Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There's Always Room For LOVE!

Valentine's Day has come and gone, hope your day was grand!  For some V day is just another day, others LOVE it and make a big fuss.  Regardless if you have a "significant" other, I think Valentine's is a good reminder that we all need love.  No matter if its romantic love or friendship love or even family love.  The point of this day for me is that no matter where in life you are, don't forget to let those special people in your life know you love and care for them.  Hope you had a nice Valentine's day regardless of the situation.  Life's too short to be unhappy, love your self no matter what. I heart my readers!  Can you feel the love, from my blog? LOL (I know its cheesy, but I'm just a romantic fool

Cowl Neck Dress: Lane Bryant ~ Moto Denim Jacket: Lane Bryant ~ Leggings: Bali (gifted) ~ Scarf: Asos (gifted) ~ Sandals: Chinese Laundry via Ross ~ Bag: Gap ~ Sunnies: Burberry ~ Jewelry: F21 & Voluptuous Boutique


  1. You look great. I'm super jealous that you live in Cali and already have sandal weather...

  2. HAPPY valentines day! <3 you look fab girl!

  3. Happy belated Valentines to you too! I not only can feel the love from your blog, I can see your heart too!


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