me and bright color have never really been friends. Even as a child I remember hating pink and other bright colors.  About 2 weeks ago Curvy Girl Chic put out a challenge to wear more color, I thought it was a great idea.  I wanted to join and participate, but with the cold rainy weather I failed miserably. I have been attempting to wear more color, maybe not bright colors (not my thing) but colors other than black, gray or navy.  At least add some color, and not wear all black or dark colors.  So when I found this top at Ross (yes I got it at Ross) I was a bit confused.  It has color, pink and a pattern, which I don't do much of either.  The 1st time I saw it I was attracted to it but not sure if I loved it. Then about a week later I was at Ross and saw it again, still I was conflicted. Something kept attracting me to the top so I said what the heck, why not!  For the price ($9.99) I will give it a try.  So this is my attempt at wearing more color - baby steps!  Can't expect me to do all color head to toe...don't want to go into fashion shock! HA HA  Just Kidding baby steps it is for me.  Hopefully you will see more color as the weather changes and spring arrives. Having the blog has given me the confidence to wear more colors and styles I may have not ever considered.  All my fellow bloggers are truly inspirational, I hope to continue to grow as a blogger and evolve my style.

Color/Pattern Tunic: Ross ~ Cargo Vest: DKNY for Lane Bryant ~ Leggings: Pure Energy for Target ~ Boots: Kelsi Dagger via Loehmanns (my new fave) Watch: Baby G-Shock (gifted) Jewelry: Bracelet, Voluptuous Boutique LV, Earrings F21 & Ring, H&M

Do you ever challenge yourself to wear certain colors or styles?  If you blog, has blogging changed your style?  What inspires you to evolve your style and what you wear?  Thank you everyone for commenting and giving me feedback, I really appreciate & love to reading your comments!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moody Hues

Have you ever had a outfit in your mind that seemed to be perfect and you had all the pieces to go with it. Yeah this outfit "in my head" was perfect or at least I thought would be great. Once I put it on, umm not so much. I don't hate it, but it didn't turn out great like in my head. Has that ever happened to you? Any who, on to my outfit story.

Poncho/Cape: H&M ~ Jeans: Source of Wisdom via Torrid ~ Top: Old Navy ~ Boots: Kelsi Dagger via Loehmann's ~ Skull Scarf: random mall shop (I've had it for years!) ~ Watch: Betsey Johnson ~ Bracelets: Lucky Brand

It rained most of the weekend on and off here in So Cal.  I was suppose to attend the Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas, but due to the rainy weather and some "management issues" I didn't make it after all.  I was feeling moody, cold and just lazy all weekend. Sunday afternoon the rain stopped and the sun came out to say Hi!  It was still chilly but we went out for dinner and some fresh air.  My outfit matched my mood, gray & blue with a little bit of bad ass!  At least I like to think of it that way.  The day before I scored some Kelsi Dagger boots I had my eye on for a couple months.  I had seen these Effie boots at Loehmann's a couple months ago.  Although Loehmann's is a designer discount store at $99.00 these boots were still too much for my bargain shopper soul.  Saturday I walked into the store and was handed a 25%  off coupon for any item on clearance. I made a bee line straight to the shoes and guess what I saw on clearance, the Effie boots from Kelsi Dagger!! The boots were marked down to $74.98 & all red tag items were additional 25% off with my coupon I got an additonal 25% off...HELLO! I had to get them and give them a new home, my closet! They ended up costing like $42, so not bad at all, since they retail for $180.  They fit great and the leather is so soft! Over all my moody, blah weekend wasn't so bad!  I also wore my new poncho/cape sweater thingy from H&M. I missed the boat on the cape trend so I found this one as an alternate.  Hope your weekend was great and full of sunshine!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Green Machine

Are you done with the rain, snow and cold weather, I am! All the magazines I've been reading lately are full of the latest must haves for spring.  I'm dreaming of spring with sunny days, full of pretty colorful outfits.  One color I have seen lots of is GREEN.  Its actually one of my favorite colors and birth stone (coincidence, maybe!)  Spring and St. Patrick's day are right around the corner, here are my 10 fave green picks. Add a little green machine to your wardrobe this spring for a pop of freshness!

