Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picture Perfect Tips

I use to be that person who HATED being in photos, and was always avoiding the camera.  In high school I was one of the yearbook photographers and would hide behind the camera, taking other peoples pictures instead.  Fast forward to several years later, now if you ask me to be in a photo I quickly perk up and pose.  What happened? Blogging happened, and now I can be a ham in front of the camera...LOL  Although it took me almost a year to show my face on the blog, once I got comfortable it was on.  Not sure what made the switch flip to now loving being photographed.  One major thing was my confidence, I am now much more happy, secure and confident in who I am.  Being a fashion blogger, we may come off as being vain always taking so many photos of our selves, but what better way to express your style than with a picture.  In a few days I will be attending the mother of all blogger conferences, BlogHer11 in San Diego.  Can you imagine 3000+ bloggers all with cameras in hand going cuckoo taking pictures of each other and everything in sight.  Now we all know some people can be more photogenic and always look great in photos, but so can you.   I have some tips and tricks to share, so you never take a bad picture again!

Master a signature smile: Wide smile showing teeth can radiate warmth, but if your not confident with a big grin try a smaller more mysterious smile. Once you mastered your smile, practice in front of a mirror to perfect it. Take a deep breath and smile as you exhale, it gives you a sexy sultry look.  Model Denise Bidot is a master of this method and always has a great smile.

Denise always has a great smile in pictures, she taught me how to get the sexy look.

Keep your head up: Don't you hate when you have a double chin in pictures. To avoid it hold your head  up and make sure your camera is at eye level or above.  No one looks cute with a double chin...LOL
I was looking down and got yucky double chin.
No double chin, remember always keep your head up

Angle your body: Do you ever watch celebs on the red carpet, they always have great pose with their body angled. Its called the three-quarter angle which helps give you a slimming effect and look better in pictures. This is how you do it; extend one leg out in front, pivoting and planting the corresponding hand on the top hip. (if you have your left leg out, then your right hand goes on hip and vice-versa) Try and practice the angle it works! 
My 3-quarter body angle pose, still trying to perfect it.
The celebs have mastered the body angle pose, now go practice it your self.

Now you need to go practice your smile, don't forget keep your head up and use the body angle pose.  You can use these 3 little tips to look fabulous in all your photos.  If your attending BlogHer I'm coming to get you with my camera, so be ready to strike a pose!

*photo tips source InStyle Makeover


  1. Great tips! Thank you for sharing. I've practiced my smile before but never thought about practicing that angle shot. See you pretty soon!

  2. I'm not going to Blogher, but I'll remember these great tips next time someone asks me to strike a pose. 

  3. practicing those on camera, red carpet poses is def. a must.... so many times I've seen pictures of myself and I wanna gag!! ha.. So early in the game for me, though! I love the "Shoes, bags, boys" Tee! :) 

  4. Great post!!! I never liked taking pics because I feel very awkward posing. I never know what to do with my body, arms, and facial expressions. I will definitely be using the advice in this post. 



    *New follower*

  5. I like the denim jacket. the only thing missing from my wardrobe.

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