Tuesday, August 16, 2011

California Beauty: Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics is one of those make-up lines I have known about for years, but never really used.  I was able to get make-up done by Stila MUA during the iFabbo Glamour Suite while at BlogHer Conference.  The bloggers in attendance were treated to several beauty treatments and make-up was one  of the treatments I chose.  The Stila MUA introduced me to the fall collection for 2011, applying all the newest items.  I normally don't wear too much make-up so I asked for natural look with some oomph! She used the new In The Light eye palette with neutral shades, and smudge stick eye liner.  The eye shadow was gorgeous and the colors were all very complimentary.  The smudge stick is super easy to apply and water proof but easy to remove.  I am not very good with applying eyeliner and this one was so easy and looked perfect.  I am seriously in love with In The Light palette and smudge stick.  I have been using it almost everyday with great results and have gotten many compliments on my make-up.  Another great product I tried out was the custom color blush (pictured above), which reacts to your own skin tone giving you a unique color and a prefect one-shade-fits-all.  I especially love that Stila Cosmetics is a California based company who  is Eco-friendly and cruelty free.  After browsing their website I have a long wish list of items I want to try next.  Thank you to iFabbo and Stila for a fun event and the opportunity to experience great products.

Loved my make-up in this picture. Wearing Stila eye palette in kitten & night sky blue with smudge stick in damsel

Shades include:
  • Bare - matte ivory shade
  • Kitten
  • Bliss - matte beige pink
  • Sunset - shimmery canyon pink
  • Sandstone - matte light coco
  • Gilded Gold - golden brown with shimmer
  • Luster - dark aubergine with gold shimmer
  • Night Sky - blue with shimmer
  • Ebony - black

Do you use Stila products?  Which are you favorite? Please share I love to hear what make-up your wearing and recommend.

*All bloggers in attendance at iFabbo Glamour Suite were gifted Stila in the light eye palette. This is my honest opinion expressed and was not compensated for this post.


  1. Loooooooved your makeup!! You have to do mine. LOL xoxo

  2. That is really great... I remember when I fell in love with makeup... trust me... this will be just the beginning. And Stila have awesome products... I love love love thier gloss!

  3. Your makeup looks amazing!  It's exactly what I would have asked for too. 

  4. must  get this palette! your makeup looks great :) 

  5. great makeup! one of my favorite things to get done. that palette is great for all seasons! 

  6. Your makeup look great! I want to check out their palette! :) Perfect timining too need to replenish the makeup!

  7. I've never tried their products. I'll have to check them out.

  8. Bonnie at sweet lifeWednesday, August 17, 2011

    I have heard so much of this line, thanks for the review I also have trouble with eyeliner!! your goregous!!

  9. Love the lipstick.  Great color on you.  Stila rocks!

  10. I love their eye palettes! Especially the seasonal ones they've come out with lately. They offer great colors at a great price. Love Stila!

  11. I love Stila. I love their little sets of eye shadows and blush, they are so practical. I also used (don't know if they have them anymore) an eye liner pencil with eye shadow on the other side, so practical! I guess I love the practicality of it all, LOL!

  12. Wow -- great pic, and you look gorgeous, as usual.  I'll have to look into this palette...  :)

  13. You've made me want to go get my make-up done. Gorgeous colors on you!

  14. I have always had trouble with eyeliner, too! Definitely want to try this one since you said it was so easy. It's not that I don't have a steady hand, but I've always had difficulty with getting it applied evenly on both lids. And don't even make me tell you how many times I've poked myself in the eye! Thanks for sharing these recos.


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