Friday, July 15, 2011

It's In The Bag

Purses are like shoes, a woman can never have too many. RIGHT? 

I love fashion in all forms, clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags. I especially love all types of purses, handbags, get the idea.  I have many bags in my collection, which for some reason always seem like not enough. How typical of me, to never have the right bag for the right outfit.   For the past year I have been craving, lusting and some what drooling over certain designers and styles of handbags.  One style I adore is the cross-body/messenger/satchel. I know they are all different and can probably find one of each style to buy.  But that's not really in the budget...So I have been looking for 1 style to satisfy my need and craving for all.  Doing my daily, umm weekly Internet window shopping I came across a few styles that are screaming my name.  Seriously I hear them saying "Cid, buy us, you need us and can't live with out us"  I swear that is what I heard...LOL

I think its time I put my self out of my misery and splurged.  Treat my self for all the hard work I have been doing in my 1st month at work! WOOHOO :)  So far these bags are the contenders, all under $300 so don't mind if I do!

Normally my cut off price is $150, but you know what?? I am so worth it and need a good quality bag that will last.  In my mind and rationale buying one of these higher priced (for me) bags will be like buying multiple lower prices bags...RIGHT!!!

All bags from Macy's and Nordstroms

The fun yet difficult task will be choosing JUST ONE, aye whats a girl to do! As of now I am leaning more towards the brown Fossil, gray Leibeskind or neutral RoccatellaI figured those are basic colors and styles that I can carry for all the season and quench my cravings for awhile. 

Which bag would you choose? 

Do you have a max amount of $ you would spend?  Or if you love it, you buy it no matter the price.


  1. Oh I like the Coach one! Not a huge fan of the brand but this color/model is really pretty! I used to have a gazillion handbags! lol Over the years I've sold a lot and now I only try to buy 2/3 (sometimes less) very nice bag a year.

  2. I like the roccatella bag

  3. I like the brown Fossil and the red Coach! I've never bought a purse over $50 for myself, but have been lucky to win a couple of really nice ones, including a beautiful D&B. You can definitely tell the difference in quality!

  4. The brown Fossil bag is my top pick. I usually don't spend lots on bags, but I do on shoes! A few years ago I found a ChloΓ© bag on eBay and I spent more than I normally do, but I also got a deal.  I hope you'll check my site this week for an awesome dress giveaway!


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