Friday, August 26, 2011

Give Your Wardrobe a Makeover

Life & Beauty Weekly: Beautiful You

Give Your Wardrobe a Makeover

By Stephanie Tweito Jacob for Life & Beauty Weekly

When you have a packed schedule, the last thing you need in the morning is to dig through piles of sweaters you never wear or agonize over which top goes with your navy skirt.

“When you’re rushing out the door, you don’t want to have to think about what you’re going to wear,” says Carrie Gjermundsen, a wardrobe consultant in New York City. Organizing your closet, paring down what you have and mixing in flattering new styles can bring speed and clarity to your morning routine -- and make you feel more confident too. Follow these four easy steps:

1. Divide to Conquer
Start by grouping your clothes by season. Next, arrange them by purpose: things you wear for work, weekends, evenings out and so on. Then place all the tops and bottoms in each group together. (For example, put work shirts in one pile and casual jeans in another.) Finally, arrange each group by color.

As you’re taking inventory, eliminate anything that’s dated, stained, stretched out or ill-fitting. Generally, if you haven’t worn something in a year, you won’t wear it again. If there’s a shirt or dress you can’t bear to part with, you can put it in the back of your closet or in storage -- but do consider letting it go if you can. “Chances are, you’ll get more satisfaction out of something new,” says Gjermundsen.

2. Try on
Anything you haven’t worn recently or aren’t sure you’ll wear again, try on. Keep only those items that flatter your shape. (Ask an honest friend to help.) If something’s more than one size too big or too small, toss it.

With each item you keep, take a moment to determine whether you have something to wear with it. If not, start a shopping list. Take a photo of the item as a reminder, or set it aside to take to the store with you. This will help you figure out what you actually need, says Gjermundsen. “One new element is all it takes to update an outfit,” she adds.

3. Rearrange
Put this season’s clothing and shoes front and center in your closet and dresser -- put everything else in the back or into storage. “You want the first things you see to be those items you need to get dressed in a hurry for work or out the door on a Saturday,” says Gjermundsen.

4. Refresh
Now it’s time to hit the stores and fill in those wardrobe gaps. If you’re not sure what to pair with a particular skirt or top you already own, bring it along and ask a salesperson. Keep your closet streamlined by focusing on items that work for more than one season. A chunky dark wool sweater may look cozy now, but you won’t be able to wear it as long as, say, a lighter-weight sweater you can layer on cold days and wear by itself as the weather warms up. “Cottons and knits in navies and grays are perfect to take you from winter to spring,” says Gjermundsen. “They go with tons of colors and they’re a great alternative to black and white.” Stripes also have a fresh, spring-y attitude, she says, as does bright yellow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Relief For Your Feet

Most women love their high heels, from 3 inches to 6 inches no matter the size of the heel they can make your feet hurt!!  After my ankle injury last summer, I have some what sworn off any heels over 2.5 inches.  The rare times I do wear high heels, the pain can get unbearable and kick them off with in minuets.  During BlogHer11 conference Dr. Scholls was there to give our feet some relief.  They have a line just for women called Dr. Scholls For Her with products catering to providing foot care just women wearing high heel shoes.  The entire line of products specifically target different foot care needs from High Heel insoles, cushions for ball of your feet, pedicure tools and creams and Fast Flats to make a quick shoe change when your feet are screaming for relief. 

The lovely ladies at the Dr. Scholls booth at the BlogHer11 Expo gave us some samples of high heel insoles, ball of foot cushions and Fast Flats to try out.  I am excited to try them out and be able to wear my high heels again for more than just few minuets.  I have tried the Fast Flats before and they sure do come in handy to make a quick shoe change.  I wore them once to the airport to a quick shoe transition through security lines.  Fast Flats were very comfy and come in a cute gold pouch you can use a wristlet as well. You get comfort and style with the Dr. Scholls For Her products.

