Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun In The Sun

Memorial Weekend is here and you know that means the unofficial start of summer.  WOOHOO!  Many of you will be spending your weekend pool side or on the beach.  I am sure by now everyone has their cute & stylish swimsuits.  I do, have you checked out my post?  Along with swimwear you need the other essentials, like a beach tote & hat to protect you from the sun. After many sun burns I have learned to wear a hat and protect my face. Wearing a cute stylish swimsuit you also need that fashionable beach tote to compliment your look.  Below are some options I found for totes and hats, to complete your beach/pool look. 

Do you have your summer beach look complete?  My last post featured me wearing my swimsuit for National Swimsuit Confidence Week.  I want to challenge my readers to show off their complete beach/pool side looks as well.  Post your swimsuit photos on my Facebook page or email me: (info at veronicacid dot com) with your pictures to be featured for my next installment of Trends & FriendsLets show the world curvy girls look hot in their swimsuits!!


  1. I looooove the Big Buddha bag!! I'll definitely be e-mailing you my swimsuit pic too :).

  2. I love all the bags and the nine west hat, their shoes are pretty cool too.

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