  1. Lovedrobe Pearl Neck Tunic ~ Evans 
  2. Marilyn Long Convertible Dress ~ Monfi C
  3. Polka Dot Scarf ~ Old Navy
  4. Plus Diagonal Stripe Tee ~ Old Navy
  5. Beaded Chandelier Earrings ~ Old Navy
  6. Waterfall Sleeve Top ~ Asos Curve
  7. Beaded Flower Necklace ~ Old Navy
  8. Green Satchel Bag ~ H&M
  9. Green Shirred Dress/Skirt ~ Evans
  10. Green Pleated Silk Tube Top ~ Torrid

Will you go green for spring? What colors are you looking forward in the spring?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Back in the late 80's and 90's the cool watch to have was a SWATCH. Everyone I knew had a SWATCH, the bigger and brighter the better. I still have a SWATCH in the crates that I never got rid of, maybe time to bring it out. SWATCH is making a come back (did they ever go away?) with a new collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott.  In the age of designer collabs, this one I think is a good one. Jeremy Scott is known for his bold, funky and colorful designs. These SWATCH watches don't disappoint in any of those areas.  I really like them all.   On the SWATCH website will be available March 3, 2011. Can't wait  I need at least one of those in my collection, maybe the white or the black SWATCH!  (I already have a yellow baby G-Shock from Hellz collab)

What do you think, good or bad collab? Which one is your favorite?  Would you rock any of these SWATCHES?   You already know I would!

Something New Every Day

Where have I been and why didn't any one tell me about this plus size line...M Line from Australia.  Thanks to XL as Life for introducing me to it. Take a look at the new Fall 2011 collection below.  So far I really like what I see, haven't yet tried any Aussie retailer, but I am dying too!  I need to just break down and pay those high shipping rates for some of this fab clothes...Umm can you say tax refund check! LOL

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Betsey Where's My Patch!

On Valentine's Day Betsey Johnson had her 2011 Fall Runway Show, (you can watch it here.)  It was love a first sight!  Oh Betsey how I love thee, now can you please make some of your clothes in my (plus) size.  Well one good thing is Betsey new line Pink Patch, lower priced line.  Racked website is reporting her new collection will all be priced for under $100 with all the same funky and fun Betsey style.   No word on when it will be available, but when it does I'm all over it.   Here are few of my favorites pieces that I would DIE to have in my closet!! C'mon on Betsey Johnson, do you hear me....Plus Size Line, I need it in my life! Thanks

Go Betsey for using real woman models on the runway for her new Pink Patch collection (I see a few curves in there, yay!) you see why she's my favorite designer!  

Photos from

There's Always Room For LOVE!

Valentine's Day has come and gone, hope your day was grand!  For some V day is just another day, others LOVE it and make a big fuss.  Regardless if you have a "significant" other, I think Valentine's is a good reminder that we all need love.  No matter if its romantic love or friendship love or even family love.  The point of this day for me is that no matter where in life you are, don't forget to let those special people in your life know you love and care for them.  Hope you had a nice Valentine's day regardless of the situation.  Life's too short to be unhappy, love your self no matter what. I heart my readers!  Can you feel the love, from my blog? LOL (I know its cheesy, but I'm just a romantic fool

Cowl Neck Dress: Lane Bryant ~ Moto Denim Jacket: Lane Bryant ~ Leggings: Bali (gifted) ~ Scarf: Asos (gifted) ~ Sandals: Chinese Laundry via Ross ~ Bag: Gap ~ Sunnies: Burberry ~ Jewelry: F21 & Voluptuous Boutique

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is It Getting Hot, Or Is It Just My Swimsuit!