Have any of you tried the Dr. Scholls For Her products?  If not, then here  is your chance to win.  Dr. Scholls gave CSF and extra set to share with my readers.  Enter giveaway to win a pair of Ball of Foot Cushions, High Heel Insoles (both one size fits all) and 1 Pair of Fast Flats in Sz 9-10 (will fit any one from size 8-10)  One lucky reader will win all 3 Dr. Scholls For Her products
To find out more about Dr. Scholls For Her products "like" them on Facebook (click here

Enter Giveaway Below, up to 5 entries per person!  Please make sure you read carefully and leave your email address for valid entries. If no email address is left with comment, entry will be voided.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

California Beauty: Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics is one of those make-up lines I have known about for years, but never really used.  I was able to get make-up done by Stila MUA during the iFabbo Glamour Suite while at BlogHer Conference.  The bloggers in attendance were treated to several beauty treatments and make-up was one  of the treatments I chose.  The Stila MUA introduced me to the fall collection for 2011, applying all the newest items.  I normally don't wear too much make-up so I asked for natural look with some oomph! She used the new In The Light eye palette with neutral shades, and smudge stick eye liner.  The eye shadow was gorgeous and the colors were all very complimentary.  The smudge stick is super easy to apply and water proof but easy to remove.  I am not very good with applying eyeliner and this one was so easy and looked perfect.  I am seriously in love with In The Light palette and smudge stick.  I have been using it almost everyday with great results and have gotten many compliments on my make-up.  Another great product I tried out was the custom color blush (pictured above), which reacts to your own skin tone giving you a unique color and a prefect one-shade-fits-all.  I especially love that Stila Cosmetics is a California based company who  is Eco-friendly and cruelty free.  After browsing their website I have a long wish list of items I want to try next.  Thank you to iFabbo and Stila for a fun event and the opportunity to experience great products.

Loved my make-up in this picture. Wearing Stila eye palette in kitten & night sky blue with smudge stick in damsel

Shades include:
  • Bare - matte ivory shade
  • Kitten
  • Bliss - matte beige pink
  • Sunset - shimmery canyon pink
  • Sandstone - matte light coco
  • Gilded Gold - golden brown with shimmer
  • Luster - dark aubergine with gold shimmer
  • Night Sky - blue with shimmer
  • Ebony - black

Do you use Stila products?  Which are you favorite? Please share I love to hear what make-up your wearing and recommend.

*All bloggers in attendance at iFabbo Glamour Suite were gifted Stila in the light eye palette. This is my honest opinion expressed and was not compensated for this post.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thats So False

Have you ever had one of those days when your feeling great and you strut not walk down the street.  In your head your the coolest, baddest, chick in town.  Yeah me either...LOL  OK so the day I wore this outfit I did feel like the baddest blogger in town (San Diego).  I was in San Diego for BlogHer11 and heading out to yet another party, or two.  I put together this outfit and loved the way it looked.  My make-up was awesome and wearing rockin accessories from Jenny Dayco.  I was totally too cool for school! ha ha ha  At least I felt that way, whether you agree or not,  it was my day to rock it!!   In my head I was "curvilicious" for one night at least.  Can't a girl have a day where she feels hot, sexy, gorgeous and on top of the world! 

~ Fringe Pattern Top: H&M only $5 ~ Skinny Jeans: Asos Curve ~ Studded Sandals: Dolce Vita ~ Jewelry: Black Agate Horn Necklace2 Triangle Earrings, Gold wire  & Jewel Cuff (all jewelry provided c/o desinger Jenny Dayco) ~

I credit the false lashes I was wearing, they totally brought out my inner glamazon.  Skinny Cow was treating the women at BlogHer to glam lashes all weekend long.  Those long beautiful lashes totally made the difference in my make-up and attitude.  I felt glam & flirty all night long, and danced the night away. I crashed upon returning to the hotel.  Some how I made it to bed, but failed to remove my make-up & lashes. (WOOHOO too much partying!)  When I  up woke the next morning one lash was on my pillow, which freaked me out.  Got out of bed, headed to the shower and freaked out again. I thought there was a spider in the tub.  Oh Wait! It was just my other lash, it got stuck in my hair and washed out in the shower. HA HA HA

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If You Wear It They Will Come

Are you tired of reading blogs about BlogHer11? Maybe? Maybe Not?  Well it will be a week tomorrow that I drove to San Diego for the conference.  Seriously  I can write a months worth of post about it all.  I will spare you all the juicy details and get to the business of fashion and what I wore.  BlogHer is not really a conference that caters to fashion/beauty bloggers. Honestly is was mostly mommy bloggers who ruled the conference.  Those mommies are seriously pros when it comes to talking and negotiating with brands and getting paid to blog.  I learned plenty of tips and tricks hanging out with them all weekend long. Just between you and me those mommy also know how to PARTY! LOL

Here is what I wore day one of BlogHer11 while wandering and exploring the conference.

