Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Me

Back in December towards the end of they year, I said I would post more outfits.  Well I haven't been doing such a great job of that.  I mentioned how many times outfit pictures are taken, but don't post them because they may not be "blog worthy" outfits.  Realizing blogging about fashion is not just to show case "special" outfits, but just my style and what I wear on a regular basis.  Although many outfits tend to look similar, that's just me!  My style is casual, comfy and easy for most days, especially on weekends.  My previous post was my "going out dancing" outfit. That was a rare scene, but to be honest I don't feel I look my best when I get dolled up to go out.  Outfits like this one, that are more casual everyday, is what I feel good in and think I look better!  I feel more confident in my jeggings and flats, rather than wearing a dress with heels maybe that is why I feel better.  Oh well whatever the reason is here's  my weekend outfit, I was feeling and looking cute!     

Jeggings & Purple Tunic : Lane Bryant ~ Sweater: Old Navy ~ Flats & Bag: Gap ~ Sunnies: Burberry

What type of outfit or way of dressing do you feel better or look cute in? Do share please!


  1. This is a cute look on you (the sweater looks so comfy)

  2. This is a cute look on you (the sweater looks so comfy)


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