Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is It Getting Hot, Or Is It Just My Swimsuit!

Its that time of year again, swimsuit time!! I know some of you may be thinking its too COLD to even think about wearing a swimsuit.  Although it may be snowing and freezing in some parts of the world, before you know it the weather will warm up.  OK since I live in So Cal, I know we get warmer weather than most, but I think its never to early to get your swimwear, never know when you will need it.  It's only been about  5 yrs ago since I started wearing swimsuits again. I think last time I had a swimsuit was when I was a teen.  Being a plus size gal I gave up the notion that I could find not only a swimsuit that fit me, but that was cute and looked good.  A few years ago when my brother purchased his home, the whole family was excited it had a pool! Umm not me, for the 1st year I did not go swimming at all.  Finally one day I gave in and found a decent swimsuit.  Well that was about 5-6 yrs ago and now its time for a new one.  Swim Suits For All gave me the opportunity to review one of their swimsuits.  I was immediately impressed with their selection, from one piece to 2 pieces to a variety of colors and all in plus sizes!  All in modern and on trend styles and colors. Really something for everyone.  It really was difficult to decide which one to try, my first choice was actually sold out already. Darn!! Just goes to show you its never too early to get your swimsuit.  The swimsuit below is the one I chose, I really couldn't go away from all black, but did choose this one with white orchid print to add some color. 

Too be honest I have not yet used this lovely swimsuit in the water, but as soon as it arrived I put it on.  Yup around the house I wore it and felt very comfortable in it.  One thing I love about it was the support, it has lining in the cups and holds the "girls" in very well,  The V-neck also is very flattering and the waist trim gives you a nice shape.  I also loved the skirt because it hides the belly and the booty.  The one thing I can see might be an issue for me are the straps, the are bit loose, on dry land they are good.  My concern is when I get into the pool or water, not sure if they will slip off. But no worries I am going to have them taken in a bit to feel more secure. This would probably work great for some who is taller or has a longer torso.  Other than that I really like the quality and fit of this swimsuit.  The price point is great too, at $49.00, which is not bad for a good quality swimsuit.  The material feel thick and sturdy.  When your plus size you don't want a flimsy fabric that won't hold you in.  That is always my greatest fear, slipping out of my swimsuit...the horror! LOL I know it can happen to any one of any size, but lets just avoid it completely by wearing a good swimsuit, OK!

If you are in the market for a swimsuit you should take a look at Swim Suits For All. They offer a variety of swim wear from size 8 and up to 32w.  I also like the fact they offer specialty swim wear like for larger breast which I know is an issue for many plus size woman (like me) & also offer maternity swim wear. Swim Suit For All also has many cover ups for your swimsuits. thinking of getting this one here.  If you been looking for any type swimsuit take a look at Swim Suits For All, I am sure you will find something to fit your swim wear needs.  They also offer international shipping for all my foreign readers.  I am definitely looking forward to rocking my new swimsuit as soon as the weather gets warmer, even I just lay out by the pool or beach I will be looking cute in my swimsuit.  Swim Suits For All is a CSF sponsor so use the link on my side bar at any time for fast access to their website.

*Swimsuit courtesy of and sponsored link

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  1. Woohoo can't wait to hit the beach! But please get those straps adjusted, I don't want you flashing anyone. LOL


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