Monday, June 27, 2011

Just the Basics

You know those days when you don't care what you wear, how you look, feeling blah and fashion is the last thing on your mind?  Yeah, had one of those weekends.  But always being the optimist (I try to be), got my butt up and out of the house.  Made my way to the beach, grab a java and enjoyed the sunset over the pier in Seal Beach.  Cool breeze, fresh ocean air and the waves crashing helped lift my mood.  All along side of my boo, what else can a girl ask for. Summer is in full effect, lets all get out and enjoy it. No matter how icky, yucky, blah or unfashionable you feel got out, get some sun, enjoyed the long days of summer and LIVE!  (promise to follow my own advise, pinky swear!)

After looking at the pictures, guess I don't look too hideously unfashionable and sloppy. Do I? ;)  Guess some where deep down inside I will always care about looking "stylish" no matter what mood I am in.  Are you enjoying summer so far?

~ Jeggings: fashion bug ~ Basic black tee: macy's ~ Sweater Vest: old navy ~ Sandals: harajuku lovers ~ Hobo Bag: betsey johnson ~ Coffee: javatinis on main st (seal beach)


  1. I looooove the casual look and your sandals are super cute! How come I've never seen them? Hmmmm?

  2. I always feel better when I make an effort. You look real cool and relaxed.

  3. For someone feeling "blah" you look great. But I know that the picture doesn't tell the whole story... but I think you look great. I love your sandals.

  4. Lexy_BeautyFashMonday, June 27, 2011

    I think you look fab!  Those jeggings are great and those sandals are adorable!

  5. Super cute! I love your bag:)

  6. I'm totally taking your advice tomorrow.  You look great for a "blah" day by the way and that Betsy Johnson bag is to die for :)

  7. Wow -- you definitely pull it together even when, as you say, you're not "feeling it."  When I'm not feeling it, I'm in sweats with my hair in a scrunchie (MAJOR fashion no-no!).  Great pics, and nice inspiration. :)

  8. Very nice outfit.  My favorite photo is the one with you smiling with the beach behind you.  So cool.

  9. Hi.  Just found your blog via Twitter.
    Lucky you to live in California!  I live just a bit north of that, but we've been having some beautiful weather these last few days.  No rain!  Yay! 
    Would love for you to check out my blog I recently started.  I post my bargain thrift shop outfits, recipes and more.  Have not gotten up the nerve to model yet though.  You're inspiring me. :) 
    Oh, and love the red sandals!

  10.  Hi Dreamznwishz thank you for your lovely comments and visiting my blog. I will definitely checking out your blog.  When your ready and feel comfortable you will be model your thrift store finds. I am sure you look lovely in them.

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