Its that time of year again, swimsuit time!! I know some of you may be thinking its too COLD to even think about wearing a swimsuit.  Although it may be snowing and freezing in some parts of the world, before you know it the weather will warm up.  OK since I live in So Cal, I know we get warmer weather than most, but I think its never to early to get your swimwear, never know when you will need it.  It's only been about  5 yrs ago since I started wearing swimsuits again. I think last time I had a swimsuit was when I was a teen.  Being a plus size gal I gave up the notion that I could find not only a swimsuit that fit me, but that was cute and looked good.  A few years ago when my brother purchased his home, the whole family was excited it had a pool! Umm not me, for the 1st year I did not go swimming at all.  Finally one day I gave in and found a decent swimsuit.  Well that was about 5-6 yrs ago and now its time for a new one.  Swim Suits For All gave me the opportunity to review one of their swimsuits.  I was immediately impressed with their selection, from one piece to 2 pieces to a variety of colors and all in plus sizes!  All in modern and on trend styles and colors. Really something for everyone.  It really was difficult to decide which one to try, my first choice was actually sold out already. Darn!! Just goes to show you its never too early to get your swimsuit.  The swimsuit below is the one I chose, I really couldn't go away from all black, but did choose this one with white orchid print to add some color. 

Too be honest I have not yet used this lovely swimsuit in the water, but as soon as it arrived I put it on.  Yup around the house I wore it and felt very comfortable in it.  One thing I love about it was the support, it has lining in the cups and holds the "girls" in very well,  The V-neck also is very flattering and the waist trim gives you a nice shape.  I also loved the skirt because it hides the belly and the booty.  The one thing I can see might be an issue for me are the straps, the are bit loose, on dry land they are good.  My concern is when I get into the pool or water, not sure if they will slip off. But no worries I am going to have them taken in a bit to feel more secure. This would probably work great for some who is taller or has a longer torso.  Other than that I really like the quality and fit of this swimsuit.  The price point is great too, at $49.00, which is not bad for a good quality swimsuit.  The material feel thick and sturdy.  When your plus size you don't want a flimsy fabric that won't hold you in.  That is always my greatest fear, slipping out of my swimsuit...the horror! LOL I know it can happen to any one of any size, but lets just avoid it completely by wearing a good swimsuit, OK!

If you are in the market for a swimsuit you should take a look at Swim Suits For All. They offer a variety of swim wear from size 8 and up to 32w.  I also like the fact they offer specialty swim wear like for larger breast which I know is an issue for many plus size woman (like me) & also offer maternity swim wear. Swim Suit For All also has many cover ups for your swimsuits. thinking of getting this one here.  If you been looking for any type swimsuit take a look at Swim Suits For All, I am sure you will find something to fit your swim wear needs.  They also offer international shipping for all my foreign readers.  I am definitely looking forward to rocking my new swimsuit as soon as the weather gets warmer, even I just lay out by the pool or beach I will be looking cute in my swimsuit.  Swim Suits For All is a CSF sponsor so use the link on my side bar at any time for fast access to their website.

*Swimsuit courtesy of and sponsored link

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Me

Back in December towards the end of they year, I said I would post more outfits.  Well I haven't been doing such a great job of that.  I mentioned how many times outfit pictures are taken, but don't post them because they may not be "blog worthy" outfits.  Realizing blogging about fashion is not just to show case "special" outfits, but just my style and what I wear on a regular basis.  Although many outfits tend to look similar, that's just me!  My style is casual, comfy and easy for most days, especially on weekends.  My previous post was my "going out dancing" outfit. That was a rare scene, but to be honest I don't feel I look my best when I get dolled up to go out.  Outfits like this one, that are more casual everyday, is what I feel good in and think I look better!  I feel more confident in my jeggings and flats, rather than wearing a dress with heels maybe that is why I feel better.  Oh well whatever the reason is here's  my weekend outfit, I was feeling and looking cute!     

