Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moody Hues

Have you ever had a outfit in your mind that seemed to be perfect and you had all the pieces to go with it. Yeah this outfit "in my head" was perfect or at least I thought would be great. Once I put it on, umm not so much. I don't hate it, but it didn't turn out great like in my head. Has that ever happened to you? Any who, on to my outfit story.

Poncho/Cape: H&M ~ Jeans: Source of Wisdom via Torrid ~ Top: Old Navy ~ Boots: Kelsi Dagger via Loehmann's ~ Skull Scarf: random mall shop (I've had it for years!) ~ Watch: Betsey Johnson ~ Bracelets: Lucky Brand

It rained most of the weekend on and off here in So Cal.  I was suppose to attend the Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas, but due to the rainy weather and some "management issues" I didn't make it after all.  I was feeling moody, cold and just lazy all weekend. Sunday afternoon the rain stopped and the sun came out to say Hi!  It was still chilly but we went out for dinner and some fresh air.  My outfit matched my mood, gray & blue with a little bit of bad ass!  At least I like to think of it that way.  The day before I scored some Kelsi Dagger boots I had my eye on for a couple months.  I had seen these Effie boots at Loehmann's a couple months ago.  Although Loehmann's is a designer discount store at $99.00 these boots were still too much for my bargain shopper soul.  Saturday I walked into the store and was handed a 25%  off coupon for any item on clearance. I made a bee line straight to the shoes and guess what I saw on clearance, the Effie boots from Kelsi Dagger!! The boots were marked down to $74.98 & all red tag items were additional 25% off with my coupon I got an additonal 25% off...HELLO! I had to get them and give them a new home, my closet! They ended up costing like $42, so not bad at all, since they retail for $180.  They fit great and the leather is so soft! Over all my moody, blah weekend wasn't so bad!  I also wore my new poncho/cape sweater thingy from H&M. I missed the boat on the cape trend so I found this one as an alternate.  Hope your weekend was great and full of sunshine!


  1. Wow!! that happens to me all the time. Not to mention when I hate an outfit and everyone loves it... lol.
    I think you look great... love the scarf :)

  2. I love the outfit, but I know what you mean. That does happen to me too. Well, at least you got cute boots!!

  3. ok so those boots are kinda amazing cid. and a total score! ure looking fierce mama!

  4. Wow!! that happens to me all the time. Not to mention when I hate an outfit and everyone loves it... lol.
    I think you look great... love the scarf :)

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