Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lighten Up!

Hope all of my American readers had a wonderful 4th of July, as well as my other readers!  Busy weekend for me, did lots of things. I shopped a bit, caught a flix (Larry Crowne), ate at fave breakfast spot, BBQ with family and finally enjoyed some fireworks by the beach. Phew! I woke up exhausted and practically crawled out of bed. It was all worth it, but with the summer heat I made sure to stay cool and wore light clothes.  Lived in denim shorts and sandals all weekend.  I know many woman regardless of their size don't wear shorts for one reason or another. Its never been an issue for me, its HOT and my legs need some air & sun.  Damn can you see how white my legs are? LOL  I'm in desperate need of a tan, but sadly I only burn and turn red. Oh well I'm starting a new white pale skin trend. Who's In?  Really totally serious, after years of not being able to tan (refuse to spray tan or go to tanning salon) I said screw it! I'm pale and so what, not all Latinas are brown so I'm going with it! hee hee

~ CK Jeans Top: Nordstrom Rack ~ Denim Shorts: Avenue ~ DVF Jelly Sandals: Loehmanns ~

Nothing extremely special about this outfit but it kept me cool. Scored the DVF Jaya jelly sandals at Loehmanns for $15.  Can you believe they retailed for $75, like really they are plastic shoes! Oh yeah they are DVF that's why! LOL  Being a 80's child, these jelly sandals took me back to being a preteen in the late 80's and wearing them in all colors.  I couldn't resist, too cute and very comfy for jelly shoes.  Although the weather was HOT my feet did not get sweaty, big problem we had in the 80's.  Love the DVF love knot detail, gives them a more "sophisticated " look than the $5 jelly shoes I wore as kid. 

So what do you think about the jelly shoe trend? It made a come back a year or two ago and many higher end designers are making their own versions (even Chanel). Have you or will you jelly?


  1. Sarah AuerswaldTuesday, July 05, 2011

    I'll go with you on the white skin trend - I was just noticing how pale I am and how much tanner I used to be as a kid!

  2. I've never been a big fan of the jelly shoe trend but I love your top and blue nail polish.  Very, very cute!

  3. I want those jelly shoes.... super cute. I love the detail. didn't know they were jelly shoes til you mentioned it. HOT! 

  4. I am TOTALLY loving your sandal score y mija at $15 they are Latinalicious! Btw, I need to join your white pale skin trend. Its so bad they use to tell me "El sol es gratis" in Puerto Rico!!!  :)

  5. well, two minutes in the sun and i get brown but i like your shoes!

  6. I think those sandals make the outfit.. love them!

  7. You look fantastic -- love the photos!  Not sure I'll go jelly, but you certainly rock them.  :)

  8. ooh you shop at Loehmann's too!! :) I used to work there when I was 15! :) I would say about 80% of my wardrobe comes from there! :) Nice sandals! 

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