Jeggings & Purple Tunic : Lane Bryant ~ Sweater: Old Navy ~ Flats & Bag: Gap ~ Sunnies: Burberry

What type of outfit or way of dressing do you feel better or look cute in? Do share please!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Salsa Night

Friday night was Salsa dancing with the stars.  I attended a Superstars of Ballroom Dance Salsa event hosted by Tony Dovolani from the show Dancing with the Stars.  A live Salsa band hand the crowd shaking it on the dance floor all night.  Although I don't claim to be a expert in Salsa dancing, I can keep  up pretty well! Salsa dancing is no joke, I woke up sore.  If you want a good full body workout I totally recommend Salsa dancing, its time for some lessons.  I wasn't sure what to wear since the last time I went out dancing was about 5 or 6 yrs ago! Yeah I know that's too long...well do weddings count as going dancing! LOL  I had this dress from Sizes to Fit that was gifted from Viva Fat Vegas, it was time to bring it out.  I like the fit of the dress but because its sleeveless I added the lace cardigan over it for some coverage. Over all I was happy with my outfit and had lots of fun Salsa dancing.  Next night of dancing will be at Club Bounce...oh boy I can't wait!

Dress: Sizes To Fit (gifted) ~ Lace Cardi: Sam & Max from Marshalls ~ Pattern Tights: Spanx from Nordstroms ~ Earrings: Chandalier Hearts from Avenue ~ Watch: Betsey Johnson leopard print

Friday, February 4, 2011

Go Red & Look Hot!

Today is national Go Red For Women Day. The American Heart Association wants us all to be aware of heart disease, which claims the lives of over 500,000 woman each year. The Go Red campaign was created to bring awareness to heart disease and prevention for all woman.   Macy's is a national sponsor and they have a great way for all to participate and donate.

Macy's will give a 20% off if you:
  1. Wear Red to any store, 
  2. purchase a $2 Red Dress pin
  3. use your Macy's Card.
Here are some of my favorite Red items to help inspire  you to Go Red and support this great cause.

All items from, 20% off sale ends Sunday 2/6/11.  You know where I will be this weekend.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trends & Friends: Faux Fur Vest

Winter is in full force in many parts of the world.  Snow storms and chilly temps  can really hinder your fashion choices. What better way to look fashionable and stay warm than with the seasons latest trend; a faux fur vest .  The fur vest is a great way to look stylish and chic in the chilly winter months.  It is a versatile piece than can be worn for many occasions. Dress it up for evening, a casual day out, with jeans, pants or skirts the faux fur vest is a curvy girls closet essential.  Check out some of my blogger friends making this trends look effortless and chic.  I totally want my own faux fur vest, don't you?

Sarah from Style It wore her faux fur vest she found at TJ Maxx,(yup can you believe it) with a LBD and paried it with combat style boots to give her outfit an edgy look.

Jeniese from The Jenesaiquoi is wearing a black faux fur vest from INC at Macy's, a simple black skirt and top look totally chic with her vest and hot leopard print booties.

BBM from Big Beautyful Mess is looking so comfy and causal with her faux fur vest from Khols, skinny jeans and combat boots complete the outfit for a chic weekend look.

Bella Styles glams up her faux fur vest from Torrid with a harem pant jumper and platform heels. She adds some bling with her belt and accessories for classy look.

Curvy Girl Chic is always on trend from head to toe with her faux fur vest from Michael Kors, paring it with skinny jeans and tall riding boots. Her faux fur vest is also a sweater vest, great for the mild Cali winters.

Alissa from Stylish Curves wears her Torrid faux fur vest with leggings and tunic from H&M. The boots finish off this outfit perfect for a day out in the big city.

I hope to bring back this feature to the blog, on a monthly basis. If you want to be include email your pictures and outfit details to (cidstylefile at gmail dot com) You can also email me with trend suggestions, or any new bloggers that I may not know of yet that I should feature. Thanks for reading and enjoy the new 2011 trends and friends.

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