Print Dress: LYS for Kmart ~ Denim Jacket: Lane Bryant ~ Jelly Sandals: DVF via Loehmanns ~ Black Onyx Teardrop Earrings/Necklace: Jenny Dayco (sponsored for blogher)

If you remember back in the spring time when Kmart released their new plus size line Love Your Style Lover Your Size.  I made a video showing you the pieces on different sizes and shapes. (watch it here)  Good thing I wore this LYS dress day one of BlogHer, because I was introduced coincidentally to the the Kmart/Sears social media team.  A blogger friend, Eva was talking to the team, I stopped to said hello to her.  She introduced me and put me on the spot  asking me to tell them about my LYS Video....which I did and pointed out I was wearing LYS from Kmart as well. (wink, wink) 
Moral of the story you never know who you will meet and where, good thing I was prepared with my biz card in hand and a smile!  That's what BlogHer is all about making connections, networking and reuniting with good blogging buddies.  Thanks Eva for the introductions!

**P.S. If you love the jewelry I am wearing check out, she designed and sponsored the items worn.

Monday, August 8, 2011

BlogHer Reloaded

I'm back from BlogHer 11 Conference, and I am exhausted.  It was a fast paced, fun filled weekend with so much to share I don't even know where to begin.  I seriously had an overload of my senses from meeting new people, reuniting with friends, to meeting brands, the food, the drinks, the parties and oh yeah the blogging!  If you have never been to BlogHer conference and are serious about growing your blog and working with brands this is the place to be.  I won't bore you here with all the minute details and only give you the fashion and beauty aspects of my BlogHer11 experience later this week.  Now I just want to share a collage of some of the highlights from my trip to San Diego.  I reunited with some blog buddies, attended some cool events hosted by brands such as luncheons and parties, tried some new things and over all had a great time. 

Favorite BlogHer moments...parties, food, expo and friends

Oh yeah in case you haven't heard, next year BlogHer12 will be hosted in NYC. WOOHOO!!  
I'm totally there to experience it all over again. Are you coming?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picture Perfect Tips

I use to be that person who HATED being in photos, and was always avoiding the camera.  In high school I was one of the yearbook photographers and would hide behind the camera, taking other peoples pictures instead.  Fast forward to several years later, now if you ask me to be in a photo I quickly perk up and pose.  What happened? Blogging happened, and now I can be a ham in front of the camera...LOL  Although it took me almost a year to show my face on the blog, once I got comfortable it was on.  Not sure what made the switch flip to now loving being photographed.  One major thing was my confidence, I am now much more happy, secure and confident in who I am.  Being a fashion blogger, we may come off as being vain always taking so many photos of our selves, but what better way to express your style than with a picture.  In a few days I will be attending the mother of all blogger conferences, BlogHer11 in San Diego.  Can you imagine 3000+ bloggers all with cameras in hand going cuckoo taking pictures of each other and everything in sight.  Now we all know some people can be more photogenic and always look great in photos, but so can you.   I have some tips and tricks to share, so you never take a bad picture again!

Master a signature smile: Wide smile showing teeth can radiate warmth, but if your not confident with a big grin try a smaller more mysterious smile. Once you mastered your smile, practice in front of a mirror to perfect it. Take a deep breath and smile as you exhale, it gives you a sexy sultry look.  Model Denise Bidot is a master of this method and always has a great smile.

Denise always has a great smile in pictures, she taught me how to get the sexy look.

Keep your head up: Don't you hate when you have a double chin in pictures. To avoid it hold your head  up and make sure your camera is at eye level or above.  No one looks cute with a double chin...LOL
I was looking down and got yucky double chin.
No double chin, remember always keep your head up

Angle your body: Do you ever watch celebs on the red carpet, they always have great pose with their body angled. Its called the three-quarter angle which helps give you a slimming effect and look better in pictures. This is how you do it; extend one leg out in front, pivoting and planting the corresponding hand on the top hip. (if you have your left leg out, then your right hand goes on hip and vice-versa) Try and practice the angle it works! 
My 3-quarter body angle pose, still trying to perfect it.
The celebs have mastered the body angle pose, now go practice it your self.

Now you need to go practice your smile, don't forget keep your head up and use the body angle pose.  You can use these 3 little tips to look fabulous in all your photos.  If your attending BlogHer I'm coming to get you with my camera, so be ready to strike a pose!

*photo tips source InStyle Makeover
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