Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Bee

The past week has been a crazy busy week for me, but I am not complaining about being busy.  Actually I am not complaining about anything, the last couple days have been great and have so much to share.  The only thing lacking was my blogging, but I promise you there will be lots of update post this week.  Lets start with an outfit today.  If you follow my blog or me on twitter, you know last month I talked about the new Kmart Fashion plus size line called Love Your Style Love Your Size (LYS).  I made a video to show everyone the new designs and how they looked on different plus size body shapes, with the help of some friends of course. In case you missed the LYS video you can take a look here (link).  Well after the wonderful feed back I received about the video and the LYS clothes, I got a email from head designer of plus size fashion for Kmart, Nicole Magnani. She loved the video and was very happy we like the clothes.  I was also sent some samples to review.  Last week during the Hispanicize conference I wore a few pieces.  Day one of conference I wore the relax fit satin pants from LYS.  Below is my outfit and review of the product.

LYS Satin Pants c/o Kmart Fashion ~ Chiffon top from Avenue ~ Dolce Vita Sandals via Ross 

LYS Relaxed Fit Satin Pants from Kmart are very nice, they were very comfortable to wear. They have a zipper front closure and pockets in front and back of pants. Draw string waist as well as cuff ties at the bottom.  When you tie the pants at bottom it almost gives you the effect of a harem pant.  The color is a mocha/taupe color and they also come in black. The sizing is a bit off with this style or could be due to the fabric being used. I had to go up a size as there is no stretch or give to it. When you wear anything with satin if its a bit snug or tight it does not look good, IMO. So I went up a size to give a nice loose and flowy look. Also one other thing was the ties at the bottom of pants were too slick and would untie often, perhaps making them out of another type of material such as cotton would hold better. Pants are also a bit long, so if you are on the shorter side you will have to tie and bubble them up a bit.  Over all I really liked these pants, a side from the 2 small issues of size and untying they were good. Kmart is on the right track with the LYS line, giving us plus size woman another option in budget friendly stylish fashion. As with many new plus size lines they will learn what the customer likes and dislikes, hope they listen and continue to improve.  I have few more pieces to review and will posting them through out the week.

*This post was my honest and personal opinion of the product, for best results you should always try it out yourself. I was not paid for this post, but was given clothing samples to review, courtesy of Kmart & LYS.


  1. I lovvvvved those pants. You looked super chic and comfy!

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